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Want to get the scoop on the latest developments in the Event Espresso plugin? Have a question about how to set up Event Espresso on your site? Curious about Event Espresso and want to know more about it before you take the plunge? Join us for our new, monthly hangout on the second Tuesday of every month at 10am MDT (4:00pm GMT).

Here’s your chance to hear directly from us. In this regular one hour chat, we’ll cover all sorts of topics in Event Espresso and WordPress in general. We’ll also be featuring customer sites and case studies, and answer questions submitted via Twitter or our IRC channel. If you aren’t already following us on Twitter, do it now, so you can be sure to catch us live. Can’t make it? Submit your questions via the form at the bottom of this page and we will pick select issues or questions that you have. Already a nerd? You can join us on Tuesday on freenode in the #eventespresso channel.

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Episode 6

Hosts: Garth Koyle, Chris Reynolds, Josh Feck

Chris and Garth chat with Josh from the support team about Event Espresso 3.1.33, Arabica, the Espresso Requirements Check plugin on and system status page in the Event Espresso plugin, WordCamp SF, communicating as a distributed team, yoga and John Deere.

Episode notes:

0:26 — Josh’s introduction
Check out Josh’s WordCamp Chicago presentation or follow him on Twitter

1:51 — What’s new in Event Espresso 3.1.33
Read the changelog

5:53 — Event Espresso Arabica updates
You can download Event Espresso 4.0 in the pre-release channel, but if you’re interested in being an alpha tester, you can sign up for that as well.

12:54 — Espresso Requirements Check plugin is now on and the Event Espresso system status page
Download Event Espresso Requirements Check from now

19:45 — Internal communication systems and tools
Read about the tools we use at Event Espresso
Download the P2 theme
Check out the Notifications plugin written by Chris

26:42 — Event Espresso forum PM system
Have a support question? The support forums are still the best place to go.

33:37 — WordCamp San Francisco
Are you going? Get your tickets before they sell out!
Check out the list of attendees for WCSF. Several members of the Event Espresso team will be there.

34:52Espresso Shots: WASUP Yoga
Yoga. On a surfboard. In Washington.
Check out WASUP Yoga and Washington Surf Academy.

40:10 — Migrate your database to another server with WP Migrate DB Pro
Get a copy of WP Migrate DB Pro or download the free version

46:26 — Closing comments

Show notes coming soon…

Episode 5

Hosts: Seth Shoultes, Chris Reynolds, Garth Koyle

Chris and Seth hang out with Garth and talk about Event Espresso past and future, new and coming features, and improving Event Espresso user experience and feature base.

Episode notes:

00:19 — Garth’s introduction
Read more about Garth or follow him on Twitter

05:21 — Chris’ new roles
Read the blog post
Check out Chris’ courses on Pluralsight

08:26 — New Event Espresso stuff

  • 08:53 — Price Modifier add-on
  • 13:56 — Infusionsoft Integration add-on
  • 18:26 — Attendee Reassignment add-on
  • 23:31 — JSON/XML API add-on released for all users
  • 24:27 — New Gateways (Google Checkout, Moneris, Paygate/, Luottokunta)
  • 30:31 — User eXperience Improvement Program

Read the blog post
Read more about the User eXperience Improvement Program or our privacy policy

38:01 — User-submitted questions for Espresso Bar
Read the documentation for the Front End Event Manager add-on or the Roles & Permissions Basic and Roles & Permissions Pro
Submit your questions in the form at the bottom of this page

41:33 — Upcoming features

  • 41:55 — New ticket templates (and badge templates, too!)
  • 50:02 — Event Espresso Gists on GitHub
  • 55:36 — Event Espresso 4 and Hiring Users to Test

Visit Seth’s Gist page
Visit Josh’s Gist page
Visit Chris’ Gist page

1:00:15Espresso Shots: Artisan Center Theatre
This is a site in development but as long as this dev site is live, you can see an example event here and their calendar here.

Episode 4

Hosts: Seth Shoultes, Chris Reynolds, Eric Amundson

We chat with Eric Amundson from IvyCat Website Services, one of our Event Espresso Pros about Event Espresso, IvyCat, plugin development, and what’s in store for Event Espresso Arabica and beyond.

Episode notes:

00:25 — Eric’s introduction
Visit IvyCat Website Services

2:08 — Anna’s Bay & IvyCat design process
Visit Anna’s Bay
Visit QuickHandle basketball camps

9:57 — Event Espresso sites done by IvyCat and Event Espresso Pros referrals
Become an Event Espresso Pro
Hire an Event Espresso Pro

11:10 — Event Espresso diving sites
Wicked Diving
GS Diving

12:29 — Event Espresso Seating Chart
Learn more about the Seating Chart add-on

14:31 — Questions from Eric to Event Espresso
Read our full responses

38:43 — Internationalization and the difference between Event Espresso and other premium WordPress plugins
See our supported languages and become a translator
Visit our GlotPress site to start contributing to the language files

43:20 — Event Espresso’s toolbox
Read the original post
Tools mentioned:

47:38 — Event Espresso Arabica on the Pre-release channel
Read the blog post

48:53 — User eXperience Improvement Program

57:00 — Event Espresso, the Freemium business model, & putting your work on
Check out the free version of Event Espresso on
IvyCat’s profile
Pippin Williamson’s post on writing a good bad review

1:07:53 — Event Espresso’s birthday!
Use the promocode HAPPYBIRTHDAY between now and May 2nd to get 20% off your purchase
Read the blog post

1:08:08 — Event Espresso HOTFIX

1:10:30 — IvyCat is hiring contractors
Contact Eric and IvyCat via their contact form or through the Event Espresso Pros page listing

1:10:59 — New MailChimp Integration update from Eric coming soon to the pre-release channel
Will support groups in MailChimp lists. Read more about how to sign up for the pre-release channel if you haven’t already.

Read the Event Espresso Arabica announcement blog post
Read Event Espresso’s answers to Eric’s pre-show questions

Episode 3

Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Seth Shoultes and Darren Ethier

Event Espresso 4.0 (Arabica), the new messaging system, Event Espresso iPad app and developer API and Event Espresso Pros.

Episode notes:

00:50 — New Event Espresso iPad app
Read more about the iPad app and watch a demo of it in action

9:42 — Event Espresso API
Read more about the API

11:56 — Event Espresso Postmark/Mandrill plugin
Learn about transactional email handling services and our Postmark/Mandrill transactional email plugin

27:52 — Event Espresso 3.2 / 4.0 (Arabica)
The Arabica beta version will be added to the pre-release channel within the next couple weeks. Learn more about the pre-release channel.

35:47 — Event Espresso Arabica messaging system

56:09Espresso Shots Anna’s Bay
Visit Anna’s Bay Center for Music
Visit IvyCat Website Services

58:06 — Event Espresso Pros
Check out our Event Espresso Pros page or apply to be an Event Espresso Pro

Join us next month at 10am MDT!

Episode 2

Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Seth Shoultes and Brent Christensen

We talk more about Event Espresso 3.2, what’s coming in Event Espresso 3.1.31, some user-submitted questions and show name ideas, and the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast seating chart and Peter’s Players, who sold $35k in 48 hours for their Johnny Winters show.
Watch it on YouTube

Episode notes:

1:31 — Brent introduction
Learn more about our team
Learn about Brent’s web design company, PYFO

6:20 — Event Espresso 3.2 development

9:45 — 3.2 screens, registration process

16:38 — Custom post type hybrids discussion

21:13 — 3.2 admin screens

31:18 — What’s coming with 3.1.31

47:16 — $35k in 48 hours!
Check out Peter’s Players, or Muskoka Graphics — the company that built the site.

49:47 — 100 million tickets sold each year with Event Espresso

51:27 — Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast seating chart
Check out their seating chart

53:41 — user-submitted questions

1:03:41 — show name ideas

104:39 — #eventespresso channel on Freenode Come hang out on IRC

Episode 1

Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Seth Shoultes and Jonathan Wilson

We talk about 3.2 development, language file changes in 3.1.30, the new Event Espresso API add-on, Rainbows Hospice and Event Espresso on GitHub.
Watch it on YouTube

Episode notes:

2:38 – Event Espresso 3.2
Try out the 3.2 alpha release

20:50 – Language file changes in 3.1.30
Read more about the language file updates

25:53 – Event Espresso API add-on
Event Espresso API developer documentation

39:24 – Customer showcase – Rainbows Hospice
Read more about working with Rainbows Hospice or visit their site.

46:16 – Plans/Thoughts for 2013

50:18 – Event Espresso on GitHub
Check us out on GitHub or request access to the repositories.

53:27 – Event Espresso Pre-Release channel
Read more about the Event Espresso Pre-release channel.

58:15 – What do we call this thing?
Let us know in the form below.

Event Espresso