Register Attendees For Your Next Course Right on Your WordPress Website

With Event Espresso you can create a WordPress course registration system for your attendees in Virginia, save time by accepting online payments for registrations, and know who is attending

“The breadth of functionality you get for the cost of the plug in is impressive”

A lot of plugin for the price! We’ve been using Event Espresso to manage an ongoing roster of classes. The breadth of functionality you get for the cost of the plug in is impressive. It has the flexibility to manage sliding-scale payments, and custom messaging for different classes. We run one-day events and multiple-session courses. There is something of a learning curve to get it all set up, but support has been very good and responsive. They keep tweaking and improving things–I’m sure it’s going to get even better as it matures. –amandaraoul


A preview of a course (carpentry) created with Event Espresso


An example of a course with Event Espresso and WordPress


How to set up a course with WordPress and Event Espresso



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Here are just a few organizations that trust Event Espresso for their courses


Alphastar Academy (California, United States)

Immersion Freediving (Florida, United States)

Institute of Configuration Management (Colorado, United States)

Southampton Area Ski Association (Southampton, United Kingdom)

The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music (Minnesota, United States)

Ballyholme Yacht Club (Bangor, United Kingdom)

Eldred Hospitality (Melbourne, Australia)

Sacramento Professional Facilitators (California, United States)

Larek Point Consulting (Georgia, United States)

Knitorious (Missouri, United States)

Colorado Youth Outdoors (Colorado, United States)

Galardi Media Network (Genève, Switzerland)


Popular questions about courses and Event Espresso



“All of the courses, payments, and scheduling is done through Event Espresso”

Very useful plugin. I use the premium version of Event Espresso to run a seminar business for one of my clients. All of the courses, payments, and scheduling is done through Event Espresso. If I ever have a problem, or need a customization, support is there to help. I’ve been very pleased.SocialSpark


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk free! Try Event Espresso for a full 30 days. Our team will be there to help you along the way with any questions.


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