EE4 WP User Integration

The “EE4 WP User Integration” add-on allows you to take full advantage of the WordPress user system. Create member only events and tickets, set the minimum WP User Capability for ticket purchase, create new users on registration, and more!

Documentation for the EE4 WP User integration

It is important to give your customers a reason to attend that next event. With the WP User Integration add-on for Event Espresso 4, you can give your users a special incentive by offering member only events and tickets. You can also help streamline registration with auto populated form fields. You can optionally create new users when someone registers from the front end. You can also ensure existing customers use their existing accounts to register so your data stays clean and accurate.

Member Only Events

The “member only” events feature lets you pick and choose what events are members only. Member only events still appear in your events list, but require login before allowing customers to register for the event.


Member Only Tickets

Makes it easy to offer member only incentives on ticket purchases.


Streamlined Registration for Members

At this time, only the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are pulled from the WordPress profile to the registration form for logged in users. There are filter hooks that allow developers to populate more fields from a user’s contact record.

Members on your site can store personal information into their user profile page. This allows your members to quickly register for events by auto-filling in the personal information on the event registration form.


Your Registrations Page Shortcode

Create a nice page for users to view their registration history.

Just add the [ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS] shortcode to any page and your users will see a nice looking table of past registrations. The table rows are expandable and offer more details about each registration, such as:

  • purchase history
  • view/edit personal details
  • download ticket(s)
  • print receipts
  • make a payment
  • and more, in our documentation


Create New Users Upon Registration

This feature makes it easy to create new members upon registration.


User Traffic Cop

If a member is not logged, and tries to register for an event, they will be asked to login before proceeding. The system will check to see if the email entered already exists in the WP User database, and if there’s a match, the user is asked to log in before proceeding.



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