Event Espresso Pros Application

Would you like to be listed as a Event Espresso Pro? Fill out the form and tell us what you do so we can evaluate your application.

Do you have any of the following experience?:

  1. Implementing Event Espresso.
  2. Customizing Event Espresso.
  3. Have development for a client that is open-source and/or that you contribute back to Event Espresso any generally applicable code/development via our GitHub account.

Those who can provide these services are invited to apply. Agencies who are accepted as Pros receive a listing on our Pros page and other benefits such as an invitation to guest blog to share their experience with Event Espresso

We regularly request feedback from Event Espresso customers who request a quote from listed third-party developers and at our discretion we will include that feedback in your listing on our website.

Share your experience! We don't ask for much from Agencies or our Pros, so we'd appreciate it if you could help us with a great review on WordPress.org.

We recommend you join our Community Chat Slack Group to connect with the Event Espresso staff and users.

  • Describe what you do. This will display with your information on our Third Party Developers page.
    What are your average rates per project?
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  • Examples

    Please provide some previous examples of your work
  • If you have any publicly-accessible/open source code available, please put the URL to your GitHub or WordPress.org profile here so we can check it out. If you don't have a GitHub or WordPress.org profile but have your code available somewhere else, post that URL here.
  • If possible, provide the URL of a site you've built that uses Event Espresso.
  • Let us know what you did on this site.
  • Client contact information

    Please provide the contact information for a past client you've worked with so we can talk briefly about your work with them.
  • Briefly describe the scope of the project and what you did for this client.
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Filling out this form does not guarantee listing as an Event Espresso Pro.
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