Event Espresso is a workshop registration plugin for WordPress and it can handle registrations for your next set of workshops and classes

Event Espresso can save you time and help you get paid faster by handling your workshop registrations in Virginia



“There are a lot of apps for events and this was absolutely the smart choice for me”

Everything I need to hold seminars and workshops. Don’t let the name ‘Event Espresso’ fool you. Packed into a few letters is one very powerful plug in. My website runs Event Espresso for all my seminars and workshops open to the public. I have the full package that integrates all my payments, populates my calendar, sends email confirmations that I can create my custom templates for. I can set up an event and wait for sign up notifications without having to keep checking. There are a lot of apps for events and this was absolutely the smart choice for me. –kimslaunwhite


A preview of a workshop (gardening) created with Event Espresso


An example of a workshop with Event Espresso and WordPress


How to set up a workshop with WordPress and Event Espresso



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Here are just a few organizations that trust Event Espresso for their workshops


Floral Creativity (Stroud, United Kingdom)

Celtic Arts Foundation (Washington, United States)

Wavelength Psychotherapy (Nova Scotia, Canada)

WithinReach (Washington, United States)

Studio Gaia (Illinois, United States)

TasCOSS (Tasmania, Australia)

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (Saskatchewan, Canada)

My Style Camp (New York, United States)

Generous Earth Pottery (Wisconsin, United States)

Kadampa Meditation Centre (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Good Shepherd Episcopal School (Virginia, United States)

Kiki’s Quilt Shack (California, United States)


Popular questions about workshops and Event Espresso


Do I need to be a computer expert to use Event Espresso?
You don’t need to be an expert with technology to use Event Espresso. If you are comfortable with creating a blog post on your existing WordPress website and browsing your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin), then you’ll find Event Espresso familiar. We also have a quick start guide for Event Espresso which will help you get up and running fast through a series of recommendations and short video tutorials.

Do I need a WordPress website to use Event Espresso?
Yes, a WordPress website is required to run Event Espresso. However, our sister company, Event Smart offers event registration websites for workshops using Event Espresso and WordPress as the backbone, where events, calendars, and pricing option selectors can then be embedded on any website, such as Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.com websites.

I want to show my workshops on a calendar. Can I do that with Event Espresso?
Yes, with the Events Calendar extension, your workshops will automatically appear on a calendar. Your attendees can browse to a workshop and then click to begin a registration. The Events Calendar add-on is available as a separate purchase for the Personal support license or Developer support license. However, it is included in the Everything support license.

I want to allow more than one participant to register for my workshops at a time. Are group registrations available?
Yes, you can allow multiple attendees to register at once by enabling the Personal Information question group for additional registrants through the lower right area of the event editor and saving changes.

Can I create a workshop that has different dates?
Yes, you can create a workshop that has different dates in Event Espresso by using the multiple date times and pricing options feature. Here is a video tutorial on how to create an event that has various dates that an attendee can choose from.

I have a workshop that has different pricing options. Can I create that in Event Espresso?
Yes, with the multiple dates times and pricing options feature, you’ll be able to do that. Here is a video tutorial on how to create an event that has different pricing options.

I need to create courses or a series of related workshops. Can Event Espresso help me with with courses?
Yes, you can create a workshop that has different dates or sessions across a period of time and allow attendees to register. Here is a video tutorial on how to create a course in Event Espresso.

How will I receive payments from my attendees?
You’ll receive your funds as your attendees register for your workshops by partnering with a secure payment service and adding your API credentials to Event Espresso. Some of our event organizer favorites are Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, or PayPal. Or you can choose another supported payment service.

I have a question that I need help with.
Start a conversation with us so we can help you move forward with your workshops today.


“Event Espresso works great and save me lots of time”

I give workshops on flower arrangements in Amsterdam. Event Espresso works great and saves me lots of time. I no longer need to send e-mails or invoices. –Dennis Lanzaat


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk free! Try Event Espresso for a full 30 days. Our team will be there to help you along the way with any questions.


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