Testimonials & Reviews

We understand the importance of trust and the power of recommendations…good or bad! We are always excited to take customer feedback which lets us know how we are doing. Good reviews really make motivate the team, feedback is always welcomed and bad reviews allow us to take stock of what went wrong and fix it, we welcome your feedback.

Testimonials for conferences

Elegant event management for WordPress. We’ve been using and developing sites powered by Event Espresso for several years now. Event Espresso is our go-to for Event Management on WordPress for several reasons: The team behind the plugin provides outstanding support and are clearly committed to improving the state of Event Management on WordPress. It’s a solid plugin with a robust codebase and APIs. It’s capable and flexible – we’ve used it for everything from concert ticket sales, conference management, calendar management for recovery centers, to walking food tours. They support the WordPress Community in many ways. Thanks, Event Espresso Team – keep up the great work! –ivycat

Not only is Event Espresso a fantastic application for conferences, but their support is QUICK AND EFFICIENT every single time I’ve needed their assistance. Could not rate this more highly. –Sandy Forbes Taylor

I’m a TEDx event director, and this year, we decide to try Event Espresso, the Event Espresso Version. It responds all our requirement, and there are a lot of possibility to setup it. I recommend this plugin for people who want to organize events with payment.Vincent P.

Solved our problem. I heard about Events Espresso a few years ago and decided to see if Event Espresso could handle our annual conference registration better than the system we were using then. Seth spent two hours on the phone with me and I was convinced. We made the switch and have used Events Espresso for the past 5 or 6 years. I am NOT internet savvy but even I can make it work. We started using Event Espresso for all our other seminar registrations as well, and Event Espresso saves us a lot of time and effort. Any time I have had a problem (usually my own doing) that I cannot figure out on my own I get help through the forum. The Events Espresso team is great about giving advice and sharing their experience. I also take advantage of their Support Token system to get a professional to go over everything once a year before conference registration opens to confirm that I did it right. I highly recommend Events Espresso! –evergreen113.

You’re definitely behind the best conference solution WordPress has right now.Edbury

Great plugin and great support for years now! Our company has been using Event Espresso for many years now for quite a few clients. They host large conferences and Event Espresso has successfully registered thousands of participants and event payments for years now. We use all the premium features and renew each year. It’s completely worth the investment considering the returns our clients get and they don’t have to shell out big $$$ for custom development to get it done. If you or your client’s are serious about professionally managing your event registrations and payments then I suggest you use Event Espresso. Thank you guys for the great product and support for so many years now! –mvincik

I was using the Event Espresso plugin(s) to assist a client in running a large conference last summer. The website we created was for a summer motorcycle rally that had over 600 attendees. Event Espresso worked great. I’ll be happy to use Event Espresso again for a new project!Joshua Nelson

I have installed addons for Event Espresso and are using it with Learndash. I have customized the Event Espresso plugin a little bit from our end to meet our requirements. I have successfully hosted our application live and now I am happy by using this plugin because this saved my time and effort.Sumit Gupta

Fantastic plugin – excellent support. This is a great plugin for designing events and classes. We have been using this now for over 2 years. Support is excellent and I have always had a reply the same day. Highly recommend this if you are looking for an easy was to set up an event and sell tickets. –bosworthsGC

Excellent set of plugins that can be adapted for many types of events and classes. We have been using this for about 2 years now. Support is first class. I have had a few occasions where I was not sure about something and got an answer back the same day. We use the plugins to look after our coach trips and Christmas events within a Garden Centre. Highly recommended. –Jonathan Biggs

Event Espresso rocks! I use it for my dance class registrations. Unlike most dance studios where people have to call or send an email in advance, Event Espresso puts a registration form right there in front of the user and allows me to collect valuable information from the user during the registration process with custom questions such as “Do you have previous dance experience?” or “How did you hear about us?”. It also gives my site a professional look and feel. And Seth is awesome with support! He makes you feel like a valued customer, which is great! Thanks Seth for all your hard work, your dedication, and all of the time you sacrifice to this plugin! It is very helpful! –Ral

Perfect booking engine. We use Event Espresso as a booking engine for classes and sailing trips at Skeppsholmsgarden.se. It works perfect and if you have any questions their support is great!naredi

A lot of plugin for the price! We’ve been using Event Espresso to manage an ongoing roster of classes. The breadth of functionality you get for the cost of the plug in is impressive. It has the flexibility to manage sliding-scale payments, and custom messaging for different classes. We run one-day events and multiple-session courses. There is something of a learning curve to get it all set up, but support has been very good and responsive. They keep tweaking and improving things–I’m sure it’s going to get even better as it matures. –amandaraoul

Event Espresso is very nice and functional plugin. Set it up is not very easy for a beginner like me, but you have one of the best support team in your side. They answer all questions in a timely manner. I didn’t know anything about setting up the plugins, Thanks to Event Espresso Support team that now I can find my way around this plugin. Event Espresso helps our company to manage the workshops, keep track of our students, manage the emails, and much more. We upgrade from personal License to Business license in just two weeks of using Personal license. I strongly recommend the Business license. –Ted Karlsalr

My business growth has been amazing. I started with one paint studio in April 2012 (the first independent BYOB paint studio in PA) and didn’t actually turn a profit that first year. Early 2013 I leased an adjoining suite in my complex, allowing me to host 2 parties at the same time. In November 2013 I found another space to lease in a nearby town, which included a main studio and a smaller party room. Then in December 2014 we began our mobile paint party unit, where we bring the party to our customers in their home, business or any venue they secure. Basically, what this means is that in 3 years I went from running up to 7 parties per weekend (Fri. night – Sun. night) to running up to 33 parties per weekend. My sales for 2014 were $540,000+. It boggles my mind sometimes. I don’t know how I would possibly keep this all straight without my Event Espresso registration system which allows my guests to register and pay online, and keeps track of everything for me. I can’t really estimate how much time or money I’ve saved by using Event Espresso because I’ve always used it! I would have to guess that without it, I would need someone full time to keep my events organized, so that’s at least $10K. –Tara Smith

Tri-South, Inc is using Event Espresso to manage the course catalog, event ticketing, and class registration. [As their developer] I have customized a few items to make the site and plugin a seamless integration. The client is very pleased!Jenifer Design

I’m the Executive Director of a nonprofit animal welfare organization in northeast Ohio. Event Espresso has been a life-saver! We have a spay neuter transport program to give pet owners access to low-cost spay neuter services outside our county. Registration used to be very time-consuming and labor intensive via phone calls (we often had to play phone tag with each client). Pet owners are now able to register on their own via our website and we are able to send out reminders via batch email messaging (reminders used to be manually calling/texting each client). –Unni Heineking

Amazing Plugin – has been running our school for over 5 years now! I’m really impressed with not only the application itself but the support. I have rarely seen such a responsive support staff than at Event Espresso. They rock…I highly recommend this plugin! –sock2me

I give workshops on flower arrangements in Amsterdam. Event Espresso works great and saves me lots of time. I no longer need to send e-mails or invoices. –Dennis Lanzaat

Testimonials for festivals

I have been using Event Espresso to run my festival and have been very happy with how it has worked out. They have provided tremendous support and their iPhone app is amazing and easy to use. I suggest using it for your event. –Alex Grant

As a small non-profit youth organization Event Espresso is the next best thing. Our event listings, registrations and tickets sales look credible and professional by using Event Espresso. The support team is far beyond knowledgeable and extremely supportive. We couldn’t look as good without them or this company. –Executive Director for the Academy of Performing Arts

5 stars! Event Espresso is very thoughtfully-designed software. There is continual development and improvement. New and enhanced features and capabilities have been added since we installed the 4.0 software a few years ago. The base software is expandable with many types of add-ons and, because Event Espresso offers the option to purchase add-ons individually, if only a few add-ons are needed, the software package remains very affordable for a non-profit organization. Of particular importance to me and my clients: Event Espresso has a super helpful and quick-to-respond support team. We have had a very good experience working with this software and support people. –gtaffet

My hope with this whole integration is to be able to show other school districts an affordable and easy solution to these registrations. I cannot believe how much money they are charged for less by other companies. This has the potential to save schools tens of thousands, which is huge right now.Kelly

We are an international non-governmental organisation and we used Event Espresso for processing registrations to our international congress. We had a very positive experience with Event Espresso and we particularly appreciated that it was easy to set up as well as much cheaper compared to other platforms. The interface is also really user-friendly, which enabled our members to experience a really smooth registration process. Finally, it was great to benefit from such a quick and reliable customer support! –Elena Carson

Testimonials for seminars & courses

We work with a company that holds in-person events related to health and the medical community in Spain. It is helping us to be able to automate many processes that were previously carried out manually. Now staff can focus on other tasks and not worry about having everything under control regarding registration and attendance. Thank you very much for creating this great tool and for your efforts to improve it with new features.Javier Mora

Everything I need to hold seminars and workshops. Don’t let the name ‘Event Espresso’ fool you. Packed into a few letters is one very powerful plug in. My website runs Event Espresso for all my seminars and workshops open to the public. I have the full package that integrates all my payments, populates my calendar, sends email confirmations that I can create my custom templates for. I can set up an event and wait for sign up notifications without having to keep checking. There are a lot of apps for events and this was absolutely the smart choice for me. –kimslaunwhite

Thank you, we just did 2 sell out seminars of 50 attendees in 48 hours using Event Espresso and it was awesome. My wife was able to pick up on the processing backend with ease. You have done a great job on getting this system together – very simple, clear and well laid out With powerful functionality. I am so glad I dumped the old booking application we had and gave Event Espresso a go. Just wanted to say thanks, and thanks for the very patient, friendly and speedy assistance in helping me to get it all set up at the start. Many thanks to you and your team. A grateful customer. –Nicolas de Castella

We run a small non-profit club. We run 2 events a year and we are able to save $400/year compared to EventBee after all costs associated with the website, including Event Espresso license. –Robert Sirkis

Great Product and Awesome Support! We’ve been looking to replace our registration system for over a year but every tool we found prior to Event Espresso lacked some important feature. We were beginning to think that we would have to hire a developer to build a custom solution for us and then I found Event Espresso. We are a small company and none of us are developers but we’ve been able to configure it on our own with the help of their fantastic support team. Event Espresso is absolutely worth the money!kdaily

We purchased the full licence of Event Espresso and can say it is great. The help I have received from Garth, Lorenzo and Josh you just cant buy and they are very quick to respond. Event Espresso looks like we are going to save $$$$thousands when we run our next event compared to the Event software we have used in the past. Thanks Event Espresso Team for all your valued help. –Raymond Grant

I spent a lot of times looking at options, particularly since our group is small and low-budget. Event Espresso was the best balance of features and cost, and is really the only practical solution for a group of our size. –Arlen Feldman

This really is a hell of a plugin. For me, it’s probably the final nail in the coffin for Joomla, as WordPress can now pretty much do EVERYTHING Joomla does, but better. Love the simplicity of this plugin!Sam, Web Contempo

I searched long and hard to find something that would serve my needs. This is, by far, the most complete and comprehensive solution I have found.Bill Hepper

At first we looked at CVENT for one of our clients and they wanted $16,000 per year for 3000 event attendees + fees totaling $22k. That is before Staff and Webinar fees. Worst of all we had to prepay the $16k amount even if we never used all 3000 attendees. That was when we looked at Event Espresso and we realized we could build our own event system for less than 16K. For the most part we have been very satisfied with our decision. The real ROI will come next year when they don’t have to pay another 16k-22K! Over the next 5-6 years we should be able to claim that we saved the company over $100,000. Thanks Event Espresso! –David Waterman

I came across Event Espresso when a client could no longer use Cvent. Event Espresso turned out to be just as powerful. It also has plenty of add-ons for ticketing, promotions, etc. with exceptional support at a fraction of the cost of Cvent.Denise Wainer

…it really does blow everything else that’s out there out of the water.arcanepalette

I have used both the free and paid versions of Event Espresso for years now and for me, there is no other option for event ticket management. It just works. I teach web design classes to small businesses and I always recommend them to try Event Espresso for their ticketing (for classes etc) if they need it, and that as soon as they start making money from it they should pay for Event Espresso to support it. In terms of support, I have found the support team at Event Espresso to be very fast in replying and very accommodating to all needs.  – Shane Keenaghan

Even more praise for Event Espresso

Great product, highly recommended to anyone wanting an in-house ticketing solution!Richard Teachout

Event Espresso is a very professional and easy to use event plugin. I am not a programmer and can easily integrate it into any WordPress site! Keep on going! –Hannes Lischka

No complaints here. Satisfied customer. You can teach us all few things about customer service. Thanks! –Charles

You guys have done an AWESOME job with this system…promise me to keep up the excellent work you guys are doing, for as long as you can… Respect! –Robert Jarnroth

Works great! Exactly what we were looking for in an event system. Fairly easy to customize and match our needs. Their customer service is quick to respond and was very helpful. Highly recommended. –Justin Wentworth

Great value for money and it allows us to develop event registration sites in less time, but at the moment it lacks one important feature, which is “Partial Payments”. Some events have a high price and the people registering at them should be able to pay the tickets in several times if we allow them. Even without having a user account on the web site. Please consider adding this feature as soon as possible, because it’s important. Thank you and congratulations for such a nice software! –Jean Jacques

Fantastic plugin, Fast support. What a fantastic plugin. You guys surely thought of everything. I have had the best experience with using the plugin and the support team. They helped me so much even before i bought the full version of the plugin. Thanks for a fantastic plugin. Keep up the good work. –annalice

We used the tool for registration at a trade fair. The tool was perfect what we needed. User-friendly interface and good administration.Steven Pauwels

We have purchased Event Espresso three times now. We simply love it. It does everything we need it to do. Our event manager finds it easy to manage the attendees. The last plugin we added was the attendee mover. An excellent tool which allows you to move an attendee from one event to another if they registered for the wrong event or even if they registered for the wrong ticket. There is a feature that I wish they had but on the whole, this is probably the best tool out there for the event. Use their forum when you need help as they are pretty helpful which is good and pretty quick to respond.The learning curve is not that steep which is good. The one feature I probably love the most is the fact that I only bought one license as I didn’t think we would need it again. Way cheaper to buy 5 licenses at once. Soon after completing the site, the CEO said he wanted another site. ARGHHHH. Now I need to buy another license. I was expecting the same price but it wasn’t. It was reduced as was the third license. Great job from Event Espresso. Customer care is 5 star. –Andrea Worrell

Very affordable plugin, well-documented instructions on how to implement. Great option for online registration, payment & ticketing. –Ruth Mattson

Great Product. The product is clean and looks great. The support is great too. I would recommend this plug-in.jwrigh10

Great Plugin – Great Support. This plugin does everything for me. Their customer support staff is very knowledgeable and goes beyond the call of duty for this plugin. GREAT JOB! –eleven8s

The learning curve is slow but the customization is great.creationw

Great plugin, Fantastic support. We are new to WordPress and Events Espresso was working great but we encountered a problem after loading another plugin which reset the capabilities. The Event Espresso menu options in the admin menu disappeared. We reloaded Event Espresso but to no avail. Desperate for a solution we contacted support who provided the information to restore the Event Espresso menu system in no time. Support was quick and accurate!tobie990

It’s been very comprehensive and covers exactly the aspects of event registration that we needed for our site plus some features that we didn’t even need but could still use in the future. Very Excellent Plugin! –Tristan Hall

Great plugin! Pretty customizable, lots of options, easy to use.ideaswirl

I searched long and hard to find something that would serve my needs. This is, by far, the most complete and comprehensive solution I have found.Bill Hepper

The sales and support staff at Event Espresso are superb. I was able to create a trial event. Creating the event was a learning curve, as is any new application. Event Espresso was there every step of the way. I would be asked questions by co-workers, can it do this, can it do that. I would email Event Espresso and would receive responses quickly. I was able to make the switch and am now using Event Espresso. –Vernon Nielson

I love the features! …Definitely the best plugin out there for this.Sales & Marketing Society of the Mid-South

The free demo for @EventEspresso doesn’t do justice to the premium version. Best WordPress Event Manager I’ve ever used.Luke Trouten

Event Espresso Does It All. I researched a number of Event Ticketing plugins and Event Espresso was the only one that satisfied all my needs. You’ll especially appreciate the wide choice of payment processors you can use. Getting started, support quickly answered all my questions and now I use the forums when I need help. –johnmacek

I used Event Espresso for one of my projects 🙂 good plugin recommended!Kent Trinidad

Event Espresso event management plugin for WordPress is a really an awesome plugin.Cheryl Smithem

Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic plugin. I’m really impressed with its functionality and add on features and will definitely upgrade my client’s production site to the premium version (when ready for launch) to incorporate all the features. As I have told another client “this plugin is the cat’s meow”. –Peter Mansel

Takes a lot of the work out of work. Takes the drudgery out of scheduling and enrollment for events. Easy to use.xironix5

Great plugin and awesome customer support! Event Espresso integrates well with WordPress, offers a great set of add-ons and different payment gateways. I would definitely recommend it! –Nic Achampong

I’m using it on multiple sites and enjoying it. It’s simple and as others have stated…fast service and real help. –Arlen Nagata

Exactly what I needed for my clients! Very professional. –Daniele Bove

Super Thanks To the Event Espresso Team! Thank you all very much for this Plugin. It is an amazing plugin and creation on your part. I really appreciate the effort that has been put into it to make it part of the WordPress Family. Thank-you so very much! –DTSL

…it really does blow everything else that’s out there out of the water.Chris Reynolds

I have to say that it has been the right choice for me…I’ve been extremely pleased with the way my site is working. –Robin

Event Espresso – Excellent Events plugin. Very happy with this plugin and associated add-ons. Works well and easy to use. –tslane888

Just came across @EventEspresso – looks like a brilliant #wp plugin for event registration.Helge Fredheim

Awesome plugin!Valent Mustamin

Long term customer, and I can say that it works well. Ran into a question yesterday and got it answered and the problem solved within an hour. That’s good! –Hubert Smits

Really best by far. Smoother, easier, better styled. No contest. –Robbie_berns

Premium Event Espresso full of features. Event Espresso 4 (paid) is feature-packed and really simple to use. The base program provides everything we need (though we did purchase a payment gateway) including multiple ticketing levels and the ability to collect highly detailed customer info through forms. I was impressed at how much can be done with just Event Espresso Premium in comparison to other programs. Would love to see more purchasable themes and add-ons for the event list pages, but the plugin itself is fantastic. Couldn’t recommend it more! –dcaustralia

A great service & excellent customer service – punctual & helpfulAlastair Pugh

Does just what I need it to do. I don’t need all the bells and whistles that go along with the bigger expensive event plugins. All I need from an events plugin is the ability to create an “event” post type, keep track of registrations, and take payment through PayPal. The Decaf version of Event Espresso does just that, and it makes me more likely to choose the caffeinated version of their plugin over the competitors’ plugins whenever my needs grow to that point. –vladtubaka

My clients has used Event Espresso for Transportation (Cadet Bus for leave), Parties (tailgates and brewery tours), and Horse-back riding lessons and camps. What a terrific plug-in and fantastic support from Seth! –Nina

We tried a number of event-registration platforms before finally finding Event Espresso. It provided more functionality, flexibility, and value more than any of the others. Matthew C.

I’ve been using Event Espresso for about 6 months now and have been very satisfied with its functionality, and the customer service. Really glad I made the switch from years of using third-party event registration services to Event Espresso. Event Espresso makes it possible to create a seamless online registration experience on my website. –Amy Mak

Great plugin and superb support, always ready to help! Highly recommended! –Joanna Tracey

Garth was great! I needed to figure out lots of solutions and he was a huge help—he took a lot of time to explain everything. I have a plan moving forward. Thanks for your assistance!Cara Livorio

I chose Event Espresso because, a few years ago, I was using it on a personal website and loved it. So, when I discovered that our current event management system that is deployed in other areas of campus was completely deficient for this initiative’s needs, I didn’t even hesitate to use Event Espresso.Rob Domaschuk

Excellent product, better support. I can’t rate this product enough. I bought the pro “gimme everything” version, with a view to probably taking advantage of the refund period as I wasn’t convinced it would be appropriate. The feature set of the product is enormous. It’s not the most straight forward to set up, but the huge range of options means you can truly create something that does anything you need it to. However, more than the product, their support team assisted me with an API integration and customisations for getting events from a multisite subsite displayed on the mainsite to facilitate multiple currencies, as we run events all over the world. The fact that their support are willing to assist in honing code, instead of the usual “we don’t help with this stuff” attitude, means they are deserving of your investment. If I could give 10 stars I would. The product – and the team behind it – are exemplars of the WordPress experience. –jakelunnis

Loving the functions and support from Event Espresso. One of the best plugins I’ve ever bought! –Nathan, Creativity Mill

Event Espresso provides an amazing, easy to use software that is quite easy to navigate from both the back end and the front end. The support team is amazing-any time I’ve reached out to them, they’ve responded within a few hours, though it normally takes less than an hour. This is an amazing company with an amazing software that I would recommend to ANYONE!!! –Monica Catherine Ruechel

Awesome software, offers a great set of add-ons and many different payment methods. Integrates well with any WordPress site and the support is top notch. Highly recommended! –Hadley Brandon

Could not be happier with the results and ease of use.Roman Meisenberg

Best Event Plugin for WordPress!! Event Espresso is the most robust event management plugin available for WordPress. I use both decaf and the premium version and highly recommend it! –barellano

Solid! Event Espresso 4 has many great qualities – first of all, it WORKS. Second, GREAT support both from official Event Espresso crew and also the community. The plugin and addons are constantly being developed and the developers listen to the community. Event registration modules must be carefully considered because of the wide range of technical requirements i.e. ticket types, date ranges etc. Event Espresso is flexible enough to be great for 95% of the events companies that I have developed for. If you are a developer, this is the module for you. Documentation is solid. –abmiller99

The value the plugin and the add-ons we ended up using has provided is much, much higher than the cost, and the support I’ve received is first rate. I can’t recommend Event Espresso highly enough.Adam Tervort

I am writing to compliment Garth and Lorenzo of Event Espresso for providing support to this sixty-one year old computer illiterate soul:) They are very quick with responding. It’s easy to navigate, and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Keep up the good work! –Alice Colin

Easy to get started with, but detailed enough for almost all event planners. Lots of options, professional looking, reliable, complete. –Bruce Maples

My first event using Event Espresso — just went live. So far, Event Espresso has been easy to work with and get set up and functional. It performed well during all of our tests. And now…. it is LIVE. Very exciting.Thanks for all of the help through the couple of little questions that came up. –Donna Price

We’ve been working with Event Espresso now for several months. So far we haven’t come up against any situation that can’t be handled with the software. Support has been outstanding and super responsive. We’re learning by leaps and bounds, very satisfied, and recommend it highly. –Mike Long

Event Espresso lets Ivanhoe Congregational Church families purchase flowers through our website for our weekly church services. Event Espresso is extraordinarily malleable and well-designed, and it works beautifully for this. And, working with the knowledgeable and responsive support team has been delightful. We are very pleased with Event Espresso!Barry Johnson

Event Espresso helped make the March 2021 fundraising dinner for Aussie Peace Walk a great success! We were able to raise just under $25,000 for the vaccination program. –Chris Edwards

I have used both the free and paid versions of Event Espresso for years now and for me there is no other option for event ticket management. It just works. I teach web design classes to small businesses and I always recommend them to try Event Espresso for their ticketing (for classes etc) if they need it, and that as soon as they start making money from it they should pay for Event Espresso to support it. In terms of support I have found the support team at Event Espresso to be very fast in replying and very accommodating to all needs. –Shane Keenaghan

Just bought an @EventEspresso license for an upcoming conference website we are working on. The custom registration forms functionality rox!Eric Sopp

Incredible Customer Service. I’ve been using Event Espresso for over 2 years for multiple websites which host a variety of events, classes, and conferences. The software has been versatile, easy to use/customize to meet our needs, WordPress themes, and organization. The customer service is hands down the best customer service I’ve interacted with in years. On several occasions their customer service and support have assisted with their product, guidance, and helping to integrate their product with other software. Recently after a billing kerfuffle, the Event Espresso customer service came to the rescue and kept my services from lapsing. It’s service like this that will keep my organization coming back for years to come. Thanks for the great speedy service!! –Yerx

Very flexible, simple and fast. My organization runs a fiddle contest in which we have multiple divisions and classes. After setting up PayPal to receive online payments I came across Event Espresso and decided to try it out for simply receiving payments. In the few minutes it took to set it up I realized it had way more potential than I imagined. In 2016 we will do our entire online registration using Event Espresso rather than requiring contestants to mail in their applications. This will drastically streamline our registration process for 2016. I don’t get the negative reviews. It is extremely easy and fast. I’ll update this review after I get the website set up for 2016 but I think the negativity is a bit frivolous. –dkoyle

Awesome plugin, speedy support! We use Event Espresso with another plugin for our annual science meeting. We needed information regarding how to use registration information from Event Espresso to connect members account information to an abstract submission plugin. Each request for information was answered rapidly – the fastest response I have ever received from a plugin developer! Thanks! –lumins

The best event plugin system we have used! We just closed registration for a girls/ladies conference at our church next month. This year we have over 400 registrants and only a few were mail-ins. Everyone else registered on our website, which is running Event Espresso 4. We had to close registration early because we are at capacity! We had fewer duplicate registrations this year than in years past using other software. We also received a lot of compliments on the “new system”. Registrants stated that it was much easier to use than in previous years. –amandaleigh

I use Event Espresso a couple of times a year for registering attendees for conferences for a charitable organization. Using Event Espresso has made my life much easier since once I set up the initial form it’s a simple matter to make any adjustments necessary. As a novice at implementing registration forms into WordPress I’m glad that Event Espresso has simplified the process. It was fairly easy to learn and when I ran into a snag, support was quick and very helpful, resolving my issues immediately. –Ronald Bujork

Testimonials for classes & workshops

I am loving Event Espresso! I facilitate cacao ceremonies to help my attendees slow down and feel connected. My events are booking out 2 months ahead of time and I like that its easy to see who has registered for each ceremony.Willow Francis

I began using Event Smart for my creative workshops. I wanted more control over my art workshops, and I have a WordPress site, so I made the switch to their sister product Event Espresso. The team at Event Espresso helped me through the transition, and all is working smoothly! The support I’ve received when I needed help has been fantastic. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way! –Kerrie Bowles

I am in love with your product, I work with many educational institutions that hold classes/events and I will definitely recommend this to all of them, the only time I have seen a system this comprehensive and sophisticated is when an organization I worked with paid a programmer nearly $8,000 for a custom solution, and yet still there are features in your registration system that his didn’t have. Thank you so much for your help and patience. –Abdullah J.

Great Plugin, does all we need and more. Great basics plus a couple of add-ons and we were up and running in no time. We’ve been using it for our site classes for several years and we love it. –Janet Edkins

Works great for my art classes. It took quite a bit of set-up to change the events references to classes, but all my customers really like it. They can sign up for multiple classes, pay, print out their registration details AND get e-mail confirmations, all from about 4 screens. I love it because it’s easy to add a new class, or immediately shut down an existing one. I have links to my Privacy policy page, my terms and conditions, and it all works with my page builder. Updates were tough at first, and caused a few things to not function. Later updates were fine and didn’t break anything. Support tickets are answered quickly and fully; I highly recommend this plug-in for its support. Renewed the pro license, and it was about 1/2 the cost of the initial purchase. Not recommended for a novice: writing hooks and adding my own plug-in were tough obstacles to get over, and the documentation left a lot to be desired. I spent many hours searching support forums, but finally did get everything to work. Interested? Get your own testing site from them. You can sign up for one easily and it’s good for about a month. Event Espresso Decaf is okay, but adds code that the pro version doesn’t overwrite; you have to get rid of it, and any testing you do with it remains with your site. –howaboutthatnow

Very Impressed! Started using this a month ago and so far very impressed. I am using it for booking workshops that are free of charge. Have not explored the payment options yet, but will in the near future. –rodepp

Great Solution. I have used six different event programs and every single one of them had backend bugs, shortcode errors, php errors and even one “exploded” on my site causing substantial damage. This one is sophisticated, versatile and my go to solution that I recommend to my clients. My agency provides WordPress Workshops to show people how to get started with a blog and when it comes to calendars and events, Event Espresso is the first place you should start. PayPal Express checkout natively installed and options for invoicing groups or businesses and accepting cash payments or ACH transactions makes the plugin even more useful. Loving what we are getting out of it!cedaly1968

I have used Event Espresso for years, and it has been flawless as I’ve booked class after class. Recently I had to upgrade due to a website update, and there was no question that I would once again purchase the new license for Event Espresso! I have already booked two more classes, and it has managed all my data for those classes perfectly! There were a few questions during the install, but Garth and Kristin were right there to help work out the kinks! This is the kind of app that you can install and never have to think about. It just does it’s job! –Sharon Cannavo

Using Event Espresso for Duluth Folk School Registration. Event Espresso has a lot of customisability, and solid customer payment options. For us, we bought the ‘all the add ons’ option, since we’re using quite a few different add ons. I do wish it were easier to customize some of the deeply buried text (Event Espresso calls them “People,” we call them ‘Instructors’, etc.), and I wish it were easier to integrate into our brick and mortar store, where we have inventory (people need two separate transactions if they want to buy a coffee and to register for a class). Overall, it does a good job, and our customers have a pretty easy time figuring it all out. –bryan

Thanks to you and the rest of the team for Event Espresso — Every time I get a signup for an event, I think about how much time Event Espresso saves me — and signups happen while I’m out on the water teaching kayaking, not answering the phone. 🙂 –Tue Brems Olesen

Testimonials for nonprofits & charities

This product has helped enormously in setting up our first online ticketing event. I have personally contacted Lorenzo at their help desk twice and he has been able to help with minor issues in my novice understanding of setting up an event and arranging ticketing. I would very much recommend this software to other small clubs who need to take that next event step. –Eileen Briggs

I want to commend you on a fabulous product which is just the right price for a small non-profit. People are happy with the registration process, as are we! …Thank you SO much for a great product. –Sandra Forero Bush

Perfect for our needs. Excellent plugin, perfect for the needs of my scouting organization. Very customizable, handles RSVP and payments, manages attendee communication, exports data, mobile-ready. Great customer support from developers. Merges well with WordPress. Discounted rate for non-profit. I could not be happier. –vgrimme

Quick, polite, efficient, they don’t spend a bunch of time asking you to redo what you’ve already done, and they assume you’re a sentient creature. What else could you possibly want from support? It’s magical. Support is amazing, plugin is simple to use, a 3 year old could use the iPhone app…it all is very impressive and professional. Event Espresso saves us money, saves our secretary 16-24 hours and looks so professionally done that people ask us how we do it; which we happily tell them, “Event Espresso, and be sure to get the ticketing add-on.” When you can get a company to expend more money switching systems just to use your plugin…you’ve really accomplished something. –David, House of Prayer

I recently downloaded it to add to a nonprofit site for a Boy Scout troop and the features work wonderfully with what we wanted to accomplish for the site. It allows us to set up calendar, events, and even take payments for trips. At first, I thought that it would be overkill for such a small site, but now I see the possibilities and will definitely be offering Event Espresso to my clients that need an event organization system for their web sites. –Lucy Conn

Broadcasting my support for Event Espresso will be a pleasure. I recently helped the Webmaster at a sister church configure your event manager for their site, so I can say with confidence and from experience, that Event Espresso is the best Event Manager plugin ever!Philip Simpson

Great for Educational Course Management. Great product for managing our educational course offerings. We manage students, collect fees, create complex student information forms to collect data. Event Espresso provides maximum versatility for configuring each event uniquely. It lets us assign different managers to different courses, we manage by department… Garth and his team have added many features that we asked for over the years. Event Espresso has been registering students for our courses since the beginning of Event Espresso, back to 2010. We have expanded to three websites in three different regions of the Northeast and switched to version 4, now that the Waitlisting functionality has been released. –0rest0har

Very useful plugin. I use the premium version of Event Espresso to run a seminar business for one of my clients. All of the courses, payments, and scheduling is done through Event Espresso. If I ever have a problem, or need a customization, support is there to help. I’ve been very pleased.SocialSpark

Hello. I wanted to say that I’ve purchased Event Espresso twice now for two different organizations and have had great success with the purchases. Outside of photography, I also build small websites with WordPress as the CMS. I built two websites for two different martial arts organizations who host yearly seminars and tournaments. The plug in has provided a way for attendees to sign up online from both Canada and the United States with ease, and also allowed the organizations to easily manage payments, attendee lists, and many other aspects of the events. Thanks to Seth for creating such a great plug in, and for your constant support! –James Zedd

Event Espresso helps the Saint Croix Sailing School accept online registrations for sailing programs such as camps and courses. We offer events for beginners through advanced sailors and we like that we can receive registrations without the hassle of a paper registration process. –Patrick O’Donnell

Testimonials over other services

I love Event Espresso. Before this I was using a very expensive online registration system. I searched for a long time to find a event system that would allow both an invoice and a credit card. My customers are primarily government employees and to find a system that creates an invoice for them to pay from was a bonus!
Laurie Dougherty

I’m so excited to fire Eventbrite! Event Espresso has an amazing WordPress plugin for event management. We’re testing it now & are very impressed! In a nutshell Event Espresso saves us money & does everything Eventbrite did before. 🙂 –Dustin Nay

Event Espresso has helped my client manage multiple, simultaneous events. The online documentation is good. The staff has been very helpful answering questions. I’m glad we found this excellent tool.Pamela Bir

Best Plugin Ever ***** I have used Active software for the past 3 years to manage our Events but found it very hard to customize and setup as well as being costly to use. Our last event for 644 cyclists to Register cost us $2640. Event Espresso is great and simple to setup and the staff have been very quick and helpful to help us out with customization etc. I cannot fault this product in any way. If you are in charge of creating Events, Workshops, conferences or Sporting Events of any kind then Event Espresso is your answer. Buy the full license today and you will never look at any other Event Management software again. Thanks Josh, Tony, Garth and Lorenzo for your great support and understanding to a Newby at using WordPress and Event Espresso. –lakehume

A great, low-cost alternative to the other online event tools available. The Event Espresso team is quick to respond to questions and provide helpful resources. Our developer was able to customize the look and feel to match our website nicely. Lots of good add-ons available to provide extra functionality. I’m glad we made the switch – our registrations are already streaming in!Richelle Starke

Your plugin saved our client nearly $9,000 in development costs because it handled the majority of the functionality we were looking for at a much lower cost. Event Espresso’s staff have been very responsive to our needs when we have them (which has been rare, because the plugin is so well coded). Great job on a great plugin! –Brandon P.

With Event Espresso on WordPress your events can be planned and managed without worries. The addons available provide a wide range of customizations and payment gateways. Besides all this, the support it’s always available to find out the best solution for you. –Pedro Lima

The support staff have always been very helpful and will work with you when there are issues (even to the point of logging into the back-end of a site) to try to resolve any problems. We look forward to continuing to work with Event Espresso.elaine.wildash

Keep up the good work guys! –ycetindil

Your plugin rocks! Seriously, saved me hours on the phone setting up attendance manually. Kudos. 🙂 –William

You can tell that the Event Espresso team is really passionate about their work, and that they care and spend a lot of time helping people work with their plugin and use it with their events — it’s something every WordPress service should aim for. –Ryan Imel

What’s important is present. The handling is super easy. –Karin Muller

Well done-great support –Dan Green

Very good plugin and the support is really amazing –David Soes

Awesome plugin with awesome support! I am so happy that we choose event espresso to manage our events. Thanks Lorenzo for being so helpful and always super quick to respond 🙂 –Filip Cederholm Agoo

Event Espresso event management plugin for #WordPress is really an awesome plugin.CBS Web Designs

Excellent product and excellent customer service! An win all around…and I’ve tried many solutions that are out there. This is definitely the best in it’s class. –Samantha Davis

They are always very helpful and flexible. We have been using the product for years and been very happy with it!MySuomi Oy

It’s been a pretty smooth process, overall – can’t complain! –Lisa Sabin-Wilson

These guys are right on any problem or issue or even general questions. You can’t really put a value high enough on the kind of support these guys offer. –Mark Wigston

There is only 1 Event Registration Plugin! After using Event Espresso for several years, this is still the best event registration plugin around to date. The team at Event Espresso continue to be amazing, and I look forward to their next set of enhancements this year! –10bradders10

By far, the customer service experience with Event Espresso has been the best of any WordPress Theme or Paid Plugin that I’ve used in the past two years! –Megan Murray

Event Espresso took an hour to understand, purchase and install including all its add-ons. A very easy and flawless install without problems running it immediately after that. I had one question afterwards, only to have their support staff not only answer the question but to go out of their way resolve it within hours! –Howard Adams

The best thing about Event Espresso is the customer support. Any issues, problems or queries are dealt with so quickly and clearly. Highly recommend! –Scarlett Nymph

Great plugin, exceptional people. I’ve been using Event Espresso for just a couple months but have had the chance to run multiple events already using Event Espresso registration. It all went off without a hitch and we had great feedback from attendees. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the developers face to face, the developer team is passionate about what they do and it’s very obvious they put in a lot of effort towards this plugin. –danner6

Thank you Seth for being so responsive and going above and beyond the call of duty with your app! I highly recommend Event Espresso for its functionality and for the stellar support. Seth has a deep knowledge and understanding of WordPress and has built a tool that is seamless to use for both organizer and attendee alike! After looking at a bunch of alternatives, Event Espresso far surpasses the other apps that are available.Wendy Troupe

It is a very, very slick plugin. It’s one of those plugins where you install it, change a couple of settings, and boom you’re selling tickets. –Brad Williams, WebDevStudios

Easy to use!! Super easy to set up, use and implement. I tried a few different plugins before this one and this is clearly the most functional and useful. –revivinghome

Support is What Makes it. This plugin works great, with few limitations. The support is outstanding. The support forum is a great resource for finding answers to many questions that are similar to others during the development process. Their responses are speedy and spot on. I developed a language school program’s website with multiple locations and recurring events, different registration periods, and much more using this plugin. Besides the fact that the client can’t sell merchandise along with the registration, this plugin serves them well. –kjgreen

Great plugin and great support team that really helps you make the most out of the plugin. There are some other event management plugins, but with managing your events, you can’t afford yourself not to use the best one and not have someone to help you when you need it. –Oren Cahanovitc

Cool Tool. You have a lot of possibilities to customize. –schuhri

I played around with the free version for a couple hours then purchased the Pro for a client. Love it and so do they! Sweetest Event plugin I have tried.Bill Chambers

Just brilliant! I’m just starting with Event Espresso. Tested it and I’m highly impressed. Easy to configure, frontend looks just great! Thank you! –Krzysztof Busłowicz

I just completed my first event using Event Espresso. I really believe without Event Espresso my event would not have been the success it was.Cathy Earle

Started using Event Espresso for my last event and I have to say I am extremely impressed with how easy it is to use and very professional. From the ticketing, check-in, or message functions I can customize everything and our customers are love it to. –Taylor Leann

Excellent and easy to use. Simple straight forward and very easy to use, great products. –Robinshort

Looking at @eventespresso. Haven’t found anything else like it for WordPress #WordPress. –Matt Cole

Really happy with Event Espresso and their support has been excellent. We use Event Espresso on our site for entries to our running club races. It provides the basic functionality that we need and we have been able to customize the field validation to meet most of our requirements. Their are a few bits of functionality that would make things easier for us (such as per ticket questions and extended validation options) but some of these are on their public roadmap so hopefully will be available in the future (we’re currently on version 4.9.22). I’ve contacted their support a number of times and they’ve always been very responsive and helpful. –heathrunner

Awesome Customer Support and Great Plugin. I have been using Event Espresso for my small business for almost 3 years now. Their support forum is great and the team is really responsive in helping to resolve problems and answer questions. I love the plugin and it has been instrumental for me to engage with my customers and connect with them. –miyceramics

Just what was needed! I installed a few others before trying this one, this is by far the most intuitive one yet. –enrgyxprt

Event Espresso plugin still rocks. Saw you guys were up for the WordPress honors too. Glad I paid for it! If you need event management on your WordPress site I recommend Event Espresso. –Patrick Allmond

Event Espresso is an excellent product which makes it easy for us to schedule events. I just finished an interaction with their support team and they fixed the issue I had quickly. Very happy with the product and service. –Robert Sorensen

Probably the best event management plugin available.Materia Inspiration Centre

Great product, and great customer service! Thank you! –Lisa Gray

No complaints here. Satisfied customer. You can teach us all few things about customer service. Thanks! –Charles

Love the plugin, we only use it once a year for a race we have in February. This saved us tons of time in data entry, In addition, we had more runners register than any other year. We attribute that to the ease of registering online. Thanks for your work. –Ed

I’ve found a brilliant events registration plugin for WordPress – just in case you WordPress people ever need one :-). –Rowan

Customizing an Event Registration plugin for WordPress by @EventEspresso. Love the pro version. Highly Recommended! –Joshua Garity

Event Espresso is one of the nicest Event Managers (WordPress Plugin) I have come across. –Joe Distefano

I can’t even imagine what I would want the plugin to do that it doesn’t already do. I’m really happy with the features. –Jim Harmer

Love the plugin, we only use it once a year for a race we have in February. This saved us tons of time in data entry. In addition, we had more runners register than any other year. We attribute that to the ease of registering online. Thanks for your work. –Ed

Great Plugin – flexible. Just getting started with the free version. So far it’s working great. –Team218

Full feature, great support. This plugin has full feature all what we need to create event and ticketing system, and also they have great support staff, they always response whatever your problem and quick response. Thanks Event Espresso –rgunawans

I worked with both Lorenzo and Garth of Event Espresso and they were both quick and thorough in their replies. Their suggestions were helpful and I never felt like a bother or an idiot if I had questions that needed answers. I’d definitely recommend this product – I just used it for the first time and the registration process was fast for my clients and easy for me to follow up with them and create a successful event. Great customer service. Great product. Thanks guys!!! –Barb Suárez

A comprehensive Event management plugin.wooninjas

Have you seen the WordPress event plugin from @eventespresso? It’s crazy how much you can do with it.JR Farr

I got a whole lotta love for @EventEspresso right now for making #migration from version 3 to 4 so freaking smooth. #highfive –Rick Bond

Great plugin! It did exactly as promised for our WordPress website. Customer service is also 5 out of 5! –Liwordson Vijayabalan

Event Espresso 4 decaf – Top Plugin. Event Espresso 4 decaf is the best plugin I have ever seen. –cybervation

Very good Event Espresso plugin. I like to use it. Also great support. Thanks –Salene

Absolutely the best, both in product and service!!! Two thumbs up! —Sharad Panot

Loving the functions and support from Event Espresso. One of the best plugins I’ve ever bought!Nathan, Creativity Mill

Event Espresso is a great plugin for a WordPress website, easy to use, it fits for every event and they have great support team. Event Espresso is continual develop and enhanced its capabilities, and if you are a WordPress developer you can create plugin for Event Espresso and submit to them and make Event Espresso more better. –Robby Sutanto

Great plugin. Excellent support. I’ve been using the full version of Event Espresso (Event Espresso) for over 2 years now. I’ve found it to be powerful, excellent and customisable. But above all the support is excellent. It is a paid support licence, but the responses are fast, accurate and helpful and have allowed me to maintain the events plugin on my site without the need to hire developers to keep updating it. If you need a flexible and powerful ticketing module on your WordPress site, I’d definitely recommend it. –drkings

I’m not a backend kinda guy. I’m a golf pro. I was able to install and set up Event Espresso and make it work the way I want to. I have to learn what I have so I can manage my business because developers are good at what they do but do not always understand marketing, sales, etc. There are very few plugins I can set up without help from my developer. The hardest part for me was getting the APIs for payment gateways, etc. What I like most is the information is in plain, easy to understand English and not computer jargon that only a tech-head can understand.Roy

We recently selected Event Espresso for our woodturning club web site, and we received outstanding support from multiple team members from the sales team during our evaluation. Subsequent to purchasing the plugin we have also received incredibly fast replies to support questions via their online forums. So far we could not be happier about the features and functionality of Event Espresso and the high quality support we’ve receive. –Terry Lund

This is a great way to incorporate event registrations into your WordPress site. Support is great, and there is a good community of fellow users. I highly recommend! –Donna Parish

Event Espresso provided a great experience updating the plugins and updating our account for to be successful in a multisite environment. a great way to incorporate event registrations into your WordPress site. Support is great, and there is a good community of fellow users. I highly recommend! –Sarolta Csete

I have been using Event Espresso on my website 9energies for the last 4 years. I also worked as a developer and used it in any site that required integrated event management. I have always been super impressed by how quickly I get support. It has been both reliable and functional. I have run over 350 events through Event Espresso. –Susan Fisher

The Event Espresso plugin has been a very valuable website asset in our transition to virtual conferences. It works very well on our multisite install and the support has been fantastic! It is very flexible, has lots of features and highly customizable. Thanks Event Espresso! –Justin Broughton

After many years of doing the process manually with email, spreadsheets, telephone calls and bank transfer payments, Event Espresso now helps us with registrations and payments for our national event which is held every 2 years in October. Toyota MR2 owners from around Australia are hosted by one of the State based Clubs for a long weekend of motoring related activities, awards dinners and general fun things that build and maintain our community. We have also recently converted our annual membership subscriptions to Event Espresso too! –Todd McDonough, Committee Member and Webmaster, MR2 Club of Australia (NSW Branch)

Your customer service is amazing! The back-end developer I hired seems to have the whole thing sorted out other than the complete task of wanting to remember family sign-ups. Thank you for such a great Plug-In! -Rebecca Westcott

The great thing about Event Espresso is how flexible it is. The two sites I’ve used it on had very different event setups and different requirements for how the ticketing process needed to work. One I was able to do with just the basic Event Espresso setup. The other I was able to do using some of the plugins available for Event Espresso. – David Smith (Spark Digital Solutions)

Event Espresso has many features and functionalities to organise and manage your own events on your own website. All at an affordable starting price and can be extended to suit your needs. Most importantly, the support provided is timely and helpful. – Karen

I’m using this plugin for over a year now. I use it to sell baking workshops online. The plugin does everything it promises to do and the support is great I’m very satisfied with Event Espresso! – Marco

I did a lot of WordPress plug-in comparisons that could be used for event registration and data collection. However, my group settled on Event Espresso because it was easy to learn, setup, handle multi-type of payments, and could be used by novice event managers. I was really impressed by the quick response to questions by the sales reps. They provided valuable information, examples, and links for more detailed explanations. The deciding factors to go with Espresso were the low cost of membership, the excellent customer service, and the user-friendly product. This change gave us a good looking registration form and the variety we were looking for. – Robin Gartman

Within a day we had installed Event Espresso on our website and set up our first event-a summer camp with multiple sessions, varying participant limits, and different price points. Event Espresso accommodated all these requirements with flying colors. And any questions we had were easily answered by Event Espresso’s online help documentation, user guides, and instructional videos. – Ron

I have used Event Espresso for many years and in the last year, have recommended the plugin to another client. The features are extensive and easy to use. And their support is always very responsive, friendly and helpful which is very important for an events plugin. We even got a bonus discount recently for which the client was rapt! Thanks and please keep up the good work. – Karen

Every time I have a question, you have answered it quickly. It has been a very tough transition from one calendar to another and the way your customer service has handled. Our questions has been remarkable and appreciated.  – Stephanie

Event Espresso