Event Espresso is a tool for accepting nonprofit event registrations through your WordPress website so you can host charitable events to support your organization’s mission

With nonprofit event registration software like Event Espresso, your nonprofit, NGO, or charitable organization can raise funds faster by hosting of a variety of events with ticketing in Virginia and have quick access to the funds after each online registration



“The support team is far beyond knowledgeable and extremely supportive”

As a small non-profit youth organization Event Espresso is the next best thing. Our event listings, registrations and tickets sales look credible and professional by using Event Espresso. The support team is far beyond knowledgeable and extremely supportive. We couldn’t look as good without them or this company. –Executive Director for the Academy of Performing Arts


A preview of an annual charity field day created with Event Espresso


An example of a nonprofit fundraiser with Event Espresso and WordPress


How to set up a nonprofit fundraising dinner with WordPress and Event Espresso



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Here are just a few nonprofit organizations that trust Event Espresso for their events


Deaf Children Australia (Victoria, Australia)

Ma’ayan (Massachusetts, United States)

Virginia Municipal League (Virginia, United States)

Life’s Toolbox (California, United States)

Journey Mental Health Center (Wisconsin, United States)

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Viva-cité (Québec, Canada)

64th Brandywine of the Baden-Powell Service Association (Pennsylvania, United States)

A Time for Science (North Carolina, United States)

Richmond Shakespeare Festival (Indiana, United States)

Council of Self-Insured Public Agencies (California, United States)

Rotary 2241 (Bucharest, Romania)


Popular questions about nonprofit events and Event Espresso


My nonprofit organization plans events like conferences, workshops, camps, fundraisers, and more. Is Event Espresso flexible enough for a variety of events?
Yes, Event Espresso is versatile and can help with different events. You can create as many events as you would like including free events, paid events, and even display-only events where you want to show event information but not allow registrations.

Do I need to be a computer expert to use Event Espresso?
We know that your staff and volunteers work tirelessly to support your mission. You don’t have to worry about being an expert with computers to use Event Espresso. If you are comfortable with creating a blog post on your existing WordPress website and browsing your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin), then you’ll find Event Espresso familiar. We also have a quick start guide for Event Espresso which will help you get up and running fast through a series of recommendations and short video tutorials.

Do I need a WordPress website to use Event Espresso?
Yes, a WordPress website is required to run Event Espresso. However, our sister company, Event Smart offers event registration software for nonprofits using Event Espresso and WordPress as the backbone, where events, calendars, and pricing option selectors can then be embedded on any website, such as Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.com websites.

I want to show my nonprofit events on a calendar. Can I do that with Event Espresso?
Yes, with the Events Calendar extension, your events will automatically appear on a calendar. Your attendees can browse to an event and then click to begin a registration. The Events Calendar add-on is available as a separate purchase for the Personal support license or Developer support license. However, it is included in the Everything support license.

I want to allow more than one attendee to register for my nonprofit events at a time. Are group registrations available?
Yes, you can allow multiple attendees to register at once by enabling the Personal Information question group for additional registrants through the lower right area of the event editor and saving changes.

Can I accept donations in addition to registration fees?
Yes, you can raise funds faster by allowing donations to be made for your events. Here is a video tutorial to help you create an event that has optional donation pricing options.

How will I receive payments from my attendees?
You’ll receive your funds as your attendees register for your nonprofit events by partnering with a secure payment service and adding your API credentials to Event Espresso. Some of our event organizer favorites are Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, or Vanco. Or you can choose another supported payment service.

Do you offer pricing for nonprofit, NGO, and charity organizations?
Yes, we offer a discount on your first purchase on EventEspresso.com. Share information about your organization here and a team member will follow up with you within one day. This discount cannot be applied retroactively to a previous purchase.

I have a question that I need help with.
Start a conversation with us so we can help you move forward with your nonprofit events today.


“We particularly appreciated that it was easy to set up”

We are an international non-governmental organisation and we used Event Espresso for processing registrations to our international congress. We had a very positive experience with Event Espresso and we particularly appreciated that it was easy to set up as well as much cheaper compared to other platforms. The interface is also really user-friendly, which enabled our members to experience a really smooth registration process. Finally, it was great to benefit from such a quick and reliable customer support! –Elena Carson


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk free! Try Event Espresso for a full 30 days. Our team will be there to help you along the way with any questions.


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