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With a tool like Event Espresso, your nonprofit, NGO, or charitable organization can raise funds faster by hosting of a variety of events and have quick access to the funds after each online registration



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Here are just a few nonprofit organizations that trust Event Espresso for their events


Deaf Children Australia (Victoria, Australia)

Ma’ayan (Massachusetts, United States)

Virginia Municipal League (Virginia, United States)

Life’s Toolbox (California, United States)

Journey Mental Health Center (Wisconsin, United States)

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Viva-cité (Québec, Canada)

64th Brandywine of the Baden-Powell Service Association (Pennsylvania, United States)

A Time for Science (North Carolina, United States)

Richmond Shakespeare Festival (Indiana, United States)

Council of Self-Insured Public Agencies (California, United States)

Rotary 2241 (Bucharest, Romania)


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