Event Espresso 3.2 Pre-Release

We are pleased to announce the first Alpha release of Event Espresso, 3.2. This first release brings to life several important changes and highlight the future of Event Espresso.

Some of the most significant changes are:

  • a new checkout process that allows attendees to select multiple ticket types
  • a new admin interface that optimizes and consolidates the event editor page
  • greater granularity with respect to managing transactions, registrations and attendees
  • additional reporting by transactions, registrations and attendees
  • improved pricing and discounting options
  • added pretty permalinks (SEO-friendly URLs)
  • added affiliate tracking capabilities
  • And more, review our complete 3.2 Change Log for more details.

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Event Espresso 3.2 pre-release versions are only available to users who have purchased a license. Please log in if you already have a support license, or purchase one today to preview Event Espresso 3.2. If you think you are receiving this message in error, contact us.[/s2If]
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