How to Create an Event Planning Portfolio from Scratch

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“We don’t need to see your event planning portfolio, you’re hired!” Said no one ever. Event planning portfolios are important because they prove your experience and expertise. Your prospective customer will trust you more if you have a well-prepared event-planning portfolio to present. If you’re starting your events career, this guide to creating an event planning portfolio is for you. 

This guide can also be helpful for the seasoned event planner to refresh your event planning portfolio to make sure you’re presenting your best to new clients.

Definition of a portfolio

A portfolio is a compiled document of the services of a professional or event planning company. An event planning portfolio aims to effectively communicate your professional expertise and style to potential clients or employers. It serves as a visual and narrative representation of your work, highlighting your accomplishments and the range of events you can handle. 

An event planning portfolio will include detailed descriptions, visual evidence, and testimonials from previous events they have been involved in. 

While both a portfolio and a resume are essential tools for professional advancement, they serve different purposes and convey different types of information. A resume summarizes one’s educational background, work experience, skills, and accomplishments. On the other hand, a portfolio is a more detailed representation of your work. It includes detailed case studies, photographs, videos, and other visual aids that illustrate your capabilities and style. 

What clients look for in an event planning portfolio

If you’re entering the events industry and trying to build your event planning portfolio from scratch, here are some tips to help you stand out. According to reports, clients look for traits like strong communication skills, strong networks, and good interpersonal skills as an advantage when hiring. 

How to create an event planning portfolio:

These are the elements you need to include as you create your event portfolio.

Professional Bio and Contact Information

Your short description should hook your potential client. Make it concise but meaningful to stand out. Your bio should communicate the value you can bring to your clients or the problem you can solve for them. 

Portfolio of Events

The core of your portfolio should feature a detailed compilation of the events you have planned. For each event, provide a description including its purpose, target audience, and the measurable outcomes achieved. Enhance your descriptions with photos and videos to bring your events to life. 

Create a compelling narrative of your role in the event, highlighting your skills and expertise. Paint a picture of what your potential client is expecting for the event. 

Client Testimonials

Choose highlights or short quotes expressing your previous client’s experience of working with you. If possible, make the quote specific and relatable. After working for a specific event, you can send a questionnaire asking about their experience or highlight working with you. 

Ask questions like was there a specific moment that stood out to them while working with you? What aspects of the event planning process made the most impact on the event?

Certifications and Awards

Adding your training attendance, certifications, and awards can help boost your credibility. You can also add awards from recognized associations or organizations, if applicable. 

Case Studies and Detailed Project Reports

For a more comprehensive portfolio, include detailed case studies of the events you’ve managed. These case studies should narrate your experience from start to finish, highlighting key phases such as initial planning, communication strategies, timeline management, budgeting, and execution. 

Provide in-depth insights into the challenges you faced and the innovative solutions you implemented. Including visual elements like photos, charts, and diagrams can enhance the narrative and give a clearer picture of your process.

When sharing detailed information, be mindful of confidentiality. Ensure that sensitive data, such as client details and financial information, is anonymized or omitted as necessary to respect client privacy while still showcasing your expertise and results.

What makes a strong event planning portfolio

Interactive elements

When you have a digital portfolio, your website should be modern and catchy to hook your visitors. We recommend using WordPress and their plug-ins for a hassle-free setup. 

Innovative solutions

Present your experiences with specific results that you have delivered. If possible, share a problem you have encountered during your planning and how you solved it. Potential clients will be impressed if they pick up a new thing from your event planning portfolio.

Authenticity and honesty

Be genuine as you present your event planning portfolio. People are drawn to authenticity or that personal or human touch. Talk about the struggle you experienced and the process of solving the problem. 

The different formats of an event planning portfolio

Digital portfolio

Build your digital portfolio by choosing your platform. A good start could be developing your website. When you use WordPress, you can easily customize the layout of your website and its SEO-friendly features. 

Screenshot of event planning website
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Add interactive features that won’t bore your audience like catchy visuals, short videos, moving elements, or even a virtual tour. Impress your prospective customers with a seamless experience throughout your online portfolio.

Physical Portfolio

For very rare occasions, clients may require a physical portfolio for your experience. Presenting your physical portfolio can be in the form of a book or binder.  A physical portfolio can include printed photos, copies of event materials, press clippings, and written testimonials. It offers a tactile experience that digital formats can’t provide, allowing potential clients or employers to physically engage with your work.

Multimedia Portfolio

Screenshot of the instagram portfolio of user adayinmayevents
Photo credits: Instagram user @adayinmayevents

Use social media as your event planning portfolio for a dynamic experience. Present your experience through carousel slides, long form video, or even a series of reels. The algorithm might also help you reach more people when you have an effective strategy to market yourself. 

Sample event planning portfolio

Event Planning Portfolio: Jane Doe Events

Professional Bio and Contact Information

Jane Doe
Event Planner Extraordinaire
Website | Email | Phone | LinkedIn

About Me

With over a decade of experience in the event planning industry, I have had the pleasure of orchestrating a diverse array of events, from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate conferences. My passion for creating memorable experiences and my attention to detail ensures that every event I plan is unique and successful.

Portfolio of Events

1. Elegant Garden Wedding

Date: June 15, 2023
Location: Rosewood Gardens
Description: A romantic garden wedding featuring a floral arch, vintage decor, and a string quartet. Managed all aspects from venue selection to day-of coordination.

  • Photos:

2. Corporate Events – Tech Conference

Date: September 20-22, 2023
Location: Downtown Convention Center
Description: A three-day conference for a tech company, including keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and networking events. Oversaw logistics, speaker coordination, and attendee engagement.

  • Photos:

3. Charity Gala

Date: November 10, 2022
Location: Grand Hotel Ballroom
Description: A black-tie charity gala to raise funds for a local non-profit. Organized a silent auction, live entertainment, and a gourmet dinner.

  • Photos:

Client Testimonials

John Smith, CEO of TechCorp:
“Jane’s attention to detail and ability to manage complex logistics made our conference a huge success. We received glowing feedback from our attendees.”

Emily and Michael Thompson, Wedding Clients:
“Our wedding was a dream come true, thanks to Jane. She took our vision and turned it into reality, exceeding our expectations at every turn.”

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
  • Wedding Planning Institute Certification
  • Best Event Planner Award, City Event Awards 2023
  • Top 10 Event Planners to Watch, Event Planning Magazine 2022

Case Studies and Detailed Project Reports

Case Study: Corporate Tech Conference 2023

Objective: To host a seamless and engaging conference for 500+ attendees from the tech industry.
Challenges: Tight timeline, high-profile speakers, and coordinating multiple sessions and activities.
Solutions: Implemented a detailed project plan, used project management software for task tracking, and ensured constant communication with vendors and the client.

  • Timeline: Six months from planning to execution
  • Budget: $200,000
  • Outcome: Successfully executed event with high attendee satisfaction and positive feedback from stakeholders.

Best practices in making an event planning portfolio

A person curating their event planning portfolio

Keep your event portfolio up to date

In the dynamic event business, it’s essential to keep your portfolio regularly updated with the latest events you’ve managed. Ensure your portfolio reflects current trends and showcases your most recent work to remain relevant and appealing to future clients.

Promote your portfolio

If you have made an effort for your portfolio, make the most of its reach by promoting it. You can consider guesting in podcasts to share your experience or expertise, write guest blog posts, and produce engaging content on social media that will lead them to your event planning portfolio.

Take note of visual design and elements

Screenshot of the instagram portfolio of user colincowielifestyle
Photo credits: Instagram of colincowielifestyle

The visual appeal of your portfolio should give your potential clients a glimpse of what you’ve done as an event professional. Be consistent with your branding and messaging as you present yourself as a professional event planner.

Add testimonials

Potential clients face objections and hesitations before they entrust an important event to an event planner or event planning business. Pick short and relevant testimonials to feature on your portfolio to address those fears.

Mention the technology and tools you use

Technology and tools are a big part of the job description of an event planner. Tools like event registration systems, customer relationship management, streaming platforms, project management software, and more are just a few examples of what an event planner uses. 

For event registration, your clients will enjoy the advantage of saving more money when event planners use Event Espresso or Event Smart. Unlike other ticketing platforms, they don’t charge a commission fee on an unlimited number of tickets sold for different types of events. 

Mistakes to avoid in making a portfolio

Overloading with Information

Remember that people’s attention spans are very short these days. Only include strong and relevant information on your event planning portfolio to maximize your client’s time as they view your portfolio.

Not thinking about your target clients/ audience

As you write your portfolio, remember the ideal clients you wish to serve. Indicate your skills and your ability to solve their problems and achieve their goals. Focusing too much on the self is an easy trap to encounter so it is important to have a clear and defined target audience from the beginning. 

Not showcasing measurable outcomes/impact on your client

Simply listing the events you handle and your specific tasks is not enough to impress your potential clients. Specifically, describe the measurable impact you have contributed to your event. Aside from the numbers, describe the picture of the positive effect your event has made to your client’s overall business strategy. 

Build successful events and land dream clients 

Start involving yourself with different events so you can network and learn from fellow events professionals. You can start to gain experience first and prove your credibility to build a strong and loyal community.

When it comes to event registration or ticketing systems for events, it is hard to compete with the affordability and simplicity of Event Espresso and Event Smart. At no commission fee on an unlimited number of tickets sold, event planners can set up their portfolio for success through SEO strategies and campaigns. 

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