Use Cases for Event Espresso

Event Espresso is a flexible event registration, ticketing, and calendar plugin for WordPress that can handle a variety of events. Whether you are organizing an annual conference for your company, holding training courses to teach CPR, hosting art or painting classes, or planning an event to raise money for a nonprofit, you will enjoy how easy and profitable Event Espresso can make your event registration and ticketing with WordPress.

We use Event Espresso with another plugin for our annual science meeting. We needed information regarding how to use registration information from Event Espresso to connect members account information to an abstract submission plugin. Each request for information was answered rapidly – the fastest response I have ever received from a plugin developer! Thanks! lumins


“Using Event Espresso has made my life much easier”

I use Event Espresso a couple of times a year for registering attendees for conferences for a charitable organization. Using Event Espresso has made my life much easier since once I set up the initial form it’s a simple matter to make any adjustments necessary. As a novice at implementing registration forms into WordPress I’m glad that Event Espresso has simplified the process. It was fairly easy to learn and when I ran into a snag, support was quick and very helpful, resolving my issues immediately. –Ronald Bujork

“We’ve been using it for several years and we love it”

Great Plugin, does all we need and more. Great basics plus a couple of add-ons and we were up and running in no time. We’ve been using it for our site classes for several years and we love it. –Janet Edkins

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