Event Espresso 4 Changelog

Event Espresso 4 Changelog

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Important note about updating to Event Espresso 4.8: You will need to update to WordPress version 4.1 or higher before you update to Event Espresso 4.8.

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February 13, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.78.p


  • Fix bugs in Money and Currency Value objects
  • Ensure QSG_identifier is unique when saving new question groups
  • Remove the file exists check for image URLs in the admin
  • Improve redirects on trash/restore/delete for registration list table
  • More type proofing for PUE client
  • Update EventAttendees block with new default for limit and number input control
  • Restore trash/restore action for custom message template groups
  • Fix expected attendees not returns for the selected filters in the Event Attendees block
  • Fix current date and time always showing in date selector (Event Attendees block)
  • Skip validation if less than 2 inputs in the embedded Ticket Selector
  • Fix issue where espresso_event_status() always echos even if $echo == false
  • Fix itemized lists sent to PayPal Pro when there are discounts
  • Fix Potential Recursion during Registration Status Updates

Enhancements and New Features

  • Optimize usage of react key for AttendeeListItem component
  • Improve open registration notice
  • Improve Registry::pushData
  • Add filter for swapping GRP_ID in on the fly for messages being generated
  • Include seconds in timestamp for check-in list table view
  • Add Event Espresso critical page post state for critical pages
  • Change the default per_page value for list tables to 20
  • Implement missing labels for post type registration
  • Add some padding to the bottom of the messages shortcode selector
  • Add filter hook to allow changing database engine a table uses
  • Account for new password-protected content functionality in the REST API response
  • Add CRUD functionality to eventespresso/core wp.data store

January 16, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.77.p


  • Use the correct path for PayPalSettingsForm namespace
  • Fix issue in REST API where inaccessible related model causes error response


  • Loosen up restrictions on error reporting when invisible reCAPTCHA fails

January 16, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.76.p


  • Fix long titles for events breaking registration due to wpdb insert error
  • Fix REST API taxonomy relationships regression
  • Change models to use all columns instead of only using Foreign Keys to identify a duplicate
  • Fix duplicate subregions issue
  • Fix WordPress Heartbeat logic not loading
  • Fix “hanging” exit modal on plugins page
  • Fix “seperator” typo on Countries settings page
  • Fix block-level elements breaking the payment method description output
  • Fix npm version installed in Travis CI environment and switch to wp-scripts check-engines
  • Raise default limit for Attendees shortcode


  • Improve PayPal Pro settings unauthenticated error message
  • Improve batch job error message to mention you can refresh the page
  • Improve recipient (context) links in message template list table
  • Update Travis CI build to include php 7.3
  • Update node and npm version requirements and fix Travis CI builds
  • Add REST relation endpoints
  • Override iOS default input styles for ticket selector iframe
  • Remove navigation link that results in a Fatal Error on Registrations Check-ins page
  • Remove monster sideload error
  • Remove bot trap timestamp

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