Event Espresso 4 Changelog

Event Espresso 4 Changelog

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January 16, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.55.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix undeclared datetime and ticket start and dates for generated objects in unit tests so that timestamps don’t equal NOW
  • Fix generated ticket objects for unit tests having start and end dates set to NOW
  • Fix blank screen when deleting a check-in record
  • Remove stray PHP tag from end of payment_settings.template.php file


  • Add ContextInterface and use instead of hard coding reference to Context classes
  • Wrap valid form data array returned from FormHandler::process() in a filter

January 9, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.54.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where sold out events with an expired ticket option do not get switched to sold_out post status
  • Fix fatal error during multisite assessment because persistent notice being added
  • Fix CopyRegistrationService::copyPaymentDetails() not copying payment details correctly
  • Fix issue where Static properties in Abstract DomainBase class are overwritten each time add-on Domain class initializes
  • Fix issue where HTML entities are decoded when displaying and editing messages
  • Fix all form input security issues
  • Refactor submit inputs so they always show the default value set on them (the original value), not the current value (which may change if user input populates the form using EE_Form_Section_Proper::receive_form_submission())
  • Fix conflict with WordPress 4.9 built in plugin code editor
  • Fix missing success notices on Message List Table actions
  • Fix conditional in EE_Messages_Validator::validate()
  • Delay instantiating EE_Payment_Method_Manager when EE_Register_Payment_Method::deregister is called
  • Add missing root path for the generated Check In Log url
  • Fix fatal error in DbSafeDateTime
  • Stop logging to espresso_error_log.txt


  • Add logic to core to disable specific add-ons before they can even register
  • Add URL Value Object
  • Only save session data if a valid cart exists
  • Add a concrete class extending PHP’s FilterIterator Abstract for filtering Event Espresso’s CollectionInterface collections
  • Change the default button for PayPal Express
  • Update best practices documentation
  • Create new CapabilitiesActionRestrictionInterface for EE_Base_Classes
  • Fix acceptance tests and improve framework
  • Implement Adapter for Datetime Helpers for PHP 5.6+ and PHP < 5.6

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