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Event Espresso 5.0.8.p

Starting with Event Espresso 5.0.8.p the Event Espresso changelog is automatically updated for each new version and is located on GitHub.

May 30 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.7.p

  • Fix Preview / Sending Test Emails
  • Fixed price guide link. Convert inline styles to external ones.
  • Allow Escaped Characters in Datetime Formats

May 25 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.6.p

  • Load Session on REST Requests
  • Fix Uncaught TypeErrors in EE_Datetime_Field
  • Fix incorrect credentials app errors being thrown from REST API error
  • Fix Venue width issue when People add-on active
  • Fix promotion submissions within the admin

May 17 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.5.p

  • Fix Datetime formats to allow calendar datetimes

May 16 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.4.p

  • Add option to set Admin User Interface font size
  • Change the Event Espresso User Interface (UI) Font Size

  • Add Toggle for Admin List Table Filters
  • Add Robots Meta Tag to the Head of Iframe Pages
  • Add Recipient Name to the Messages List Table
  • Add WordPress Profile Page Admin Route
  • Fix legacy editor ticket datetime assignments
  • Allow for the default editor title being null
  • Don’t Process Event List iFrame If No Shortcode Content Exists
  • Fix Filtered vs Unfiltered CSV Report Produces Different Columns
  • Fix/core/event reg count for statuses
  • Allow colon to be used in a date format
  • Allow EE_Datetime_Field Default Value to be Null
  • Fix White Space Wrapping Issue in Text Editor
  • Fix Event Editor Date Format Issue
  • Fix Missing Reg Status Array After EE3 -> EE4 Migration
  • Fix loading languages files from within core
  • Fix check-in notice always showing “The check-in status could not be determine
  • Fixed lack of amount due in apply payment / refund
  • Resolve Issue of Assigning a String Value to an Array Class Property
  • Fix Admin Styles, button styles, visual editor issues,
  • Fix Duplicate Retrieval of Ticket Datetimes Array
  • Disable Step Function of Payment Amount Field
  • Fix Ticket Visibility Options
  • Fix TypeError: CurrentPage::postName()
  • Fix Call to a member function log() on null in PayPal Commerce
  • Patch up Ajax and module logging
  • Drop Old Line Item Interface


April 04 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.3.p

    • Remove typing on system_name() – Pronamic is overriding this method and now fatals
    • Fix migration version numbers
    • Fix EE5 Migrations
    • Fix Wayward `espresso-admin` Body Class
    • Fix Call to a Member Function on Null Error
    • Show PPC notice only on EE pages
    • Fix Saving Issue on Display Order


March 23 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.1.p

  • Use null for the _cpt_model_obj default rather than false
  • Catch the correct Exception type
  • Fix an `Uncaught TypeError` Error
  • Remove Duplicated Ticket Selector iFrame Filters
  • Fix Session Retrieving Issue from Database in Maintenance Mode
  • Double the default REST API limit value
  • Fix Return Value of EE_Event::venues()
  • Remove gateway log() typing on $object_logged
  • Update All Uses of Deprecated Hooks
  • Remove Deprecated Hooks
  • Add Style Tag to the Supported Tags by Messages Editor Field
  • Fix call to a member function clear_session() on null Error.
  • Fix some Assign Property on Null Errors.


Ticketing Add-On

  • Move styles to hide list styles main so it applies to both screen and print

Stripe Add-on

  • Use home_url() for the OAuth redirect URL

Vanco Add-on

  • Fix Vanco throwing an error on SPCO (#531)

March 6 2023

Event Espresso 5.0.0.p

Event Espresso 5.0.0.p will be released in phases to a limited number of customers with each phase. Please be patient to receive an update notification to your website.


  • The changelog for 4.10.45.p to 5.0.0.p is extensive and will be updated. If you’d like to read all the technical changes before updating, please stay tuned. For those who want to update without reading the technical documentation, you are free to update once the update notification is available to your site.

New Feature:

  • Activate the new event editor feature by navigating to Event Espresso > Events > Default Settings > and set Activate Advanced Editor? to Advanced Editor.

March 5th 2023

Event Espresso 4.10.46.p

  • Fix EE_Attendee class return types to prevent a fatal error being thrown

March 2nd 2023

Event Espresso 4.10.45.p

  • Prevent ‘Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event’ bypass (manipulating the request allowed users to add more tickets than the setting allowed)
  • Fix state name returning an empty string

March 1st 2023

Waitlist Add-on 1.0.4.p

  • Dont set waitlist registrations on free tickets to be Approved when auto promoted, use the events Default Registration Status setting instead

Feburary 20th 2023

Payment Methods Pro 1.0.2.p

  • PHP8 Fix – Fatal error error thrown when activating payment method

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications Add-on 1.0.7.p

  • Fix POST event notifications exclude query

January 30th 2023

Event Espresso 4.10.44.p

  • Fix type errros within the EE_Venue class

January 16th 2023

Event Espresso 4.10.43.p

  • Fix add-on PUE slug variable name

Event Espresso 4.10.42.p

  • Allow HTML within category descriptions
  • Fix iFrame escaping issue

Waitlist Add-on – 1.0.3.p

  • Code cleanup & PHP8 Compatability
  • Fix issue with Decaf event editor if waitlist add-on active
  • Disable Waitlist submit button on click


  • Add ‘Event Admin’ context to Waitlist-related messages

December 30th 2022

Importer Add-on – 1.0.1.p

  • PHP 8 Compatibility Fixes


  • Add hook – AHEE__EventEspresso_AttendeeImporter_domain_services_commands_ImportCommandHandler__handle__end
  • Skip mapping for email_confirm system question
  • Set all transaction reg steps to be complete on imported registrations

December 14th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.41.p

  • PHP 8 Compatibility Fixes
  • PHP7.2 Compatability Fixes
  • Fix admin pagination when no pages are needed
  • Fix payment modal code formatting being applied to fields
  • Fix DateTime description escaping issue


  • Additional sanitation throughout core
  • Improve management of PUE library
  • Remove usage of assert()
  • Add filter to ticket selector get_tickets

December 5th 2022

People Add-on 1.0.6.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fix – Fatal error thrown when adding a new person

November 2nd 2022

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications Add-on 1.0.6.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fix – Fix ‘Uncaught ValueError: Missing format specifier at end of string’


  • Add Post-event notifications

Stripe Payment Method Add-on 1.1.12.p

  • Extract Billing form logic
  • Update Stripe library
  • Fix issue with Stripe JS looping on some servers

EE4 Events Calendar 3.2.16.p

  • Filter the ee_terms used by the calendar ‘filters’ (options to filter events on the front end of the calendar) – `FHEE__EE_Calendar___get_filter_html__ee_terms`

September 29th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.40.p

  • PHP7.2 compatibility fix – remove property type hinting
  • Set internal minimum PHP version requirement check to PHP7.2

September 28th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.39.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fixes
  • Fix admin page routing
  • Fix country ISO3 value not updating when saving country
  • Fix message template toggles


  • Improve 3rd party library management
  • Update CrawlerDetect library
  • Update DOMPDF library
  • Remove Joyride library
  • Add feature flag for CrawlerDetect class
  • Add feature flag for PluginUpdateEngine class
  • Sanitize various inputs/outputs

October 3rd 2022

WP Users add-on 2.0.19.p

  • Prevent EE_FRONT_AJAX notices
  • Fix SPCO not displaying login notice when additional registrants required login

July 28th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.38.p

  • Use aria-labels instead of title for List Table Actions
  • Redirect SPCO if Payment has a Redirect URL set
  • Fix Ticket/Datetime description fields escaping content
  • Stop setting an extra_meta field for every message generated
  • Use PublicCapabilities() for Frontend Registrations (waitlist fix)

July 22nd, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.37.p

  • Fix issue with message template editors not loading visual editor

July 13th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.36.p

  • Fix event publish box registration list links so the CSV applies any filters set
  • Fix datetime registration list links so the CSV applies any filters set
  • Fix iCal not loading within the Upcoming Events Widget

July 8th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.35.p

  • Fix a fatal error thrown on the waitlist add-on due to a PHP8 fix
  • Fix multiple registrations causing ‘Unknown response’ error
  • Fix Importer add-on CSV field not saving the uploaded CSV

July 7th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.34.p

  • Fix issue with WP User integration add-on causing registrations to fail is WP_DEBUG is enabled

July 6th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.33.p

  • Fix Filter Views for CSV Registration Reports
  • Fix searching within the registration list removing filters on CSV Registration Reports
  • Various PHP8 fixes
  • Fix issue with loading event content on twentytwentytwo based themes
  • Fix CSV Registration Reports including custom question that have have been removed from event(s)
  • Fix Critical Pages form section updates not saving
  • Fix Critical Pages Drop-downs not displaying all pages
  • Don’t Retrieve Trashed Question Groups during Public Registration

June 14th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.32.p

  • Fix reCaptcha v2 (checkbox)
  • Switch default price type name from “Free Admission” to “Admission”
  • Additional Sanitation

Event Espresso 4.10.31.p

  • Fix Registrations CSV Report Filters
  • Fix Add New State Form Button Display
  • Fix Missing “CNT_ISO” Parameter in AJAX Request


  • Prevent a fatal error within PUE if update_plugins returns false
  • Sanitize inputs

March 25th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.30.p

  • Fix eejs console errors
  • Fix EE Notices/Modals now showing on Block Themes
  • Fix Webpack i18n Extractions
  • Fatal on some Frontend Routes when Maintenance Mode Active
  • Fixed issue of creating / updating question group with duplicate identifier.
  • Fix incorrect REST API root directory when EE installed in subdirectory (caused issues within the EE4 Ticketing app)
  • Fix PHP Deprecated: block_categories is deprecated notice
  • Fix CPT Model Name Retrieval (caused a Fatal Error when saving an event with some themes/plugins)


  • Replace Legacy Request Data in General Settings Admin
  • Replace Legacy Request Data in Pricing Admin
  • Added Check-Ins DateTime data to the CSV Registration Report
  • Localize ee_settings for ee_error_js
  • Register Dependencies for Frontend Controller in Legacy Shortcode Manager
  • Improve sanitation throughout

March 8th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.29.p
Version 4.10.27.p + 4.10.28.p rolled over into version 4.10.29.p

  • Fix issue with htmlspecialchars with mixed values
  • Fix G-Maps zoom level fields to use value number fields only
  • Fix event deletion previous showing 0 records found
  • Fix permanently deleting auto draft events
  • Fix event status banner not showing in block themes
  • Fix ‘old’ (non batch processing) CSV export
  • Fix upcoming events widget sort setting
  • Fix events archive config reset
  • Attendee Mover (core fix) – Fix no messages being triggered when moving an attendee and selecting to notify
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Fix Personal information question groups allowed to be removed from Primary Registrant question group on event
  • Remove help tours
  • Fix escaping issues
  • Fix event slug changes not saving
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Replace Legacy Request Data within the Admin

January 25th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.26.p

  • Fix events admin filters/search

January 21st, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.25.p

  • Fix “no Event ID in the request” error when manually adding a registration

January 18th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.24.p

  • Fix ticket selector issue when the first tickets are unavailable due to capabilities
  • Fix “New @ Event Espresso” metabox RSS feed
  • Fix registration messages not triggering when applying/deleting a payment


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