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March 8th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.29.p
Version 4.10.27.p + 4.10.28.p rolled over into version 4.10.29.p

  • Fix issue with htmlspecialchars with mixed values
  • Fix G-Maps zoom level fields to use value number fields only
  • Fix event deletion previous showing 0 records found
  • Fix permanently deleting auto draft events
  • Fix event status banner not showing in block themes
  • Fix ‘old’ (non batch processing) CSV export
  • Fix upcoming events widget sort setting
  • Fix events archive config reset
  • Attendee Mover (core fix) – Fix no messages being triggered when moving an attendee and selecting to notify
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Fix Personal information question groups allowed to be removed from Primary Registrant question group on event
  • Remove help tours
  • Fix escaping issues
  • Fix event slug changes not saving
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Replace Legacy Request Data within the Admin

January 25th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.26.p

  • Fix events admin filters/search

January 21st, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.25.p

  • Fix “no Event ID in the request” error when manually adding a registration

January 18th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.24.p

  • Fix ticket selector issue when the first tickets are unavailable due to capabilities
  • Fix “New @ Event Espresso” metabox RSS feed
  • Fix registration messages not triggering when applying/deleting a payment


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