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January 16th 2023

Event Espresso 4.10.43.p

  • Fix add-on PUE slug variable name

Event Espresso 4.10.42.p

  • Allow HTML within category descriptions
  • Fix iFrame escaping issue

Waitlist Add-on – 1.0.3.p

  • Code cleanup & PHP8 Comaptability
  • Fix issue with Decaf event editor if waitlist add-on active
  • Disable Waitlist submit button on click


  • Add ‘Event Admin’ context to Waitlist-related messages

December 30th 2022

Importer Add-on – 1.0.1.p

  • PHP 8 Compatibility Fixes


  • Add hook – AHEE__EventEspresso_AttendeeImporter_domain_services_commands_ImportCommandHandler__handle__end
  • Skip mapping for email_confirm system question
  • Set all transaction reg steps to be complete on imported registrations

December 14th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.41.p

  • PHP 8 Compatibility Fixes
  • PHP7.2 Compatability Fixes
  • Fix admin pagination when no pages are needed
  • Fix payment modal code formatting being applied to fields
  • Fix DateTime description escaping issue


  • Additional sanitation throughout core
  • Improve management of PUE library
  • Remove usage of assert()
  • Add filter to ticket selector get_tickets

December 5th 2022

People Add-on 1.0.6.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fix – Fatal error thrown when adding a new person

November 2nd 2022

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications Add-on 1.0.6.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fix – Fix ‘Uncaught ValueError: Missing format specifier at end of string’


  • Add Post-event notifications

Stripe Payment Method Add-on 1.1.12.p

  • Extract Billing form logic
  • Update Stripe library
  • Fix issue with Stripe JS looping on some servers

EE4 Events Calendar 3.2.16.p

  • Filter the ee_terms used by the calendar ‘filters’ (options to filter events on the front end of the calendar) – `FHEE__EE_Calendar___get_filter_html__ee_terms`

September 29th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.40.p

  • PHP7.2 compatibility fix – remove property type hinting
  • Set internal minimum PHP version requirement check to PHP7.2

September 28th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.39.p

  • PHP8 compatibility fixes
  • Fix admin page routing
  • Fix country ISO3 value not updating when saving country
  • Fix message template toggles


  • Improve 3rd party library management
  • Update CrawlerDetect library
  • Update DOMPDF library
  • Remove Joyride library
  • Add feature flag for CrawlerDetect class
  • Add feature flag for PluginUpdateEngine class
  • Sanitize various inputs/outputs

October 3rd 2022

WP Users add-on 2.0.19.p

  • Prevent EE_FRONT_AJAX notices
  • Fix SPCO not displaying login notice when additional registrants required login

July 28th 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.38.p

  • Use aria-labels instead of title for List Table Actions
  • Redirect SPCO if Payment has a Redirect URL set
  • Fix Ticket/Datetime description fields escaping content
  • Stop setting an extra_meta field for every message generated
  • Use PublicCapabilities() for Frontend Registrations (waitlist fix)

July 22nd, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.37.p

  • Fix issue with message template editors not loading visual editor

July 13th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.36.p

  • Fix event publish box registration list links so the CSV applies any filters set
  • Fix datetime registration list links so the CSV applies any filters set
  • Fix iCal not loading within the Upcoming Events Widget

July 8th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.35.p

  • Fix a fatal error thrown on the waitlist add-on due to a PHP8 fix
  • Fix multiple registrations causing ‘Unknown response’ error
  • Fix Importer add-on CSV field not saving the uploaded CSV

July 7th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.34.p

  • Fix issue with WP User integration add-on causing registrations to fail is WP_DEBUG is enabled

July 6th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.33.p

  • Fix Filter Views for CSV Registration Reports
  • Fix searching within the registration list removing filters on CSV Registration Reports
  • Various PHP8 fixes
  • Fix issue with loading event content on twentytwentytwo based themes
  • Fix CSV Registration Reports including custom question that have have been removed from event(s)
  • Fix Critical Pages form section updates not saving
  • Fix Critical Pages Drop-downs not displaying all pages
  • Don’t Retrieve Trashed Question Groups during Public Registration

June 14th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.32.p

  • Fix reCaptcha v2 (checkbox)
  • Switch default price type name from “Free Admission” to “Admission”
  • Additional Sanitation

Event Espresso 4.10.31.p

  • Fix Registrations CSV Report Filters
  • Fix Add New State Form Button Display
  • Fix Missing “CNT_ISO” Parameter in AJAX Request


  • Prevent a fatal error within PUE if update_plugins returns false
  • Sanitize inputs

March 25th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.30.p

  • Fix eejs console errors
  • Fix EE Notices/Modals now showing on Block Themes
  • Fix Webpack i18n Extractions
  • Fatal on some Frontend Routes when Maintenance Mode Active
  • Fixed issue of creating / updating question group with duplicate identifier.
  • Fix incorrect REST API root directory when EE installed in subdirectory (caused issues within the EE4 Ticketing app)
  • Fix PHP Deprecated: block_categories is deprecated notice
  • Fix CPT Model Name Retrieval (caused a Fatal Error when saving an event with some themes/plugins)


  • Replace Legacy Request Data in General Settings Admin
  • Replace Legacy Request Data in Pricing Admin
  • Added Check-Ins DateTime data to the CSV Registration Report
  • Localize ee_settings for ee_error_js
  • Register Dependencies for Frontend Controller in Legacy Shortcode Manager
  • Improve sanitation throughout

March 8th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.29.p
Version 4.10.27.p + 4.10.28.p rolled over into version 4.10.29.p

  • Fix issue with htmlspecialchars with mixed values
  • Fix G-Maps zoom level fields to use value number fields only
  • Fix event deletion previous showing 0 records found
  • Fix permanently deleting auto draft events
  • Fix event status banner not showing in block themes
  • Fix ‘old’ (non batch processing) CSV export
  • Fix upcoming events widget sort setting
  • Fix events archive config reset
  • Attendee Mover (core fix) – Fix no messages being triggered when moving an attendee and selecting to notify
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Fix Personal information question groups allowed to be removed from Primary Registrant question group on event
  • Remove help tours
  • Fix escaping issues
  • Fix event slug changes not saving
  • Fix deactivating Receipt message type also deactivating Invoice payment method
  • Replace Legacy Request Data within the Admin

January 25th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.26.p

  • Fix events admin filters/search

January 21st, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.25.p

  • Fix “no Event ID in the request” error when manually adding a registration

January 18th, 2022

Event Espresso 4.10.24.p

  • Fix ticket selector issue when the first tickets are unavailable due to capabilities
  • Fix “New @ Event Espresso” metabox RSS feed
  • Fix registration messages not triggering when applying/deleting a payment


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