Quick Start Guide for Event Espresso

Quick Start Guide for Event Espresso

Welcome to Event Espresso! Everyday event organizers across the world use Event Espresso to power their events and now its your turn. We’ve created video tutorials to get you up and running quickly so lets get started.

This Quick Start guide covers the following topics:

  1. Pre-setup recommendations
  2. Install Event Espresso
  3. Update your organization settings
  4. Setup a payment method
  5. Create a venue
  6. Create an your first event
  7. Custom registration questions
  8. Setup add-ons

If you need assistance with other topics, please check out our help and faq’s pages:

How to get help

Common questions


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Pre-setup recommendations

Let’s review some important WordPress website settings before getting started with Event Espresso.

Step 1) Confirm your website’s timezone are set a city/region near you. Go to your WP-admin (WordPress dashboard) –> Settings –> General. Change the UTC option to a city/region near you and save changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

Step 2) Confirm pretty permalinks are enabled. From your WordPress dashboard go to Settings –> Permalinks. If the option is set to Plain, then change it to post name and save changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

Notes from the video: Enabling pretty permalinks is not required to use Event Espresso. However, it does make the links on your site easier to read and better for search engine optimization to help attendees find your events and for you to sell tickets.

Next action step: Continue to the section below.


Install Event Espresso

Members with an active support license can download Event Espresso from their account page on EventEspresso.com.

Once you have the zip file on your computer, go to your WP-admin (WordPress dashboard) –> Plugins –> Add New –> Upload Plugin –> Choose File and then browse to the event-espresso-core-reg.zip file on your computer. It will likely be in your downloads folder or on your desktop. Select the zip file and then begin the upload.

Afterwards, then click on the Activate button to activate Event Espresso.

Notes from the video: the video focuses on getting the core plugin installed. We’ll talk about installing add-ons later on in this guide.

Next action step: Continue to the section below.


Update your organization settings

The organization settings page holds information such as your address and a primary contact email address (or email group) for your organization. From your WordPress dashboard, look for Event Espresso in the admin menus and then click on General Settings.

Now update the Contact Information section to add your own information and then save changes by clicking on the save button.

Notes from the video: You can also upload a logo for your organization and add social media links but these steps are optional.

Next action step: If you are located outside of Canada or the United States, then update the countries in Event Espresso by following the steps in the next section below. Otherwise, continue to the section for setting up a payment method.


Change country settings

By default, the United States and Canada are enabled as countries in Event Espresso. If you are located in another country, then you can change the countries through Event Espresso –> General Settings –> Countries.

Look for the Country Appears in Dropdown Select Lists option and set it to No for the United States. Then save by clicking on the Save Country Details button.

Now repeat this step for Canada and again set the option to No and save changes.

Now you are ready to enable your country. Select your country from the drop-down option towards the top of the page and then look for the Country Appears in Dropdown Select Lists option and this time set it to Yes and save changes by clicking on the Save Country Details button.

Notes from the video: State and province packs are available for various countries here.

Next action step: If you need to enable a language other than English, then follow the steps in the section below.

Setup a translation

By default, Event Espresso will use English for the language. You can setup your language by following our translation guide.

Next action step: continue to the section below if you have paid events. Otherwise, move on to the section for creating an venue.


Setup a payment method

Event Espresso supports a variety of online payment methods including Authorize.net, PayPal Express, Stripe, Braintree, and more.

Offline payment options like invoice, bank transfer, and check are also supported.

We recommend setting up an online payment option so you receive payments for your events right away.

Not sure if your payment method is supported? Try searching for it on our support site.


Create a venue for your events

This step is optional and is only needed if you want to show a location for your events.

A venue or location of an event can be created and then it can be used for one or more events. From your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) go to Event Espresso –> Venues and click on Add New Venue.

Enter a name for your venue and then add a physical address in the lower right area of the venue editor. You can also add information for the venue description and venue phone number but these fields are optional. Once you are done, then publish your venue by clicking on the Publish button.

Notes from the video: A venue must be published before it can be used for an event.

Enable Google maps

Event Espresso supports showing a location for a venue on a map. This uses Google maps so registering with their service is required. If you would like to show a map for your venues, then go to Event Espresso –> Venues –> Google Maps and click on the link to get an API key. Complete the registration process and then add your API key and save changes.

Afterwards, go back to your venue and change the Display Google Map for this venue option to Yes and save changes to the venue. This setting is located in the lower right area of the venue editor.

Next action step: Continue to the section below.


Create your first event

Events for Event Espresso are created through the events editor. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Event Espresso –> Events and click on Add New Event. You’ll now be viewing the event editor.

Go ahead and enter a title for your event and then add a description. Then create a datetime (when an event takes place) and ticket/pricing option. You can then select the venue for the event. Scroll to the lower right area of the page and then upload a featured image. Then you can save the event as a draft using the Save as draft button in the top right area of the screen and then preview it.

If you are happy with the setup of the event, then you can publish it by clicking on the Publish button and it will be open for registration.

Next action step: If your event has multiple pricing options and dates, then see the next section below. Otherwise, continue to the section for creating a custom registration question.


How to use multiple datetimes and pricing options

The multiple datetimes and pricing option feature will let you create several datetimes for an event and then grant access to the datetimes through one or more pricing options. Remember that a datetime is when an event takes place.

Here is an introduction to the multiple datetimes and pricing options feature.

Here are a few more examples of how the multiple datetimes and pricing options feature can be used for your events:


A course that takes place across a period of time

An event that has different datetimes for one day

An event that has a required pricing option and an optional add-on

An event that has multiple pricing options

An event that is free with an optional add-ons

A conference with a required pricing option with sessions or workshops

Need some inspiration on how this feature can be used? Check out a carpentry workshop, Segway tourdolphin sightseeing tourhalf-marathon / 5k, or conference with breakout sessions on our demo site.

Next action step: If you need to restrict a guest to picking only one pricing option at a time, then continue to the section below. Otherwise, continue to the section for creating a custom registration question.


How to use the maximum tickets option

The maximum tickets option can be used to restrict the number of pricing options that can be registered for during a single transaction. It can also be used to force a guest to select a single option rather than allowing different quantities of different pricing options.

Need some ideas on how this can be used? Check out a puppy training workshop on our demo site.

Next action step: Continue to the section below.


Create a custom registration question

Event Espresso has questions available to request the name, email, address, and phone number from your guests. If you need to collect custom information, then you can do that by creating new questions and assigning them to a custom question group or an existing question group. Make sure your event is using the existing or new question group by editing the event and selecting the appropriate question groups in the Questions for Primary Registrant and Questions for Additional Registrants meta boxes that are usually found on the right-hand side of the event editor about 2/3 of the way down the page.

A question group organizes a set of questions. For example, the address question group holds questions related to a registrant/attendee’s address. Here is an example of how some custom question groups may appear.

Notes from the video: Event Espresso supports a variety of different question types. Create different questions and question groups as needed and then assign them on a per-event basis through the event editor.

Next action step: Did you purchase an add-on for Event Espresso? Continue to the section below. Otherwise, move on to how to get help with Event Espresso.


Install and setup add-ons

An add-on extends Event Espresso to introduce a feature that is not part of the core plugin. Examples of add-ons or extensions include the Events Calendar, Promotions, Events Table View Template, Printable Tickets, and Attendee Mover. You can see add-ons that are available in our store.

Once you purchase support for an add-on, then you’ll have access to it through your account page on EventEspresso.com. There is a documentation link for every add-on next to each download link in your account page. You can click the link to see the documentation page which has information on how to get setup and use a specific add-on.


How to get help with Event Espresso

Event Espresso has built-in documentation on various pages. It can be found by clicking on the Help tab in the top right corner of a page for Event Espresso within your WordPress dashboard. Click here for an example of the help tabs.

Tips on troubleshooting issues can also be found in your WordPress dashboard –> Event Espresso –> Help & Support.

Support for Event Espresso is provided through our support channel which is in our member support forums.

Team members in multiple time zones monitor the support forums through out the day and help members with questions.

If you need some help with Event Espresso, then here are the steps to get help.

Step 1) Login to your account on EventEspresso.com.

Step 2) Create a support post in our member support forums by clicking on the Create a Topic button. If you do not see the button to create a topic, then double-check that you are logged into your account with an active support license.

Use a clear and descriptive title in your support post, describe the issue to the best of your knowledge, and never post any sensitive information such as login details.

Next action step: Continue to the section below.


Common questions about Event Espresso

Here are some frequently asked questions about Event Espresso 4.

Are there recommended website hosts?
Yes, you can see WordPress hosts based on feedback from our members on our requirements page. A good WordPress host is an investment for your organization.

Can I get a list of guests for my events?
The Registrations CSV report system can create that report for you.

Can I change the order of the event elements on the event pages?
Yes, you can re-order the content through Event Espresso –> Events –> Templates in the WP Dashboard.

I’m using a caching solution like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, or my web host uses caching. Do I need to change anything?
Please exclude the Event Espresso pages from your caching solution.

Where can I see shortcodes for Event Espresso 4?
Check out the shortcodes for Event Espresso 4.

I want to customize the templates for Event Espresso. What do you recommend?
Take a look as this blog post for more information on working with custom templates. If you are not comfortable with making customizations, then partner with an Event Espresso professional.

Can I upgrade my Personal support license to the Everything support license and receive credit for my existing purchases?
Yes you can! Go to the Account Settings area of your Event Espresso account page and select your new Everything support license from the dropdown menu and then confirm the change on the next page and your account will be immediately updated.

Are there any other resources available for members?
You can meet other event organizers on Slack.

Can you recommend a web professional for some customizations?
Check out our Event Espresso professionals.

Is there a roadmap available for new features?
You can see our roadmap for Event Espresso 4 on Trello.

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