Event Espresso 3 Changelog

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December 5, 2020

Event Espresso

  • Update JavaScript used within Event Espresso to be compatible with WP5.6
  • Update 3rd party JvaScript libraries to latest versions available

November 15, 2019

Event Espresso

  • Fix sanitization related to updating recurring events
  • Add data validation for updating recurring events

November 14, 2019

Event Espresso

  • Update documentation URLs to use https where applicable
  • Fix issues related to datetimes and timezone offsets
  • Update Stripe gateway
  • Add prepare() to query that uses recurrence ID input
  • Remove out of date images and unused code
  • Add missing sanitization where applicable
  • Add is_admin() check to admin registrations

September 18, 2018

Event Espresso
Updated Multi Event Registration cart functions to be compatible with PHP 7

April 24, 2018

Event Espresso
Updated reCAPTCHA module

July 17, 2017

Event Espresso

  • Fixes & Updates
    • Use the WP prepare method to sanitize event category data in the EE admin page
    • Change Beanstream URL to point to Bambora
    • Fix “Quantity” column sorting treating the values as strings
    • Fix amount due when using USAePay payment gateway and promotion codes

November 29, 2016

Event Espresso

  • Update
    • Update ANZ gateway to use SHA256 hashes

November 14, 2016

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix promo code input in the MER cart
    • Make default text for new ticket names i18n-friendly and developer friendly with new filter hook

October 27, 2016

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Add capability check to the Upcoming Events Dashboard widget
    • Apply ical fix to the event_list.php template
    • Fix issue where promo codes do not save when manually adding attendees
    • Revise name (header) for RealAuth payments gateway
    • Fix [ESPRESSO_CART_LINK] short code not adding the event title to the session
    • Add google maps api key field to General Settings page
    • Fix PHP warning, illegal string offset ‘member_only_all’ shown in event list and registration page templates
    • Allow event admins to unset the payment date within the attendee payment record
    • Remove usage of get_currentuserinfo() and use wp_get_current_user() in its place
    • Add support for AED currency for United Arab Emirates
    • Fix issue where copy all button fails with multiple radio button options

April 5, 2016

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix recurrence_id being set to NULL when the event is not part of a recurring series
    • Authorize.net Solution ID

February 1, 2016

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • PHP 7: Fix switch statements to contain one default clause in /includes/shortcodes.php
    • Fix espresso_template_css_class() echoing the ee_member_only class
  • Enhancements
    • Update PayPal gateways to use http/1.1
    • Add filters to allow for custom shortcode email shortcodes
    • Add filter to so a user can set a default ‘CC Email Address’ on new events

Octover 7, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Add check if another version of Event Espresso is already active, don’t activate if that’s the case
    • Update 2Checkout gateway
  • Enhancement
    • Add filters to allow changing the options column in attendee list table

August 11, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix Plugin Update Engine notice dismissal
    • Fix deprecated usage of WP_Widget::WP_Widget()
    • Restore iDeal Mollie button and add button image option
    • Use get_locale() in place of WPLANG
    • Fix ESPRESSO_STAFF shortcode throwing NOTICE: UNDEFINED VARIABLE: HTML when no staff are assigned
  • Enhancements
    • Add payment status filter to Email all attendees feature
    • Add user-agent to PayPal curl request

August 11, 2015

Calendar 2.2.7

  • Fixes
    • Fix deprecated usage of WP_Widget::WP_Widget() for the calendar widget
    • Remove global style from calendar CSS

May 29, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix Authnet SIM gateway — strip non-alphanumeric characters from what’s sent to Authnet
    • Fix e-xact gateway — strip non-alphanumeric characters from what’s sent to gateway
    • Fix First Data E4 gateway — strip non-alphanumeric characters from what’s sent to gateway
    • Add new pue-client.php file
    • Security fix with automatic update system, discovered in house

May 6, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix div mismatch when Show Descriptions is set to No
    • Fix PayPal IPN not completing event payment status under certain conditions
    • Fix PHP 5.4 Warning on the event post
    • Fix txn-id field limit that occurs when off-line gateways use the session_id for the txn_id field
    • Clean up event_post.php used for creating wp posts for EE events

Apr 28, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Don’t delete seating chart assignment from duplicated attendee record
    • Fix event and ticket name publishing when input fields have more characters than their limit
    • Re-add section-title class to the ‘Choose and Option:’ span

Mar 10, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix a filter for Volume Discounts add-on
    • Add fonts for DOMPDF. This is for generating deluxe tickets (used by the EE3 compatible ticket add-on)
    • Remove the amount due from the pending approval page template and add further explanation of how the approval will work

Feb 25, 2015

Event Espresso

  • Updates
    • Improvements to the Plugin Update Engine client
    • Add filter to allow the txn type and txn id to not be required when updating the attendee payment status
    • Add filter ‘filter_hook_espresso_default_create_post_option’ to allow setting the default of the ‘Create a post’ feature when creating an event
    • Remove draft and pending events appearing in the upcoming events widget
    • Fix admin question order, it now matches the front end registration form order
    • Fix the admin view only questions for manually added attendees
    • Fix wrong attendee id passing to infusionsoft hook for additional attendees
    • Fix month filter using number of days in current month
    • Fix ticket name sent to PayPal with WP User Integration add-on
    • Add action hook for after all attendees are added to db before confirmation page
    • Add new actions to the payment page templates
    • Fix pending approval template not loading from /uploads/espresso/templates
    • Fix event Post address and map
    • move seating chart price override into its own function that’s added to an action (so it can be removed)
    • Fix session clearing when Moneris gateway is used
    • Fix a few minor issues with the espresso_return_single_price() function
    • Relocate Atos gateway to Github
    • Update inline gateway documentation for response URLs
    • Fix untranslatable strings in gateways and elsewhere
    • Update first argument of wpdb::prepare to include a placeholder
    • Display Membership ticket pricing on the event list
    • Update ReCAPTCHA information links
    • Prefix and make replace_shortcodes() pluggable
    • Add order by clause to the query in espresso_generate_attendee_event_list email function
    • Fix typos
    • Clean up text domains
    • Update Currency for Lithuania
    • Add “Add Another Registration” link/button
    • Add a container div to the pending approval template so it matches the other templates
    • Add clear fix for event list’s featured image
    • Add action hook so the Pay Online link in the invoice template is more easily removed
    • Add an action hook for when an attendee changes their registration details
    • Update first argument of wpdb::prepare to include a placeholder in promocodes query
    • Eway offsite: Update to make integration compatible with “shared payment page”
    • Fix Luottokunta gateway button
    • Fix Onsite gateways billing info countries not populating
    • New payment gateway: SecurePay (Australia Post)
    • Add option to change how the price is displayed in event list
    • Add template check to allow loading a custom template for the MER Payment Overview Table
    • Trim down the size (in MB) of core EE3 plugin
    • Add PayPal Partnership Code
    • Update dompdf resources
    • Fix event_espresso_price_dropdown() function in pricing.php
    • Refactor gateways to use add_query_args
    • Change the email, address, and address2 fields fields to VARCHAR(255)
    • Increase allowed limit for Attendee Quantity selector
    • Fix export duplicating attendees if multiple entries in checkin table
    • Fix Pending approval closing div mismatch
    • Fix untranslatable strings in cart
    • Latvia: Update from LVL to Euro
    • Add display:block style rule for the “add more attendees” link class
    • Add filters to template CSS classes
    • Break up the get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit() into smaller functions
    • Add a filter called “filter_hook_espresso_existing_post_id” to override the post_id if necessary for the auto post feature
    • Make reCaptcha key fields required if reCaptcha is enabled
    • Event names with accents cause the SINGLEEVENTS shortcode to break–Run remove_accents on the event identifier
    • Move authnet gateway change log location to uploads/espresso/logs
    • Fix Quickpay not updating attendee payment status and update api version number to “7”
    • Fix Gateway Variable Dump bug in authnet, E-xact, Firstdata e4
    • Fix E-xact Gateway stripslashes from POST data in payment settings
    • Fix Seating Chart additional attendees form if registration page does not have event id in url
    • Prevent MER from sending wrong cost to gateways under some conditions
    • Multi Event Registration : If one space is available it doesn’t get registered
    • Ticketing: Month and day names not translated in the ticket
    • Fix View and Export Links in the Upcoming Events Dashboard Widget
    • Add PayPal sandbox option on per-event basis via meta-key
    • Make event posts sortable by date and time
    • Send event manager to duplicated event after duplicating an event
    • Fix failed to open stream message on Gateways page
    • Fix potential buffer mismatch
    • Change to use double quotes in JavaScript around translatable string to avoid breakage when a single quote is in the translated string
    • Fix Event Post warning from incorrect org_option key
    • Fix Permissions-Pro restrict post creation only works on existing events, not new events
    • Add conditional check for upcoming events to upcoming events widget
    • Fix Show the Upcoming Events widget in the dashboard? option not saving correctly
    • Fix session not closing when sending Pre-Approval message
    • Fix EVENT_LIST active events that are closed cause ‘Limit’ not to work correctly
    • Fix checkboxes with the same values, used within the same event have the same ID
    • Fix the dashboard upcoming events widget
    • Add action when event is updated that passes only the event id
    • Fix Notice: Undefined Index: PRICE_DISPLAY_IN_EVENT_LIST in event-espresso\templates\event_list_display.php

January 15, 2015

Calendar 2.2.5

  • Fixes
    • Remove escape slashes from the calendar category legend category name
    • Theme-proof the styles that highlight today’s date
    • Remove image gallery from tooltip
    • Fix missing end dates for months that end early in the week
    • Sort categories by category name before picking the primary category for color

Jan 6, 2014

Ticketing Add-on 2.2.0

  • Updates
    • Allow customization to ticket shortcodes with new filter hook
  • Fixes
    • Fix insecure errors on ticket page when event registration page is secured

Sep 22, 2014

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fix iCal XSS vulnerability

July 7, 2014

Calendar 2.2.4

  • Fixes
    • Fix calendar JavaScript for IE compatibility mode
    • Fix issue with doing_it_wrong notices from the calendar’s category query (WP 3.9)
    • Fix ‘Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference’ notices (PHP 5.4)
    • Theme compatibility fix: Set calendar a tags to max-width:none; to prevent display issues (Enfold theme)

Jun 30, 2014

Espresso JSON API version 2.1.2

  • Fixes
    • Use esc_sql instead of mysql_real_escape_sequence (important fix for servers running PHP 5.5)
    • Fix undefined index in registrations query

Apr 17, 2014

Infusionsoft Integration add-on 1.3.0

  • Fixes
    • Duplicate payment records when using Infusionsoft as a payment gateway
  • Updates
    • Add billing country for credit card info sent
    • Add filter so site owners can change the country input to a dropdown. Documentation can be found here.
    • Update fields sent to IS so both billing and shipping info fields are filled from the registration contact fields
    • Add a filter for customizing new IS products from Event Espresso. Documentation can be found here.

Apr 02, 2014

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Fixed define MONTH_IN_SECONDS notification.
    • Added validation to the Purchase Order gateway PO number input field
    • Fixed issue where members price option gets set to a non-member price option label if you use Multi Event Registration
    • Updated espresso_check_ssl() function so it degrades gracefully (fixes a blank payments settings page)

Mar 24, 2014

Calendar 2.2.3

  • Fixes
    • Fix issue where a multi-day event that spans 2 months sometimes does not display in next month
    • Fix issue with expired events not adding an expired CSS class

Jan 24, 2014

Event Espresso

  • Updates
    • Fixes an issue where Global discount/promo codes could not be applied to cart purchases
    • Fixes an issue in the Multi Event Registration cart to allow ticket buyer to use a different discount code than the first one they enter
    • Adds a feature to allow for downgrading from Event Espresso 4
    • Add PHP version tracking to the UXIP

Jan 20, 2014

Event Espresso

  • Fixes
    • Prevents a potential conflict with WooCommerce for those who use the USAEpay onsite gateway
    • Purchase Order gateway fix
    • Fix for Multi Event Registration where if one ticket was available for an event the registration didn’t get saved

Jan 9, 2014

Calendar 2.2.1

  • Fixes
    • Hotfix to resolve waitlist issue on the tooltips
    • Hotfix to resolve registration not open issue on the tooltips


Jan 8, 2014

Event Espresso

  • Updates
    • Fixes an issue with updating payment statuses if the primary attendee is on a free event (affected by Multi Event Registration)
    • Adds a default promo code option to Event Espresso General Settings so promo codes can be disabled for new events automatically

Dec 20, 2013

Calendar 2.2.0

  • Fixes
    • Events not showing correctly on mobile devices.


Dec 5, 2013

Calendar 2.1

  • Fixes
    • Calendar beta: Scripts and styles do not load if you do_shortcode
    • Ongoing events treated as expired in event list
    • Calendar: Widget is stretched
    • Fix add to cart shortcode in the calendar tooltip display
    • Portrait thumbnail images are always cropped
    • Image Paths are Broken
    • Calendar Tooltip minor fixes
  • Updates
    • Tested with numerous popular free and premium WordPress themes
    • Update Styles for default CSS
    • Calendar CSS for small screens
    • Expired events now shown in tooltips
  • Features
    • Filters before and after display
    • Category Legend
    • Category and Venue selector
    • Admin Option for Changing Calendar Layout from “Fixed” to “Liquid”


Dec 4, 2013

  • Fixes
    • Fixes a few issues with editing attendee record custom fields in the admin
    • Fixes a minor style issue for the Upcoming Events widget in some WP themes

Dec 2, 2013


  • Updates
    • Removed Google Checkout
    • Add ability to apply certain promocodes to all events (global promo codes)
    • WePay instructions documentation
    • add a filter hook to promotions_box.php
    • View attendee scan date in attendee overview
    • Add inline documentation for time slot feature
    • Add check for available registrations on registration form submit
    • Change event list widget to use ol and li tags
    • Remove unused alt_reg_page_display.php file
    • Event Listing and Event Details Page Information Inconsistent (reformatted the layout a bit)
    • Add Clickable Featured Images in the event list
    • Consistent Labels in Event List and Event Details Pages
  • Fixes
    • Order by start_time in event list (https://eventespresso.com/topic/order-by-start_time/)
    • Worldpay session not clearing with MER
    • Language strings can cause errors due to single quote marks (apostrophes)
    • Invoice does not show amount owing
    • Fatal error when using the event import tool if the attendee import tool is activated
    • MER and Registration lock not working
    • When capacity is maxed out no messages are shown to a user trying to register
    • Edit attendee wiping data when using MER and Members together
    • Question group new question profile not updating
    • Blank attendee name fields when submitting from the admin.
    • Saving ‘require additional attendee info’ for an event doesn’t get saved
    • Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in PHP 5.3
    • Errors in Event Editor Event Options metabox
    • Free events giving $1000000 cost in cart
    • NAB gateway cannot handle a declined transaction
    • NAB variable dump with 200 – 2000 emails being sent
    • EE changes file permissions to wrong ones for WP Engine
    • Event import tool: Sorry, there was a security error and your event was not saved
    • Authnet SIM relay response not working with pretty permalinks
    • Export to excel is duplicating email question
    • Export CSV is not showing custom questions
    • Add $address2 variable to the $payment_data variable in the gateways
    • nonce checks when editing the Additional Attendee
    • PayPal pro double charging (https://eventespresso.com/topic/event-espresso-3-1-32-2-p-several-new-issues/ and
    • Additional attendees time slot not updating in admin
    • Authorize.net transactions duplicated
    • events.csv not importing fully or at all due to punctuation
    • Fix session clearing issue for authnet, e-xact, and firstdata e4
    • Seating Chart manual registration problems
    • Updating attendee record in admin breaks ticket price (again)
    • MER no ticket error message
    • Eway Rapid “An error has occured in the using of the Eway Rapid 3.0 payment gateway. Please try a different gateway”
    • PDF Invoice showing


Nov 26, 2013

Roles and Permissions Basic version 1.5.5

  • Updates
    • Updates deprecated WordPress function
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • Missing argument for wpdb::prepare()


Nov 25, 2013

WP User Integration Add-on 1.9.8

  • Updates
    • Reset font size for the front end My Events page
    • Sanitize text fields when updating user_meta
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • Text string wasn’t i18n ready
  • Adds
    • New hooks for S2 member integration
    • Notify admin when a member cancels their registration
    • New action hook for the cancellation feature
    • New invoice link on the My Events page


Nov 21, 2013

Ticketing Add-on 2.1

  • Updates
    • Allows the plugin to have multiple, built-in template files
    • use full path for require_once to avoid conflicts when themes are doing_it_wrong
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • When a color is selected, the ticket template resets to the default
    • Notice: Array to string conversion
    • Old tickets still show but unusable when custom files added
    • When a color is selected, the ticket template resets to the default
  • Adds new templates
    • Badge
    • Hello, My name is
    • Deluxe

Recurring Events Manager 1.1.8

  • Updates
    • Update deprecated WordPress functions
    • Templates: Add support for Themeroller
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • Registration end date changes to registration start date when recurring editing events
    • Undefined index notices
    • Templates: registration links
    • Templates: wait list links
    • Templates: recurring events groups and ordering


Nov 19, 2013

Multi Event Registration 1.0.5

  • Updates
    • Adds activation error logging
    • Adds a cart widget
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine


Nov 14, 2013

MailChimp Integration 1.2

  • Updates
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • Duplicate column name database error in the event editor


Oct 23, 2013

Seating chart 1.2-alpha

  • Updates
    • Adds a “select all” button to seat list
    • Adds a column under “My seating charts” to display which events are associated with each seating chart
    • Breaks relation between event and chart when an event is deleted
    • Updates to the inline documentation
    • Adds improvements to the Plugin Update Engine
  • Fixes
    • Fixes row order for lettered rows when the number of rows are greater than 10

  • Fixes
    • Editing an admin only question in the Attendee page resets the ticket price
    • Attendee price info getting wiped out when attendee info updated in admin
    • notice of undefined variable surcharge text


Oct 10, 2013


  • Fixes
    • Removing settings that don’t work in the “Lite” version


Oct 2, 2013

  • Fixes
    • SINGLE_EVENT shortcode validation not working
    • Multi Event Registration cart links break if more than one event id is in the event_id parameter
    • Bug with plugin update engine slug array


Sep 30, 2013

API 2.0.3

  • Fixes
    • many common dates saved to the database in an improper format are now acceptable (eg, a start time of “5:00 PM” is now ok, even though its not standard)
    • for seating-chart tickets the seat’s “price_option” is displayed
  • Updates
    • integration with R&P basic & pro: event managers can only edit their own events; attendees, registrations, and transactions for events they own; etc. Same for regional event managers, except it applies to their whole region. Also, users can only access API endpoints fo rwhich they are permitted to see the corresponding admin page (see https://eventespresso.com/wiki/json-api-add-on/#Permissions for details)
    • addition of query parameter “editable_only”, which, when set, filters GET results to only includes items the current user can edit
    • addition of admin option “Show API Users Data They Can’t Edit” which sets the default for “editable_only” query parameter (to be the opposite)
    • addition of “API Debug Mode” which, which set to Off (default), makes the API try to suppress warnings and errors where possible (eg, badly formatted dates are replaced with their nearest approximation or a date in the 1960s; and no error is thrown when using an invalid query parameter like mysite.com/espresso-api/v1/events/public?monkey=elephant)


Sep 10, 2013


  • Fixes
    • CSV Export Duplicate Header Fix
    • Fixes for $10000000 Event Price
    • Export All Attendee Data fatal error
    • Multi Event Registration sends incorrect amount to QuickPay
    • Attendee Limit Toggle Not Limiting Attendees
    • Embedded YouTube link does not work in the event editor
    • Editing registration details from confirmation page takes you away from event registration
    • [edit_attendee_link] email shortcode form submit takes paid registrations to a payment page and asks for payment
    • Plugin conflict – webfontswordpressjsonwitheditor with is_multi() to espresso_is_multi()
    • Price Modifier NOT Applied to additional attendee because the primary attendee price always “wins”
    • Typo: Add “Additonal” Attendee
    • Resolve mer issue with WP https
    • Attendee sql export to excel
    • Loading scripts and styles to use wp_enqueue_scripts
    • Meta Fields are escaping quotation marks
    • Set all JavaScript scripts to have jQuery as a dependency (as a minimum)
    • Surcharge text not changing in MER when using the surcharge settings
    • Fixed S Manager – redundant header, changed the staff meta box to use the action hook action_hook_espresso_staff_cb
    • Change payment link in email.php to use homeurl
    • iDeal page refresh marking payment as incomplete
    • P.O. Gateway: Add check for empty PO number
    • Add an Image buttons in the Payment Gateways not working
    • Post dates not translatable
  • Updates
    • Add Paramater to Action for Adding Submenus in Admin Menu
    • Replace deprecated $wpdb->escape function with appropriate alternatives (WP 3.6)
    • Add new action hooks to the event editor
      • action_hook_espresso_new_event_right_column_top
    • Added stripslashes_deep and htmlentities to the Purchase Order gateway output
    • Removed the “Completed” default payment status
    • Removed duplicated MIME type from email headers
    • Registration page: Date, time, and price values not aligned with Themeroller on


Aug 13, 2013

  • Fixes
    • Eway redirecting to 404/blog post when using AUD/NZD when single quote in use.
    • Invoice Gateway: Back button warning blocks downloading the invoice



  • Fixes
    • Update table definitions.

Important note: You will need to deactivate and reactivate the ticketing add-on after the 1-click update finishes to update the table definitions.

JSON API 2.0.2

  • Fixes
    • Attendee Already Checked In and Declined in HD mobile app.


July 31, 2013


  • Fixes
    • First Data e4 not getting registration id.
    • USAepay, WePay, and Merchant Warrior offsite gateways sending out two payment received emails if pretty permalinks are enabled.
    • Offsite gateways sending out duplicate emails
    • Admin css not loaded for upcoming events dashboard widget.
    • Gateway display Issues on Payment Options page during registration.
    • Remove the Social Media Buttons form the Event List.
    • Fixes total amount due on Payment Overview page when using Multi Event Registration.
    • Infusionsoft error in Payment Settings if Infusionsoft plugin is not active/installed.
    • Gateway errors on Payment Options page during registration.
    • Eway Rapid 3.0 gateway errors on Payment Options page during registration.
    • Errors on admin page for multiple Payment Options pages.
    • Error on Thank You Page after failed PayPal Pro transaction.
    • Error on Transactions page after declined iDeal payment.
    • Error on Thank You Page after failed Megasoft transaction.
    • Error on Thank You Page after failed PayChoice Transaction.
    • Error on Thank You Page after failed Purchase Order payment transaction.
    • WePay Gateway errors on Payment Overview page during registration.
    • No error message after failed First Data TXN.
    • Bypass payment page redirection gets interrupted by the don’t click the back button warning.
    • Address 2 doesn’t autofill from profile to reg form.
    • Purchase order number payment type gets overwritten by invoice.
    • Deleted events can’t be permanently deleted.
    • Change WePay settings page to match changes on WePay’s end.
    • WePay payment option not displaying on a Multi Event Registration checkout page.
    • Undefined indexes in the lite version.
    • Transaction type and details not being set when using Multiple Event Registration add-on.
  • Updates
    • Improves the automatic upgrades system.
    • Add month/year format to credit card expiration date form field label.
    • Update “New @ Event Espresso widget” on admin screens.
    • Re-style Themeroller confirmation page buttons.
    • Reduce queries on admin pages.
  • New Features
    • Add hooks to the attendee export.
    • Add a filter for the default “update post” option on editing an event.
    • Adds hooks to the confirmation and payment pages.
    • Add a Purchase Order gateway.
    • Add recurring events bypass flag.
    • Free license keys allow upgrade to premium version.
    • Payment accounts override with meta key.
    • Override PayPal Shipping and sales tax.


June 22, 2013

  • Fixes
    • Pre-approval fatal error.
    • Attendee update fatal error.
  • Updates
    • Adds improvements to payment page so people get warned not to click the back button (which can delete their registration.


June 14, 2013

  • Fixes
    • Pre Approval crashes Attendee Overview
    • Define(“EVENT_ESPRESSO_VERSION”, espresso_version());


Price Modifier (PRE-RELEASE), Social Coupons, WP User Integration, Recurring Events, Permissions Pro 2.0.6, Roles & Permissions BASIC, Seating Chart

  • Fixes
    • Installation scripts and activation errors.
  • Updates
    • Added function for logging activation errors.

June 13, 2013

  • Fixes
    • Problems caused by bad repo/file merge.
    • Installation scripts and activation errors.
  • Updates
    • Added function for logging activation errors.


June 5, 2013


  • Fixes
    • Reordering question groups not working.
    • Changed the Jquery migrate script to load when http or https.
    • Ongoing events did not display when filtering by “ongoing events”.
    • Stripping out spaces in the support license key field if spaces are copied when the license key is pasted, enabling upgrades.
    • Event Espresso tables were not being created upon activation (applicable for only new Event Espresso installations).
    • Removed the extra double quote in the single_questions type and check for empty $answers values.
    • Event Search shortcode giving array and invalid argument errors.
    • Fatal error: Call to undefined function espresso_parse_question_response_for_price().
    • Edit registration information link in the Multi Event Registration add-on diverts attendees from edit path.
    • Fixed country variable when adding attendee details in the Multi event Event Registration add-on.
    • Removed reference to Price Modifier add-on in core plugin.
    • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare espresso_parse_form_value_for_price().
    • iDeal gateay payment options not showing on cancelled return page.
  • Updates
    • Require an index.php file if files in uploads/gateways.
    • Added extra fail safes to data migration process (ensuring migration scripts run, and tracking errors).
    • Convert queries on registration_page.php and event_list.php to use espresso_get_event function.
    • Optimize and fix database_install, which was preventing updating the questions table for the Price Modifier add-on.
    • Function in install/migration process references deprecated db tables, uses SHOW TABLES like instead of hitting the information schema, fixed reference to information schema table
  • New Features
    • Quickbooks Gateway
    • Infusionsoft Gateway
    • ANZ egate Gateway

Calendar 2.0.6

  • Fixes
    • Makes the “Register Now” button i18n compatible and switches the button text based on the registration form display settings.
    • Fixes a problem with incorrectly displaying dates on initial load.
    • Fixes issues with multiple events and thumbnails on a single day.
    • Fixes events appearing on the wrong day.
  • Updates
    • Widget check-marks have been removed. Due to the latest updates to the FullCalendar scripts and the required changes to the CSS, we have lost the ability to display the check-marks in the widget (screenshot: http://www.screencast.com/t/DWjdfrtviMh), so we decided to use the default event and category colors.
    • Only one class name was added to the event in the calendar. Fixed so that now multiple class names can be used based on the assigned category.

MailChimp 1.1

  • Fixes
    • Undefined Variable: MailChimpListID
    • Warning: call_user_func_array() in MailChimp widget
    • Undefined Index: mailchimp_group after saving event

  • Updates

Infusionsoft Integration 1.0 Initial release

  • New features
    • Creates a customer record in Infusionsoft upon registration, including manual registrations
    • Updates customer account in Infusionsoft upon successful payment, including manual payments within Event Espresso
    • Deletes events from customer account in Infusionsoft, without deleting the customer record
    • Updates payment records automatically, within Infusionsoft, using any of the Event Espresso built in gateways
    • Infusionsoft Gateway integration allows you to capture and charge credit cards onsite using your Infusionsoft Merchant Account
    • Adds tags to newly created contacts using the ‘infusionsoft_tag_id’ the event meta field in Event Espresso

Front-end Event Manager 1.0 Initial release

  • Updates
    • Resolved the shortcode issue where it echo’d instead of returning
    • FEM pricing option allows symbols
    • Added attendee limitation
  • New features
    • Front-end Event Submission Add-on
    • Added pricing section
    • Categories hide if none exist
    • Calendar background issue resolved


10 May, 2013

      • Fixes
        • [ESPRESSO_CART_LINK] shortcode was broken


8 May, 2013


      • Fixes
        • Calendar widget ticks were not appearing.
        • Fixed layout issues.
        • Calender was not adding categories as CSS classes


6 May, 2013

      • Fixes
        • The event list pagination breaking when using Add to Cart when you’re on page two or higher.


2 May, 2013


      • Fixes
        • Optimized database calls in the admin
        • Fixed Firstdata gateway bug with the pipe ( | ) character
        • Prices reset to zero on cart page on a Multi Event Registration
        • In registration_page.php the Map and Directions link for Google maps was not a translatable string
        • The incomplete/pending report was not showing the ticket value in the graph
        • Closed security holes in the front-end edit attendee page
        • R&P add-on: Fixed issues with adding Event Staff/Speakers to an event when logged as an espresso_event_admin user
        • R&P Pro add-on: Regional managers attendee export was empty
        • Problem with CSS ID’s and Label Names for Checkboxes on Reg Forms using MER
        • Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback
        • Resolved a Recurring events and Posts error
        • Fixed invalid path for custom themeroller-base.css check
        • Prices reset to zero on cart page on a Multi Event Registration
        • Added Map and Directions text strings to the translation files
        • Changed Attendee Reports to now show correct values
        • Added translatable strings to the Payment page
        • Reslolved Paypal IPN sending email of output log on payment refund
        • Resolved issues with adding Event Staff/Speakers to an event when logged as an espresso_event_admin user.
        • Modified the Attendee Overview page – changed “Attended” column to reflect the number of tickets scanned
      • Updates
        • Added the User eXperience Improvement Program
        • New Gateway: Google Checkout
        • New Gateway: PSiGate/MerchantAccounts.ca
        • New Gateway: Luottokunta
        • New Gateway: Moneris
        • Faster event and attendee overview queries
        • Hide SSL options if SSL is not installed
        • Attendee Overview: Changed the “Attended” column to reflect the number of tickets scanned versus number of tickets purchased
        • Update help text for the Force SSL on return URL option in payment settings
        • Help text: change PayPal ID field instructions
        • Typos in the help text popups
      • New Features


      • Fixes
        • Tickets left per time were incorrect
        • Fixed a DB table prefix issue
        • Registrations on events were broken
      • Updates
        • Speed up the queries

Calendar 2.0.5

      • Fixes
        • Fixed problems with trying to display a large number of events
        • notice error on calendar settings page
        • Calendar Tooltips running off the sides on small screens
        • [LISTATTENDEES] shortcode placed in an event description breaks the new calendar
        • Calendar add-on options get wiped out on update
        • Undefined index: enable_calendar_thumbs
        • Notice: Undefined index: category_identifier
      • Updates
        • Added icons to the tool tips
        • Added throttling to the calendar
        • Created better looking tooltips

Ticketing 2.0.10

  • Fixes
    • Ticket download/print page – Venue Address2 is not showing
    • Ticketing – Undefined variable notices
    • Ticketing PDF documentation error
    • gettext errors
    • language file error
    • Error after activating Ticketing Add-on
    • Ticket iPhone app – Venue information unavailable if you use the venue manager
  • Updates
    • Added the seat numbers/tags to ticketing add-on
    • Ticketing – Button Styles
    • Reduced the size of the QR code
  • New features
    • Added seating chart selection to the tickets

Members Add-on

      • Fixes
        • Fixed security vulnerability with the [ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS] shortcode

Roles & Permissions Pro 2.0.6

      • Fixes
        • Resolved: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare()
        • Regional Managers can’t see events in their region

Roles & Permissions Basic 1.5.4

      • Fixes
        • Issue with trying to get property of non-object fixed
        • Cannot change/edit questions in existing question groups as event manager/master admin

Social Media Add-on 1.1.5

      • Fixes
        • Fixed the Facebook icon

Attendee Reassignment Add-on 1.0  PRE RELEASE Initial release

      • Updates
        • Created a tool to move attendees between events
        • Made sure the price options are updated correctly when moving to a new event. It should use the default price option of the new event.
        • Video of how this add-on works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXjNIVJLk0s

Price Modifier add-on 0.0.3  PRE RELEASE Initial release

      • Updates
        • Adds the ability to create custom questions, with prices attached to them, that increase the total price of the event when selected.


24 April, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Fixed broken merge done to

      • Fixes
        • Quickpay payments not complete
        • ESPRESSO_CART_LINK not directing to cart
        • Data migration queries running in the admin
      • Updates
        • Events overview issues
      • New features
        • Improvements in overall admin loading speed


4 April, 2013

If you have any free events and had updated to 3.1.31 it is strongly advised that you update to this hotfix to prevent issues with your free events.

      • Fixes
        • fixed bug where free events were becoming million-dollar ones – reported here


3 April, 2013 


      • Fixes
        • New Automagic Payment Status in 3.1.28 Attendee Payments Admin Page
        • South Korean currency incorrect
        • page dropdowns in the Page Settings section of the General Settings admin page
        • Manual registration issue
        • Venue name not escaping quotes correctly
        • paytrace bugfix
        • Quickpay not receiving correct total
        • better documentation for first data e4
        • Post categories not “sticking” when submitting a new event.
        • Undefined variable: price_label
        • Overpaid status is being marked as incomplete
        • Language files causing attendees to be incomplete
        • Invoice: British pound character encoding issue.
        • Venue information is not copied into a duplicated event
        • event_espresso_do_ajax doesn’t work in Jquery 1.9
        • warning: missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() in /includes/functions/pricing.php line 333
        • Fix the event ordering in the event overview of the admin
        • REM: Undefined Variables
        • Authorize.net: Payment button is messed up
        • EVENT_LIST event_category_id not working
        • Event Espresso Lite — Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
        • Unable to add new recurring events
        • Filter Month in Event Overview not showing all events and other filter issues
        • Authorize.net: Creating ellipsis’ on some servers
        • Missing featured image shows broken image icon
        • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mb_substr()
        • Undefined variable: category_meta
        • Datepicker in Event Editor doesn’t work in WP 3.5
        • Lite version: Undefined index notice
      • Updates
        • Remove “Move your files” link from the payment options page
        • updated .pot file
        • updated german, norwegian bokmal, dutch, french, swedish, uk english, danish, hebrew, portuguese
        • Centralize espresso_email_after_payment action hook
        • 3.1 Help and Support section is severely outdated
        • Prevent XSS attacks
        • jQuery: the .live() method has been removed from jQuery 1.9
        • XSS vulnerabilities in “ee” and “event_id”
        • SQL injection vulnerability in “event_id”
        • Security audit on the add_attendees_to_db.php
        • Merchant Warrior – add phone number field
        • WorldPay button option does not get checked
        • Make the Add More Attendees more noticeable
        • Remove translation function from $payment_status value
        • Add autocomplete=”off” to the credit card forms
        • Audit the event (and FEM add-on) and venue create/update for security
        • Attendee Mover: Add a function/action hook to add/save/delete attendee meta
        • Add support for PayPal tax and shipping
      • New features
        • add for each unique event id to the div that wraps around the event information in registration_page_display.php
        • Paychoice gateway
        • Megasoft Gateway
        • added new Russian language file
        • Add in do_actions for attendee deletes on event_attendee_list page
        • Add attendee count (quantity) as email shortcode
        • Realex: Add additional hook to init gateway file
        • USAEpay gateway
        • Gateway: USAEpay Itemization
        • Add pricing options when editing an attendee

WP User Integration 1.9.7

      • Fixes
        • Manual registration issue
        • My events page buttons


14 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Fixed typo in three gateway files (changes FASLE to FALSE).
        • Fixes an issue with adding new recurring events to an existing series of recurring events.
        • Added support for PayPal tax and shipping problems. Changes PayPal IPN payment amount check to allow taxes.


13 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Admin > Event Overview: Adding hidden fields to hold any existing filters and fixing the day that the month ends in the database query.


7 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Fixes a problem with attendees getting deleted even when the payment is still pending. This is related to the fix in A flag was left commented out by accident.


5 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Fixed problems with adding attendees from the admin area overwriting previously added attendees, while in the same web session.


4 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Adding support for legacy categories in the event_list.php template file.


1 February, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Errors with Recurring Event Manager & Event Espresso when updating a single event in a recurring series


31 January, 2013

      • Fixes
        • Images getting removed when saving events. This was caused by a security update to the event editor.
        • Possible XSS vulnerability in the event editor. Admins with admin or event manager privileges could add Javascript code to the event descriptions.


30 January, 2013


      • Fixes
        • Added “espresso_email_after_payment” action hook for Beanstream and Relex gateways
        • Filtering events excluded results
        • Conflict with Woocommerce iDeal gateway
        • Compatibility with Jetpack
        • Removed the discountamount2 field (duplicate of the discountamount1 field). Adds a line to multiply the discount times the quantity so discounts are correctly applied at checkout through PayPal
        • Failed nonce check when deleting additional attendees
        • ics calendar creates new outlook calendar not appointment
        • Fixed the undefined variable single_event_id in /xx/wp-content/plugins/event-espresso/templates/event_post.php on line 45
        • Fixed undefined index – espresso_system_status in /includes/functions/admin_menu.php on line 130
        • Confirmation page missing html comment ending breaks hidden inputs and layout in some themes
        • event title with ” will clear the event title when you go to edit it
        • Security holes in the update/create event and insert attendee functions
      • Updates
        • Added default value to the group registration limit.
        • Changed the admin primary-action button colors.
        • Removed the radio button in the Multiple Event Registration add-on cart.(https://eventespresso.com/product/espresso-multiple/) if group registrations are turned off to ensure that the number of attendees is selected via dropdown.
        • Added html comment in footer of Event Espresso admin page to indicate the presence of custom files.
        • Added prefixing to many of the payment gateway classes to help eliminate conflicts with other installed WordPress plugins that use the same payment gateway.
        • Removed Alipay Gateway (moved to Git Hub repo: (https://github.com/eventespresso/Gateways)
        • Removed FirstData Connect2 (moved to Git Hub repo: (https://github.com/eventespresso/Gateways)
      • New Features
        • Adding multiple category support to the EVENT_LIST short code. Used with a comma separated list of categories (e.g. [EVENT_LIST category_identifier="category1, category2, category n"])
        • Sideload language files from Github repositories
        • Added support for switching templates between plugins and themes
        • Added a System Status page

Espresso Seating 1.1.2-alpha

      • Fixes
        • misaligned rows
        • section alignments not working at all
        • Price is doubled for group registrations
        • Prices are not stored correctly when registering


6 December, 2012

      • Fixes
        • add to calendar button outputting part of the event description
        • iCal link breaks if there is a link in the event description
        • Missing argument for wp_kses() in email.php
          • Attendee ID is displaying on the payment page
          • Error  on payment overview page
        • Multi Event Registration: radio button answer values do not “Copy” to all forms


5 December, 2012


This update fixes several bugs that exist after upgrading to WordPress 3.5. Please upgrade Event Espresso to this version when you update your WordPress installation.

      • Fixes
        • time slot limit feature counts incomplete registrations toward max registration limit
        • Fix the Multi Event Registration display
        • MER Ajax price display breaks when SSL is forced on registration page
        • Members: incorrect ticket price type label displayed in MER shopping cart
        • Undefined variable Errors in Event Editor
        • Undefined index Error on Attendee Reports admin page after clicking “This Month” filter
        • Undefined variable Errors in Event Editor after Fresh Install
        • full logging security fix
        • Percentage surcharge not calculated correctly using standard PayPal IPN
        • attendee exports push data to next column when multiple choice answers are selected
        • Undefined variable Error when updating from .27.1 to .28.3
        • Attendee records added prior to 3.1.28 do not allow payment updates via admin
        • question input strips all html
        • Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() in WP 3.5
        • Authorize.net Line item 1 is invalid
        • Venue title not showing on address in registration page
        • Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() Errors in the Event Editor with WP 3.5
        • First Data sending 0.00 amount
      • Updates
        • Event/Attendee Admin: limit the query for number of attendees or events on the admin screen. Addresses issues that have been experienced by people with thousands of events or attendees in the Event Overview
        • Removed the “Events expire on registration end date” setting
        • Link to REM from EE event edit screen was wrong
      • New features
        • eway rapid 3.0 gateway
        • Add to Google/iCal/Outlook Calendar
        • event featured image thumbnail in event list
        • Add nice looking but generic “Pay by Credit Card” image for gateways
        • Make registration forms mobile browser compatible
        • BNP Mercanet – ATOS Worldwide gateway
        • Beanstream Gateway

Espresso Members 1.9.6

This update fixes a bug that exist after upgrading to WordPress 3.5. Please upgrade the WP User Integration add-on to this version when you update your WordPress installation.

      • Fixes
        • Undefined index Error after saving options on Manage Member Settings admin page
        • Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() on Confirmation page with WP 3.5
      • New features
        • front-end user profile edit page


30 November, 2012

Espresso Calendar 2.0.4

This update fixes a bug that exist after upgrading to WordPress 3.5. Please upgrade the Espresso Calendar add-on to this version when you update your WordPress installation.

      • Fixes
        • calendar displays current day highlight on days in the future (and the past)
        • Calendar no longer displays with WordPress 3.5
      • Updates
        • replace get_option(‘siteurl’) with get_home_url in espresso-calendar.php


26 November, 2012

Espresso Ticketing 2.0.9

      • Updates
        • Add Qty. to the ticket

21 November, 2012

To fix license key issues with this version, you will need to request a key reset.

      • Hotfix
        • Activation hook not called during auto-update therefore DB NOT getting updated
        • Error when using [edit_attendee_link] email tag
        • pue-client.php mods for licensing issue
        • Themeroller options do not update when saved (if there are any templates in /uploads/espresso/)
        • remove html from the all_meta vars
        • PayPal Pro gateway failing: the total of items in the cart did not match the total of all items
        • Upgrades from Old Versions of EE don’t change wp_events_attendees 'quantity' column from 'VARCHAR' to 'TINYINT'


16 November, 2012

Mobile Ticketing API 2.2 (espresso-services files)

      • Hotfix
        • Fixes issues with the scanner hanging, events not showing and the attendee search function not working due to special characters that were not encoded properly

15 November, 2012

      • Hotfix
        • These fixes were made in but were rolled back somehow in (see this thread)
        • single attendee overview name and email fields getting autofilled with another attendees data
        • export data displays the same name for all attendees


12 November, 2012

      • Hotfix
        • export data displays the same name for all attendees
        • member pricing not displaying with Multi Event Registration
        • date paid not correct in admin screen
        • Multi Event Registration and Members: Price stays at 0.00 on the cart page total
        • Invoice discounts the price of the order 100% so the total due displays as 0.00
        • Invoice early discount displays as “Extra”
        • Error if you delete all events from cart and return to event list
        • session data being passed to form builder as an answer
      • Updates
        • Add nice looking but generic “Pay by Credit Card” image for gateways
        • updates to the update engine
Updates have been made in this version to the multi_registration_page.php file. If you have customized this file, please do a compare to the latest version included in this release.

WP User Integration

      • Fixes
        • member pricing not displaying with Multi Event Registration


8 November, 2012

      • Hotfix
        • single attendee overview name and email fields getting autofilled with another attendees data
        • export data displays the same name for all attendees


6 November, 2012

      • Fixes
        • Multi Event Registration discount code = 100%, registration incomplete
        • Error on Checkout Page in cart.php
        • Error on Checkout Page in multi_registration_page_display.php
        • Error on Checkout Page in multi_registration_page.php
        • editing payment updates ALL payments
        • $this_is_a_reg_page FALSE if “Events Registration” page is set as Front Page
        • Payment status not sticking
        • PayPal showing wrong prices
        • Emails not being sent when updating payment status
        • Additional Attendees not Saving if Added Dynamically
        • False positive for add on updates
        • Extra p tags are being output in the attendee admin editor
        • Staff Manager is showing fields that are left blank
        • Checkbox values not saving in the attendee profile (admin view)
        • Cascading questions when adding a new attendee in Add New Attendee
      • Updates
        • Notices for used coupons/vouchers
        • Danish language pack
        • Need to stripslashes on the dropdown values
        • Remove the link to move the template file to uploads
        • German language file
        • Italian language file
        • Swedish language file
      • New features
        • Add a magic button to rename the espresso templates folder
        • Catalan language file added
        • UK English language file added
        • Azerbaijani language file added

WP User Integration 1.9.5

      • Fixes
        • Errors on Registration Page when using Members Add-on
        • Free events reg. page displays price $0.00 w/ members active
        • Undefined index: register_page in user_settings_page.php
        • Members Settings Undefined Index notice when saving options
      • New features
        • Adds ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS shortcode to display a table of events a user has signed up for

Social Coupons 1.5.2 (formerly Groupon Integration)

      • Fixes
        • Fix Problems with Groupon
        • Groupon Code Status Not Updated After Usage
      • Updates
        • Add Voucher Codes to Multi Event Registration


23 October, 2012 3.1.28

      • Fixes
        • error on registration page PHP 5.4
        • FOREACH $value has the same name as the parent FOREACH loop
        • paypal vulnerability
        • Custom Attendee questions won’t export with bulk Attendee export
        • Volume Discounts not showing when R&P active
        • PDF Invoice payment link
        • Require user login not working with MER
        • PHP errors when trying to create a new Venue
        • Errors after duplicating an event
        • Error after activating MER
        • Error on Edit Attendee Data Admin page
        • Error when manually adding attendees to events
        • Notice: Undefined index: site_license_key in \includes\admin-files\misc_functions.php on line 62
        • Member Prices not displaying correctly
        • Missing )
        • Error when trying to view the payment details
        • Undefined index: espresso_manager_seating
        • Quickpay – NULL is appearing in registration confirmation
      • Updates
        • Correct attendee cost issues
        • Search shortcode
        • Add edit attendee links to confirmation_display.php template
        • Show member only events in the event list
        • Add a simple default style sheet if themeroler is turned off
        • Payment overview page: make payment button box flexible
        • disable espresso_footer_session() function from top of espresso.php
        • modify automatic updater so it loosens restrictions for key checks
        • Event Overview: Order Events by Start Date
        • Add [edit_attendee_link] email shortcode to available email shortcodes
        • Turn off legacy style sheets by default
        • Remove legacy style sheets by default
        • Fix espresso-services files
        • Updates Danish language file
        • Updates German language file
        • Updates Hungarian language file
        • Updates French language file
      • New Features
        • Itemizing in Gateways
        • Skip confirmation page setting
        • Create an option to turn on/off the coupon codes in Multi Event Registration
        • Improved UI on Payment Page
        • Adds Hebrew language file

Ticketing 2.0.8

      • Updates
        • Changes the ticket to use the final_price field

25 September, 2012 (Roles & Permissions HOTFIX)

      • Fixes
        • When saving an event, selected question groups for additional attendees do not save when event is published
        • Fix the add to cart placement

Permissions Pro 2.0.5-beta

      • Fixes
        • Regional Managers can’t see events in thier region

Roles & Permissions (BASIC) 1.5.3

      • Fixes
        • When saving an event, selected question groups for additional attendees do not save when event is published

Ticketing 2.0.7

      • Fixes
        • Ticket still displays when changing the attendee id


      • Fixes
        • Issues with duplicate & missing question groups
        • order_by parameter not being used in EVENT_LIST shortcode
        • Mer layout broken on the “Attention” select attendees warning page
        • Fatal memory error when using LISTATTENDEES shortcode
        • shopping_cart.php does not display in the developer templates list
        • Secure authorize.net response
        • Error in the questions builder
        • fix small JavaScript bug in event editor for removing time slots
        • Event Meta not added to Custom Posts
        • i18n fix (more info)
        • Seating chart assignments are not output in the Excel/CSV exports
        • Event Search autocomplete does not bring up results
        • Discount not applied to payment when using MER
        • issue in database_install.php
        • Fixed typo on General Settings page
        • Custom Attendee questions won’t export with bulk Attendee export
        • Firstdata Connect2 / 2Checkout bugfix
        • quickpay / paytrace bugfix
      • Updates
        • German language files
        • Dutch language files
        • French language files
        • Danish language files
        • add attendee data update button/script back in
        • Update Quick Links
        • Live Search Not Searching Email Field
        • Wrong Version Number in Plugin
        • qtranslate/multilanguage support (suggested in the forums)
      • New features
        • Support for new Volume Discounts add-on
        • USAEpay gateway
        • Spanish language files
        • Czech language files
        • Swedish language files
        • Finnish language files
        • adds new “sort” parameter to EVENT_LIST shortcode e.g. [EVENT_LIST category_identifier="test-cat-1" show_recurrence="true" order_by=date(start_date),id sort=DESC]
        • firstdata e4 gateway
        • add copy to all button to mer checkout

Espresso Permissions 1.5.2 / Permissions Pro 2.0.4-beta

      • Fixes
        • Issues with duplicate & missing question groups
        • Ticket template menu item disappears when R&P basic is active
        • Roles and Permissions event list errors
      • Updates
        • WP administrators have ee permissions by default
        • Add seating chart page to Minimum Page Permissions


      • Fixes
        • Remove duplicate event category description display with pagination (Important Note: This affects the event_list.php file. This file will need to be updated if it is in the uploads/espresso/templates directory.)
        • escape quotes in event title
        • Groupon menu item missing when R&P is active
        • renaming the REM plugin folder before manually deactivating it breaks the event editor
        • [ESPRESSO_CART_LINK] shortcode cannot add more than one event to the cart
        • Multi Event Registration breaks when the coupon code box is turned on (Important Note: This affects the shopping_cart.php file. This file will need to be updated if it is in the uploads/espresso/templates directory.)
        • able to register for expired events in the shopping cart (Important Note: This affects the shopping_cart.php file. This file will need to be updated if it is in the uploads/espresso/templates directory.)
        • Fix [EVENT_TIME] shortcode
        • Fatal error on attendee overview page if old ticketing add-on is installed
        • Missing bracket in venue shortcode markup
        • Free event condition not met
        • [EVENT_PRICE] shortcode is broken
      • Updates
        • sanitize output before displaying (more info)
        • Available spaces limit set too low in functions/main.php
      • New features
        • Create a simple auto complete search tool (uses [EVENT_SEARCH] shortcode)

WP User Integration 1.9.4

          • fixes require login for all events not working
          • fixes autofilled fields are editable when set to not be editable


          • Fixes
            • EE Update is available for Custom Event Espresso Event Displayer plugin
            • Incorrect payment date when Groupon code is used
            • EE session is loading in the WP admin
            • Fixes the themeroller instructions
            • Early bird pricing sets price to $0 on registration page if members is deactivated
            • Fatal error when using the iDeal gateway
            • fixes issues with additional attendees (Lite version)
          • Updates
            • Adds output buffering to ESPRESSO_REG_FORM, ESPRESSO_REG_PAGE, CATEGORY_NAME
            • adds the “Download Ticket” icon/link in the attendee overview

          • fixes total price issue
          • Important: If you have a copy of the confirmation_display.php template in /wp-content/uploads/espresso/templates, this template will need to be updated.

WP User Integration 1.9.3

          • Fixes
            • Groupon discount not calculated on confirmation page
            • My Events page displays download ticket link even if user has not paid
            • Surcharge percent applied before early bird discount is calculated
            • Members get charged non-members price

Groupon Integration 1.5.2

          • Fixes
            • Groupon discount not calculated on confirmation page

          • Fixes
            • Groupon discount not calculated on confirmation page
            • Fatal error with invoice payment option
            • [ESPRESSO_VENUE_EVENTS] shortcode does not display events
            • Missing “ON” statement from join in pricing.php
          • Updates
            • adds updated German and Dutch language files

Calendar 2.0.3

          • Fixes
            • calendar image rendering bug in IE and Firefox (and fixes it on first load in WebKit)
            • Fatal Error if Calendar is active and Espresso core is not
            • expired events displaying in the widget when Display Expired Events is set to No
          • New features
            • added a title element to the <a> tags to display event title on hover

          • Fixes
            • warnings on general settings page
            • pue-client.php array_walk causes memory issues
            • modify pue class init to include new “options_page_slug” parameter (for all add-ons)
            • security fix for csv exports
            • Featured Image is not save to the post meta when creating a post
            • Cheaters never win! on gateway Thank you page
          • Updates
            • Missing files from the html_invoice gateway
          • New features
            • Create filter for the registration_id


          • Fixes
            • Standard WP post content missing after updating an event if the CPT feature is disabled
            • right sidebars break in WordPress 3.4
            • excel reports missing additional questions
            • Roles and Permissions not working in 3.1.22
            • Unique Event Identifiers are the same if events are duplicated from the same original event
            • autop formatting breaks the add more attendees toggle with some themes / plugins
            • escape single quotes in questions
            • Drag and drop ordering of the questions is not saving
            • Single quotes are displaying as “&#039;” in the export
            • critical security fix in full debug log file
            • Admin pages are messed up
            • espresso_reg_form_sc shortcode
          • Updates
            • Remove the simpleMath class
            • excel reports missing country column
          • New features
            • Add ability to override the default event meta
            • Add function and filter examples for [raw] tag
            • Enable plugin update engine and update notifications

Calendar 2.0.2

          • fixes Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'expired' of undefined javascript error
          • removes tooltip from IE7 (old IE browser issue)


          • Fixes
            • Event Title is 0 in attendee approval email
            • special characters break invoices
            • Special character encoding in event title that is sent to PayPal
            • Errors on payment overview page with NAB gateway
            • Fix Event Price shortcode surcharge amount + display
            • Eway gateway displays “ID not supplied” on return page
            • event_cost undefined in includes/functions/pricing.php
            • fix venue address email shortcode
            • credit card values are hardcoded into NAB credit card form fields
            • Fix $start_date in functions/main.php
            • Bypass Payment Overview Page setting stuck on yes (Authorize.net SIM)
            • Surcharge percent applied before early bird discount is calculated (fixed in core, Members plugin needs to be addressed separately)
            • fixes a security issue when full debugging is enabled
          • Updates
            • Remove re-capthcha for logged in users
            • Add a check for whether the event is active to the [ESPRESSO_CART_LINK] shortcode
            • exit script for the invoice template
            • updates German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Norwegian language files
          • New Features
            • create meta box for calendar thumbnail images
            • adds Ukranian, Greek, French (Canadian) & Bulgarian language files
            • order categories in event editor category selector by name
            • port ee_answers to 3.1.x

Calendar 2.0.1

          • Fixes
            • Debug code in calendar causing errors

Social Media 1.1.1

          • Fixes
            • Facebook liked link has an extra subdirectory path in the URL

          • Fixes
            • Conflict with TinyMCE Advanced

          • Fixes
            • Fatal error with Multi Event Registration checkout


          • Fixes
            • [attendee_event_list] email shortcode
            • security fixes
            • typo in “Using the Event Meta boxes” help pop up
            • localized admin email confirmation text
            • styling issues with ee_boxes_fluid, ee_boxes_fluid2, & ee_grid_list_boxes stylesheets
            • adds missing asterisk for required radio button and checkboxes
            • compatibility issue with Authorize.net (when other plugins are using the Authorize class)
            • removed closing </div>s with no openings
            • fixes untranslatable strings
            • Payment Settings help button text is PayPal-specific
            • missing help text in gateway screens
            • adds a div to payment_overview template
            • WorldPay not sending emails after payment
            • Use a pre-existing email? set to yes sends out two reg. confirmation emails, no payment confirmation emails
            • Edit Attendee erases payment type from attendee record
            • wrong email sent for payment confirmation
            • Allow attendee 2 info fields to be filled out when using mer checkout + members is active
            • Export not calculating amount paid correctly
            • Add missing space after colon in Start Time: text string
            • Prevent Multi Event Registration scripts from loading in the admin
            • Prefix functions in includes/admin-screens/admin.php (fixes conflict with WP Online Store)
            • Add a check in the event_list so closed events do not display “Add to Cart”
            • eWay payment gateway errors
            • 3.1/3.1-lite Version Activation Errors
            • change &reg in URLs
            • admin only questions
            • fixes QuickPay button image
            • Payment confirmation email does not get sent – NAB gateway
          • Updates
            • adds Turkish Lira to PayPal settings
            • debug output styling
            • updates to the event_post.php template and added compatibility with MER/add to cart shortcode
            • Payment Settings display styles
            • confirmation emails are consolidated to less separate emails
          • New features
            • Added support for jQuery Themeroller themes
            • event list pagination with new events_per_page EVENT_LIST parameter
            • default dates and times for events when no date/time has been added
            • standardized admin screens

Espresso Calendar 2.0 – Best compatible with version 3.1.22, less compatible with earlier versions

          • Fixes
            • More informational help description for “Links go to post or registration page?” option
          • Updates
            • General calendar.css improvements
            • fullcalendar.min.js to 1.5.3
          • New features
            • Calendar sidebar widget
            • tooltip pop-overs
            • add styling to expired events
            • calendar thumbnail support (with event meta value)
            • support for jQuery Themeroller themes
            • add color pickers to categories
            • option to enable category colors in category (instead of editing espresso-calendar.php)
            • calendar color picker


          • Fix custom PayPal button image setting
          • Remove edit attendee links from confirmation_display.php template and /includes/process-registration/add_attendees_to_db.php (temporary workaround to prevent errors from displaying when someone tries to edit their information, this will be fixed in 3.2)
          • the fix for the back button problem created a problem with mer
          • error when using MER and ESPRESSO_CART_LINK shortcode


          • Fixes:
            • Undefined index notice on event_id
            • update realex gateway to work with new security system for payment overview
            • ee session clearing in ff for mer (fixes issue described here)
            • added by email session id fix
            • fix promotional code checkboxes
            • fixes security vulnerabilities
          • Updates:
            • fix page-event_list.php and single-espresso_event.php sample templates for custom post types
            • update recaptchalib.php (more info here and here)
            • roll in answer table hotfix to core (more info)
            • add curl debugging output
            • roll in old active gateway options scrubber to core (more info)
            • roll in cancellation page shortcode automatic update to core (more info)
            • roll in admin add attendees session id fix to core (more info)
            • update update script for scrubbing old active gateway options


          • Version 3.0.19.P.41
          • Major changes to the surcharge feature:
            • Added surcharge_type field to prices table (in db install file)
            • Moved the surcharge information from  PayPal to Advanced Features > Optional Event Settings.
            • Modified price calculation and price display functions to reflect the change.
            • Applied the surcharge fields to the edit and add event views.
          • Fixed the problem with the events_detail table trying to add the ‘locale’ key.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.39
          • Added queries to get the venue data in the event_list.php and registration_page.php files.
          • Added examples to show venue information in the event_list_display.php and registration_page_display.php files.
          • Fixed a problem with the $wp_content_url variable in espresso.php. This was affecting the ticketing add-on and some images.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.38
          • Fixed the image_url parameter in PayPal. It was not loading the right variable.Fixed a problem with the QR code image not validating in the email
          • Added recurring css class enqueue script to load when the event editor page is called
          • Added support for SSL when template files are moved the uploads directory
          • Added WP option for time formatting to the time and date display functions.
          • Added a function to return a hidden field with the time id of an event
          • Fixed parentheses on the ‘number_available_spaces’ case statement. Was returning a zero value in the get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit() function in the includes/functions/main.php file
          • Version 3.0.19.P.36
          • Added support for MailChimp integration.
          • Fixed Multiple Event Registration add-on issues:
            • Adjusted the excel+csv export to reflect the new change with the additional attendee questions. Now, the system will get all the relevant questions for both the primary and secondary attendees, create unique columns for each and export.
            • Added default pricing options when an event is added/edited. This is necessary for the MER add-on to function properly.
            • Added limits to the multi event quantity dropdown to the number of available spaces. So even if there can be up to 5 registrants and only 3 available spaces are left, the dd will allow selection of only up to 3.
            • Added additional attendee custom question functionality. The primary attendee in each event in the cart will get his own set of questions and all additional attendees, regardless of price type, will get their own.
          • Added support for alternate time zones for events (still a work in progress). If the option is turned on and no timezone is selected, it will default to the timezone selected in the WP options.
          • Added check in/out options in the attendee overview when the ticketing add-on is installed.
          • Fixed problems with PDF invoice and ticketing add-on by adding the iconv() function to support UTF-8.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.33
          • Fixed a minor problem with the table definitions for the venue and staff manager.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.32
          • Made some minor updates to the date format in the payment overview pages and the gateway files.
          • Fixed the drop downs to select the number of attendees in the multiple event registration add-on.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.31
          • Added drag and drop to reorder the questions and question groups.
          • Added the ability to show/hide columns in the event and attendee overview pages.
          • Added venue and staff management features. Still need to work out the shortcode options for this. Would love to get some feedback on these features.
          • Fixed a few things in the multiple event registrations. Added a dropdown to auto-populate the forms for additional events.
          • Made a few changes to the payment gateways. Mostly fixing display issues.
          • Fixed Authorize.net headers already sent issues.
          • Fixed a problem with the get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit() function. It was not calculating the number of attendees correctly.
          • Fixed the additional attendees issues with filling over capacity. Added  && $number_available_spaces > 1 to line #87 of the templates/registration_page_display.php file to prevent the additional drop down from showing if there are not enough spaces.
          • Version 3.0.19.P.29
          • Fixed the PDF export function that was breaking in certain browsers.
          • Fixed the price option display in the option column of the Event Overview page.
          • Made several updates to support free version.
          • Removed payment date from the payment_overview.php if using Cash, Check or Invoice payments.
          • Fixed PayPal Pro issue with the status not updating.
          • Fixed the event list shortcode and widget to display ongoing events.
          • Added custom display information to the event_espresso_get_is_active() function to display the status of events in a span with class.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.26-beta
          • Added support for the Multi-event Registration add-on
          • Fixed the option column in the attendee overview.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.24
          • Added PayPal Pro
          • Added an option for SSL in the registration and payment pages to facilitate the new payment options.
          • Added a check that will redirect non registration pages from SSL to non SSL.
          • Fixed an issue with the time column displaying the same time for each attendee in the attendee overview page.
          • Added a default CSS file to the templates dir and added an option to turn it on/off in the general settings.
          • Added new email shortcode: [qr_code] (for ticketing users)
          • Added new email shortcode: [custom_questions] (to display the custom questions in attendee emails)
          • Fixed csv export issues.
          • Added a conditional statement to check if overflow events were available. If so, then show the join waiting list link.
          • Fixed a missing ‘$’ in the add post function when adding an event.
          • Added [invoice_link] shortcode to the available email shortcodes, for displaying a link to a download-able PDF invoice .
          • Added an option to show the payment options when returning to the payment overview page.
          • Added fix for Windows servers if the $amount_pd variable was blank, it defaults to 0.00. If the amount_pd field was blank, it would cause an error and not allow the attendee to save, because the blank value was not a decimal value.
          • Added fix for Windows servers where time_qty was blank. If the time_qty field was blank, it would cause an error and not allow the event to save.
          • Removed the $raw_email_subject = $event_name; from line #1160 in includes/functions/email.php. Not sure why it was there, but it was overriding the custom subject lines.
          • Fixed the issue with additional attendees getting the event price in the conf email after payment.
          • Fixed a JS problem in the widget and a style issue.
          • Modified the confirmation page to show the correct prices. Did not delete any variables as the people who are using the old conf. page would have problems. The issue with the individual attendee amount not showing has also been taken care of for people with older conf. page.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.10
          • Fixed a few minor issues with the email confirmations, such as ticket type and time options
          • Added email shortcodes for the venue information
          • Removed some extraneous text from the payment templates
          • Fixed the return payment pages to show the payment options and removed empty fields
          • Added text to denote online and offline payment options int he payment templates
          • Fixed the problem with the PHP “short open tags” that was causing issues in Windows servers.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.7
          • Added two columns to the attendee overview in the admin area. One column shows the price/ticket option, the other shows the time of the event chosen.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.7
          • Removing from beta. Everything seems to be pretty stable for most users.
          • Fixed a lot of potential problems with the language files. It seems some of the translations had return and new line breaks (\r\n) in them. This seems to have caused lots of problems for international users. Hopefully removing these pieces of code and formatting the text located in the translation functions will fix this problem.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.6
          • There was still a problem when registering attendees from the same computer for free events or when payment was not finalized (ie. downloading an invoice or paying by check.) This has been fixed in the gateway files and template files. If you are not using the default payment gateways or templates, you will need to make sure these are updated.
          • Attendees with a ‘Pending’ payment status are now counted as a paid attendee.Added the payment_overview.php template for displaying payment information after a payment has been made or if clicking on the payment details link. This will also display if  the attendee chooses to pay using cash or check payment option, provided they click the new ‘finalize registration’ link, if these modules are active.
          • Clicking the ‘Download PDF Invoice’ payment option will now mark the attendees as pending.
          • Added a ‘finalize registration’ link when using cash or check payment gateways. Clicking the ‘finalize registration’ link will mark the attendees as ‘Pending’ in the payment overview.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.5
          • Added filters for displaying events and attendees in the Event Overview page. Filter events by month/year, category, active/inactive/deleted status. Ability to show all, today’s, and this months events.
          • Filter attendees by month/year, category, payment status. Search by email address, name, transaction id, payment type/status, etc. Ability to show all, today’s, and this months attendees.
          • Added “Edit” and “Delete” links to the additional attendees
          • Fixed emails not showing the right information for attendees and additional attendees. As long as the primary attendee updates the additional attendee data, it should display the custom questions properly.
          • Fixed the bug when multiple people register from the same computer, for the same event, the previous record was deleted. As long as everyone goes through the entire process and pays, the previous wont be deleted.
          • When registering for free events the registration is now finalized and does not delete the old record when using the same computer to register for the same event twice.
          • Added fix to remove the HTML entities from the PayPal response
          • Fixed the coupon code bug
          • Version 3.0.19.b.3
          • Fixed an error in the email.php. Was missing an ‘>’ in one of the array variables fro the address on line #126.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.2
          • Added the option to choose the amount of events to display in the admin dashboard.
          • Version 3.0.19.b.1
          • Updated attendee and event listing pages in the admin area
          • Fixed problems with editing custom questions in the attendee editor and confirmation pages
          • Fixed excel export problems
          • Fixed HTML formatting error in the dashboard widget

Events Calendar Add-on Changes

          • Version 1.8
          • Added the ‘cal_view’ shortcode parameter. Available parameters: month, basicWeek, basicDay, agendaWeek, agendaDay
          • Version 1.7
          • Fixed it so that the calendar script is only loaded when a page containing the calendar shortcode is called.
          • Updated to only load CSS on calendar specific pages. Added a setting that will allow admins to assign page ids that load the calendars.

Members Add-on Changes

          • Version 1.7
          • Added surcharge changes
          • Version 1.6
          • Added “Download Ticket” column and updated payment status column to use icons with a link to the payment details page.


          • Version 3.0.18.b.23
          • Fixed problems with email subject lines.
          • Fixed problems with attendees getting the wrong payment links in the email.
          • Cleaned up some of the event admin and attendee pages.
          • Fixed problem with invoice not getting loaded.
          • Version 3.0.18.b.21
          • Added number of attendee dropdown support. Still needs to be added to the custom files add-on for now. Will look into adding it as a choice in the main plugin.
          • Fixed a few things with the session variables.
          • Moved the unset session to the thank you page.
          • Fixed some hard coded table names in the add_attendees_to_db.php file.
          • Fixed it so that only paying attendees are counted. This should help with events filling up with unpaid attendees.
          • Version 3.0.18.b.20
          • Fixed issue with slashes getting added to quotes in the event titles and email contents.
          • Version 3.0.18.b.18
          • Email newsletter has been fixed
          • Added end dates to the Recurring Event Manager
          • Support for PDF tickets add-on.
          • Version 3.0.18.b.14 and below
          • Still working on a few things such as the attendee admin and navigation. Should be done with those things by the final release.
          • Added short URL support. Eg. http://eventespress.com/?ee=6
          • Fixed problems with additional attendees. Can now update all attendees at time of registration.
          • New event management interface and tables.
          • Now uses [] instead of {} format for page shortcodes. Example: [ESPRESSO_EVENTS]
          • Reconfigured the shortcode system to use the standard shortcode functions recommended by wordpress. This action should auto-update the old bracket ({ESPRESSO_EVENTS}) shortcodes to the new shortcode ([ESPRESSO_EVENTS]) system within your pages.
          • Removed the show single or all events check in the organization settings, as it was confusing to most people. Short codes such as [SINGLEEVENT single_event_id=”there-be-dragons-8297884″]
          • Changed the text ‘Use an off-site registration page’ to ‘Use an alternate registration page’.
          • Fixed the missing category bug and the alternate registration page URL in the widget.
          • Fixed a problem with empty categories in the espresso_event_category_data function.
          • Added CURL to the PayPal gateway. This should help with Godaddy accounts.
          • Added espresso_ticket_information function.
          • Moved the registration page validation script out of the registration page. Moved to the scripts folder and using wp_enqueue_script and wp_register_script to load the script.
          • Fixed a problem with the recaptcha verification.
          • Added an if statement to call the recaptcha script if it is active.
          • Fixed a problem with the post categories not staying checked when creating a post in the event editor.


          • IMPORTANT:
            Be sure to delete the old version of the plugin and install the new version. You will also need to rename or delete the gateway and template files that were installed by the previous version. The old gateway and template files will be located in the the ‘wp-content/uploads/espresso’ directory.
          • I have rewritten the registration system(as of version 3.0.17.b.30) and separated the registration_page.php (now registration_display.php) and event_list.php (now event_list_display.php) templates from the logic/SQL code. Hopefully customization of these files will be easier.
          • I have rewritten the payment gateway system (as of version 3.0.17.b.30.) Made it a little easier to create additional payment gateways in the future. Existing gateways should be removed and replaced with the new files.
          • Added support for custom post types. Using the custom post type “espresso_event”:
          • Added a custom email manager. Create customized emails for use in multiple events.
          • Added support for custom post types and shortcodes for posts.
          • Enabled multiple post categories in edit_event.php
          • Added support for the Recurring Events Manager add-on.
          • Added address2 field for event the address.
          • Moved all of the time and date functions into functions/time_date.php.
          • Added define(“EVENT_ESPRESSO_UPLOAD_URL”, WP_CONTENT_URL . ‘/uploads/espresso/’);
          • Updated the event_espresso_get_price function to include early pricing in the display.
          • Fixed Coupon mixup on the attendee list page.
          • Fixed the /templates/return_payment.php file:
            * Changed line #12 to if ($payment_status == “Incomplete” || $payment_status == “” ){. If the payment_status field was blank, return the return payment page would break.
          • Added the espresso_event_category_data($event_id) function to get the category details of an event.
          • Added a “Secondary” status to to events. This will allow events to be set up as a secondary status for use as overflow or waiting list events.
          • Added a new parameter to the get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit function
            * @params $full_text – the text to display when the event is full
          • Change get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit($event_id, ‘available_spaces’, ‘All Seats Reserved’) in event_list.php
          • Fixed some style issues in admin styles.css
          • Added four new functions to time_date.php file:
          • function espresso_event_time($event_id, $type, $format = ‘M d, Y’)
            * Returns the times and dates of individual events
            * @params $event_id (required)
            * @params $type ( start_date_time (default) | end_date_time | start_time | end_time | start_date | end_date | start_timestamp | end_timestamp )
          • * @params $format outputs the date format. Please refer to the PHP Date Manual for date formatting examples.
          • function espresso_countdown($time_start, $time_end, $expired_message)
            * Calculates countdown times
          • function espresso_countup($time_start, $time_end, $expired_message)
            * Calculates the time since the event
          • function espresso_duration($event_start, $event_end, $allday)
            * Calculates the duration of the event
          • Added an export all attendees (for all events) button.
          • Removed the double quotes and back slashes from the form builder. They were causing very weird issues with some themes. Not sure why, but some themes would render the double quotes and slashes into HTML special characters. Therefore rendering the forms useless and would not pass the registration information to the payment page.
          • External Registration URLs. Can be used to link to external websites or registration pages.


          • Added simple buttons for Twitter and Facebook. Templates have been updated to include these changes.
          • Added payment and return to payment templates.
          • Added required text to form fields.
          • Added a new function to Get a single start or end time:
            • * function event_espresso_get_time($event_id, $format = ‘start_time’)
            • * @params $event_id (required)
            • * @params $time (optional, start_time (default) | end_time)
          • Changed the plugin to use the built in jQuery library, instead of the Google jQuery API.
          • Adjusted the questions display query to order by group order. This will work if the users do use the group_order field. Otherwise the questions will get mixed up.
          • Added the search and replace values to the invoice email


          • Moved the system questions and question groups function into the database install scipt. Hopefully this will fix the problem with the system questions and groups not getting installed.


          • Applied some formatting to the category name in the category listing.
          • Removed the wpautop function from the category editor.
          • Added the end_date of an event to the event_list.php.
          • Fixed the following issues
            • 1) Edited questions always defaulting to ‘required’.
            • 2) Deleting of questions and groups via checkbox.


          • Fixed a bug in the install process, default questions and question groups were not being added.
          • Added a check to see if the member price was empty, if so then add the base price to the member price column.
          • Added default sequence number of ‘0’. This was causing an error if the sequence number was left blank.
          • Moved the function to install the default system names for the custom questions, into the admin functions. Added event_espresso_install_system_names() to the questions and question groups index pages.


          • Fixed the required fields.
          • Added a system group for the custom question grouping which allows the default form fields to be added to a group.
          • Added better grouping to the custom forms.
          • Added custom form group descriptions.
          • Added sequencing to the form fields.
          • Removed the default forms from the registration page (registration pages will need to be updated.)
          • Fixed the email short tags that were missing.


          • Initial release of version 3.
          • Lots of fixes throughout the entire plugin.
          • Added new custom form system.
          • Added additional attendee forms.


          • Updated the get_number_of_attendees_reg_limit() function to add more arguments.
          • Bug fix: add_event_to_db() and update_event() were missing 2 field place holders in the sql arrays.
          • Bug fix: added html_entity_decode() to outgoing email functions to prevent emails from outputting HTML.


          • Replaced the eventregis directory with the espresso directory.
          • Replaced all EVNT_RGR and event_regis references in the code with EVENT_ESPRESSO and event_espresso.
          • Fixed a problem with the single event shortcode showing the events as expired.


          • Fixed problems with the authorize.net gateway not being recognized as being installed.
          • Fixed a problem with all events showing as free.
          • Made is so that post creation is turned off when updatign an event that does not have a post already created.


          • Added the missing database columns for registration_start and registration_end.
          • Moved the admin menu back into espresso.php.


          • Added most of the changes submitted in the AER-2.4.5 plugin. Still need to transfer a lot of the changes from the other plugin.


          • Moved the “event_regis_run_install” function into the functions/admin.php file. Need to make sure it works. Added email before payment option.
          • Advanced Events Registration Version


          • Integrated the Authorize.net SIM Gateway


          • Several minor changes throughout. Added new columns to the database to facilitate the add-ons and gateways.

2.22 to 2.27

          • Pretty much rewrote the entire plugin.
          • Added payment gateways.
          • Added support for custom functions and shortcodes.


          • Added template files for event display. Added category and coupon code relationships to events.


          • Added css styles to the event listing and registration pages.


          • Added CSV import for events.


          • Added a function to display attendee numbers. Redesigned organization settings page. Added sorting to the events display.


          • Fixed the problem with the database not updating correctly. Needed to add a space to the SQL commands in order for the dbDelta WordPress function to work.


          • Added a field to show the pricing option in the excel export.


          • Fixed a problem with the HTML Tags showing in the default email. Added a function_exists check to the recaptcha system.


          • Fixed a small problem with the reg. form questions and category names. Added the stripslashes to the question and category names. Fixed the dashboard stats to display the correct events stats.


          • Fixed the event start and end time displays.


          • Fixed an issue with the database not updating when upgrading.


          • Added 2 new shortcode functions. Redesigned the event management layout. Optimized the database installation file. Made several minor text updates throughout.


          • Made a few minor changes to the way the sorting works if events are on the same day. Changed the pagination class name to event_regis_pagination so it is not in conflict with other plugins. Reorganized the event reporting files. Added .pot, .po, and .mo files for full internationalization support.


          • Added attendee info to the email that admin receives. Fixed a bug in the category display shortcode function.


          • Added support for international dates and times. Fixed the Excel Export and custom question functions.


          • Lots of changes and upgrades.


          • Updated the database functions to fix a few problems with event descriptions not updating if special characters are present.


          • Added address fields and email shortcodes for the event location.


      • Fixed some minor issues with the database

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