How to Setup A Transactional Email Service with Event Espresso

Are you having email deliverability issues such as emails getting lost or some being marked as SPAM or junk mail? If so, a transactional email service can help.

Event Espresso does not send out emails itself. It uses a WordPress function called wp_mail which then uses the local email server to send out emails. Unexpected changes to the local email server can cause your emails to stop working. A transactional email service can help in these situations since they’ll take over sending emails on your WordPress site.

This means that all emails from WordPress (e.g. password resets, comment notifications) will be handled by the transactional email service for you. An additional benefit is that emails will be received much quicker than before.

Select a transactional email service

SendGrid, Postmark app, SendinBlue, Mailjet, MailGun, Pepipost and Mandrill are several popular transactional email services. Click on the links below to learn more about each service. Then register with one of the services.

Find out more about Postmark App (Free tier available)

Find out more about SendinBlue (Free tier available)

Find out more about Mailjet  (Free tier available)

Find out more about MailGun (Free tier available)

Find out more about Pepipost (Free tier available)

Find out more about SendGrid (Paid service)

Find out more about Mandrill (Paid service)

Install and setup a WordPress plugin for your selected service

Now that you have picked a transactional email service, you’ll need a plugin to connect the service to your WordPress site. Click on the link below for the service that you have selected. Then download your plugin and upload through WP-admin (WP Dashboard) –> Plugins –> Add New –> Upload.

Download the SendGrid plugin

Download the Postmark app plugin

Download the SendinBlue plugin

Download the Mailjet app plugin

Download the Mailgun plugin

Download the Pepipost plugin

Download the wpMandrill plugin

The creators of Mandrill also published a step by step guide on creating an account, installing the wpMandrill plugin and linking your account with your WordPress site, click here to view the guide

Activate your new transactional email service plugin

After the upload has completed, you can activate your plugin. Then go to the settings page for your plugin and enter your credentials and save changes. You can optionally send a test email to confirm that it has been set up correctly.

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