Major Update: EE4 Events Calendar 3.1

This week we released an important update to the EE4 Events Calendar, in conjunction with the EE 4.3 update. This version of the calendar (EE4 CAL 3.1) is compatible with Event Espresso 4.3.

Update the Calendar First
If you plan on updating to EE 4.3 and didn’t update to the 3.0.1 hotfix first, it is highly recommended that you update the calendar first. Otherwise you will have to manually update the calendar, which is still easy enough to do by manually updating the calendar to the latest version. Just be sure to remove currently installed calendar first, then download the latest version from within your EE account, then upload and install the latest version via the WordPress plugin admin.

EE4 CAL 3.1 Changelog

  • Made the calendar compatible with EE 4.3
  • Added a settings link in the WP Installed Plugins list
  • Fixed EEH_Qtip_loader being called incorrectly with the calendar widget
  • Minor updates to the calendar settings admin
  • Fixed an issue with the widget titles

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