Trick or Treat for Funds: 15 Halloween Fundraising Ideas That Will Give You Goosebumps

October marks the beginning of the Halloween season, a time of mystery and excitement. It is also a critical period for nonprofits as they start their year-end fundraising season. Take advantage of Halloween and incorporate it into your fundraising campaigns.

Hosting a fundraiser during Halloween creates a memorable and successful fundraising event. Capitalize on the holiday’s festive spirit and engage your donors with thrilling and enjoyable fundraising activities.

Are you in need of a fun and amazing Halloween fundraiser idea this spooky season? Look no further! We’ve got 10 exciting suggestions that will not only boost your nonprofit but also create unforgettable experiences for your supporters.

Benefits of Hosting a Halloween Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser on Halloween offers several benefits. 

  • Taking advantage of the unique holiday

Organizing a fundraiser on Halloween takes advantage of the holiday’s festive and spooky atmosphere to capture the attention and interest of potential donors.

  • Opportunity for creativeness

Halloween is a great chance to fundraise creatively. You can generate more ideas with the Halloween theme. Include Halloween activities, costumes, decorations, and games in your event to attract more attendees and make it memorable. It’s a time when community members gather for various festivities.

  • Community involvement

Hosting a Halloween fundraiser allows you to engage the community and attract local residents, businesses, and organizations, expanding your reach and impact.

  • Huge potential for financial success

Halloween fundraisers can be financially successful as people are willing to spend on Halloween activities like haunted houses, costume parties, and themed events. By hosting a unique Halloween fundraiser, you can attract attendees and raise funds for your cause.

By hosting a Halloween fundraiser, you can take advantage of the holiday’s popularity, encourage participants to get creative, involve the community, and potentially raise a lot of money for your organization.

15 Spellbinding Ideas to Enchant Your Donors

Here are 10 ideas to attract sponsors and donations for your Halloween fundraising. These can help boost your nonprofit’s finances while allowing you to have fun and connect with donors.

  1. Spooky Fun House

When doing Halloween fundraisers, people often opt for a haunted house tour to attract guests. Break out of the bandwagon by doing a fun house instead. A fun house can still provide participants a thrilling and exciting experience while maintaining a lighter and more playful atmosphere. 

You can set up your own spooky fun house as a fun and exciting fundraiser during Halloween. Offer a fun house tour where participants embark on an adventurous journey through a carefully crafted and delightful setting. 

Encourage online sharing to help spread the word about your attraction. Secure a safe location for your fun house and decorate it with playful decor, props, animatronics, and live actors to create a lively atmosphere. Utilize colorful lighting, fog machines, and entertaining sound effects to enhance the experience. 

Designate specific time slots for the tours to ensure a smooth flow of participants. Participants can register online, securing their spot on the tour by providing the necessary contact information. 

Charge an admission fee for the fun house tour, which can be collected during online registration. Consider offering different ticket options, such as general admission or VIP access, with additional perks.

Engage volunteers to act as guides or entertaining characters throughout the fun house tour, enhancing the overall experience for participants. Additionally, ensure safety measures are in place to prevent accidents or injuries and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at your event.

Estimated Cost: $500-$1,000

Potential Earnings: $2,000-$5,000

  1. Boo-tiful Costume Contest 

Are you looking to elevate a Halloween event party fundraiser at school? Tap into the Halloween spirit with a fun Halloween costume contest. Encourage participants to get creative and pick their most spooktacular outfits. 

Turn this fundraising activity into a competition by organizing different categories like scariest costume, funniest, or most original Halloween costumes. Let the audience or a panel of judges vote for the winners and add an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Consider offering enticing prizes donated by local businesses to incentivize participation further. This lively event is a fantastic opportunity for your supporters to showcase their creativity and a fun way to raise funds.

Participants can register their costumes online, and voting can be done digitally. You can also provide donation options.

Estimated Cost: $100-$300

Potential Earnings: $500-$1,000

  1. Ghoulish Gala Night

Want a more sophisticated fundraising event for the executives at the office? Combine Elegance and Halloween flair by hosting a ghoulish gala night. Transform your boring office part into a haunted wonderland. 

Encourage guests to dress in their finest Halloween costumes, adding a touch of mystery and excitement to the event. Offer a delectable dinner menu with spooky-themed dishes and signature cocktails. 

Include live entertainment, such as a magician, tarot card reader, or a band playing eerie tunes to enchant guests throughout the evening. This will provide an unforgettable experience for your attendees and will garner your donations.

Establish clear communication channels to provide guests with event details, updates, and any necessary instructions. Utilize social media, email newsletters, or a dedicated event website to keep attendees informed and engaged.

Estimated Cost: $1,000-$5,000

Potential Earnings: $10,000-$20,000

  1. Virtual Halloween Party

What a great way to gather sponsors from different places than hosting a virtual fundraising event! Host a virtual Halloween party where participants can join in the fun from the comfort of their own homes.

Plan a variety of activities for the virtual party, such as virtual costume contests, pumpkin carving demonstrations, spooky story readings, or live music performances. Utilize video conferencing platforms and online event tools to facilitate these activities and ensure a seamless virtual experience.

Participants can register online, providing their contact information and receiving the necessary details to access the virtual event. Charge a participation fee for the virtual party, which can be collected during online registration. 

Offer different ticket options, such as individual or family passes, with varying levels of access to the party’s activities. Engage sponsors or local businesses to provide virtual goody bags or digital vouchers for participants, adding excitement and value to the event. Offer prizes for winners of the costume contest or other interactive games to incentivize participation.

Encourage participants to donate additional funds during the registration process or throughout the virtual party to support your cause. Provide a clear call to action and highlight the impact their contributions can make.

Estimated Cost: $200-$500

Potential Earnings:  $500-$1,500

  1. Pumpkin Carving Contest

Jack o lanterns are a must during the holiday season. And what a great way to use this fact than to host a pumpkin carving contest! This idea offers a fun and engaging activity for Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. Participants can register online, providing their contact information and agreeing to contest rules and guidelines. 

To organize the contest, secure a venue (if applicable) or specify that participants carve their pumpkins at home. Decide on specific categories, such as scariest, funniest, or most creative, and set clear criteria for judging.

To generate earnings, charge a modest entry fee for participants, which can be collected during the online registration process. You can also offer optional add-ons, such as carving kits or pumpkin decorating supplies, for an additional cost.

Engage the community further by inviting your local farm to sponsor the pumpkins or provide donations for prizes. By organizing a pumpkin carving contest, you create an opportunity for creativity and community engagement while generating funds for your cause.

Estimated Cost – $50-$100

PotentialEarnings – $200-$500

  1. Trick-or-Treat for a Cause

Halloween is never complete without candy. Organizing a trick-or-treat fundraising event is a good Halloween fundraising idea. Stack up on various Halloween candy and encourage participants to collect donations while trick-or-treating. Turn a traditional Halloween activity into a fundraising opportunity for your cause. 


Provide participants with customizable fundraising materials, such as collection boxes or digital donation links, to make it easy for them to gather contributions. Emphasize the impact of the donations and how they will support your cause. 

Consider offering incentives or rewards for participants who reach certain fundraising milestones, such as special recognition or small prizes. 

Trick-or-Treat for a Cause is a creative and meaningful way to combine Halloween festivities with philanthropy. By organizing this event, you empower participants to make a difference while enjoying the  Halloween spirit.

Estimated Cost: $0

Potential Earnings: Variable (based on donations)

  1. Zombie Fun Run 

Fun runs are always a great idea for a fundraiser any time of the year. Putting a  Halloween twist on the traditional fun run by organizing a zombie-themed event will likely boost your fundraiser event. Participants have the option to be runners or zombies. 

Runners strive to finish the designated route while evading zombies who try to capture them. Along the course, set up zombie zones where volunteers dressed as zombies can chase the runners. 

Make it convenient for attendees by setting up an online registration platform where they can easily purchase tickets in advance for your Zombie Fun Run event. This will streamline the ticketing process and ensure a smooth check-in experience on the day of the event. Additionally, create a dedicated website that provides detailed information about the charities your fundraiser is supporting. This will allow attendees to learn more about the causes they are contributing to and further engage them in the spirit of giving.

Estimated Cost: $500-$1,000

Potential Earnings: $2,000-$5,000

  1. Spooky Silent Auction 

Add the excitement of a silent auction to your Halloween fundraising endeavors. Auctions provide an excellent chance to engage your donors and raise funds. Connect with local businesses and community members to secure a wide range of auction items. It can include gift certificates, themed experiences, artwork, or exclusive merchandise. You never know what generous contributions you’ll receive!

Promote the auction through social media, email newsletters, and flyers to attract bidders. Consider offering special “Buy It Now” options to secure an item immediately. At the end of the auction, announce the winners and organize the payment process. 

Ensure a smooth and efficient checkout experience for successful bidders. Additionally, remember to thank all participants and extend appreciation for the generous contributions made by donors and sponsors.

Make a dedicated website that displays information about the organization or cause supported by the silent auction. This website will also provide a seamless checkout process for successful bidders to make their payment transactions efficiently. 

Estimated Cost: $200-$500

Potential Earnings: $1,000-$3,000

  1. Boo-A-Gram

Letters are always a trend for every event. Offer personalized Boo-A-Gram messages that people can send to their friends and loved ones. Participants can register online, providing the necessary information to create and deliver the Boo-A-Grams.

Promote the Boo-A-Gram service through social media, email newsletters, guests post, and word-of-mouth. Encourage participants to share the opportunity with their networks and spread the Halloween spirit.

Create a user-friendly online platform where individuals can customize their Boo-A-Gram messages with personalized text, images, or audio recordings. Offer different packages or options, such as basic Boo-A-Grams or premium packages with added features.

Charge a fee for each Boo-A-Gram, which can be collected during the online registration process. Provide secure payment options to ensure a smooth transaction. Consider partnering with local businesses or sponsors to offer add-ons or discounts for Boo-A-Gram recipients, such as vouchers for Halloween-themed treats or products.

Engage volunteers or staff members to manage the Boo-A-Gram delivery process. Ensure timely delivery of the messages and maintain communication with participants throughout the campaign.

By offering Boo-A-Grams, you provide a fun and unique way for people to celebrate Halloween while supporting your cause. It’s a heartfelt gesture that can bring joy and surprise to recipients while raising funds for your organization.

Estimated Cost: $50-$100; 

Potential Earnings: $200-$500

  1. Frightening Film Night 

Nothing says Halloween is better than a scary movie or two. Use this knowledge to your advantage by organizing a horror film night. Screen classic horror movies or the latest spine-chilling releases. You can do an outdoor cinema if the weather permits or you can host it indoors in the local cinema. 

Stream classic rated-g Halloween classics like Beetlejuice, Casper, and Corpse Bride for a more family-friendly atmosphere. This can help you attract a more diverse audience. Charge tickets and offer Halloween-themed concessions like popcorn, candy apples, or specialty drinks. Enhance the experience by decorating the venue with creepy props and lighting effects.

Estimated Cost: $200-$500

Potential Earnings: $500-$1,000

  1.  Mysterious Murder Mystery Dinner

Host an exciting Murder Mystery Dinner where participants can enjoy a captivating and interactive experience. Choose a venue with a mysterious ambiance and partner with local caterers to provide a delicious dinner. Actors will play characters involved in the mystery, engaging with guests throughout the event.

Charge a ticket fee for the dinner and participation in the murder mystery game. Promote the event through social media platforms and community channels, offering group discounts and encouraging attendees to dress up. During the dinner, guests can work together to solve the mystery. Prizes can be awarded to those who correctly identify the murderer and their motive.

Estimated Cost – $500-$1000

Potential Earnings – $1000-$5000

  1. Wicked Witch Bake Sale 

What is Halloween without witches? Gather your community for a wicked witch-themed bake sale. Challenge the culinary prowess of your community in this event. Encourage them to create spooky and delicious treats that are in line with the theme. 

Decorate booths with cauldrons, broomsticks, and black cats to create an enchanting atmosphere. Promote the event through social media, local newsletters, and word of mouth. Consider offering pre-orders to ensure a successful turnout. 

You can also provide donation jars for those who want to contribute further to your cause. This themed bake sale is a delightful fundraising idea that allows everyone to take part.

Estimated Cost: $100-$200

Potential Earnings: $300-$800

  1. Haunted Hayride Adventure 

Organize a haunted hayride adventure for a thrilling and entertaining Halloween fundraising experience. Transform a wagon or truck bed into a spooky ride through haunted woods or a haunted graveyard.

Enhance the route with spooky props, animatronics, and live actors. You can charge per ticket or provide group discounts for families and friends to make it a more enjoyable and affordable experience.

To increase revenue, offer hot cocoa or warm cider for sale at the start or end of the ride. Partner with local farms or landowners for a suitable location for the hayride. 

Estimated Cost: $500-$1,000

Potential Earnings: $2,000-$5,000

  1. Witch’s Potion Fundraiser 

Brew up a successful fundraiser with a Witch’s Potion event. Invite attendees to indulge in various specialty drinks, concoctions, and mocktails. Set up a themed bar or station where volunteers dressed as witches can mix and serve the potions. Offer a menu of spooky and creative drink options, such as “Zombie Elixir” or “Witch’s Brew.” 

You can connect with local bar owners and bartenders to promote their products. Sell drink tickets or charge a fixed fee for unlimited tastings. Enhance the ambiance with spooky decorations, fog machines, and dim lighting. 

Consider organizing a mixology contest where participants can create their own potions and compete for prizes. This unique and immersive experience will delight your attendees and generate funds for your cause.

Estimated Cost: $300-$500

Potential Earnings: $1,000-$2,500

  1. Bone-Chilling Bingo Night

Bingo is popular with older people in the community. Organize an exciting Bone Chilling Bingo Night where participants can enjoy a spooky version of the classic game. Create a creepy atmosphere by decorating the venue with spooky decor, using dim lighting, and playing Halloween-themed music.

Create unique bingo cards featuring Halloween-themed images or words. Use creepy props or decorations as bingo markers, such as mini skeletons or pumpkin tokens.

Charge an entry fee for each bingo card. Offer special packages for multiple cards or group discounts to encourage higher participation.

Prepare spooky prizes for the winners, such as themed gift baskets, Halloween treats, or spooky decorations. You can also consider partnering with local businesses for prize sponsorships.

Promote the event through social media, community newsletters, and word-of-mouth. Encourage attendees to dress up in Halloween costumes to enhance the festive spirit.

Consider offering additional activities or refreshments during the event, such as a concession stand with Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.

Set up an online registration system where participants can sign up and purchase bingo cards in advance. This will help streamline the registration process and ensure a smooth event experience.

Estimated Cost – $100-$200;

Potential Earnings – $300-$600

Don’t Miss Out this Halloween

This Halloween season, take advantage of the chance to infuse your fundraising efforts with the excitement and allure of the holiday. With our curated list of Halloween fundraising ideas, you have the tools to captivate donors, generate support, and impact your nonprofit organization.

To simplify your event organization, try a free demo of Event Espresso. It has user-friendly features and comprehensive event management capabilities that can streamline your planning process and ensure a smooth experience for you and your attendees. Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on raising funds and making a difference.

What are you waiting for visit our website and sign up for a free demo of Event Espresso today. Unleash the power of Halloween fundraising while enjoying the convenience of efficient event management. Let’s make this Halloween a remarkable success for your nonprofit organization.

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