Event Espresso 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Event Espresso 4:

    • Is there a comparison of Event Espresso 4 and Event Espresso 3 features?
      Yes, please take a look at the feature comparison chart.
    • I have an Event Espresso 3 account already, how do I get access to Event Espresso 4?
      Event Espresso 4 is currently available to the public for sale and is released to Event Espresso 3 users for FREE. If you purchase a Event Espresso 3 Support License you will also have free access to Event Espresso 4.
    • Where is the documentation for Event Espresso 4?
      All of the Event Espresso 4 documentation can be found here.
    • What if I purchase Event Espresso 4, but it doesn’t have the features I need?
      If you have purchased Event Espresso 4 support license and find that it doesn’t have the features you need, we are happy to apply a discount (for what has been already paid) towards an Event Espresso 3 support license.
    • Where are all the add-ons for Event Espresso 4?
      Add-ons being available for Event Espresso 4 are a matter of compatibility. Event Espresso 4 is far more robust than Event Espresso 3 but it doesn’t have all of the additional features (yet). More features and add-ons for Event Espresso 4 will come over time, but they essentially have to be rebuilt to be compatible with our more advanced way of doing things.
    • Why aren’t add-ons included in the Event Espresso (EE4) support licenses?
      This blog post discusses our decision to exclude add-ons from our packaging and pricing Event Espresso 4 at a lower rate.
    • What are the current features in Event Espresso (EE4)?
      Event Espresso 3 and Event Espresso 4 have different feature sets; some features are available in Event Espresso 4 that have never been available in Event Espresso 3. Here are a few examples:

        … plus many more features!

    • What’s coming next in Event Espresso 4?
      We view our road map in two ways: short(er)-term projects and long(er)-term projects. Our road map is subject to change at any time. Our short(er)-term projects include:

      • Making Event Espresso 3 add-ons compatible with Event Espresso 4

      Our Long(er)-term projects include:

      • Integration with third-party plugins and services
      • Advanced messages functionality
      • Advanced registration form functionality
      • New add-ons
      • Event themes
      • Continued code optimization
    • What resources are available to developers that want to integrate with Event Espresso (EE4)?
      We have a growing list of developer resources. Here are a few that may help:

    • Why did you release Event Espresso (EE4) without all of the Event Espresso 3 features?
      The reason we decided to release Event Espresso 4 without all of the features of Event Espresso 3 is because we spent a very considerable amount time and money (mostly revenue from sales of EE 3.1) to develop this version from the ground up. We decided to go ahead and release when we felt that it had the necessary functionality to create events and handle registrations. Which is pretty much where we started with the very early versions of Event Espresso over nine years ago. The features in Event Espresso 3 did not get added over night. In fact it took many years of development to get Event Espresso 3 where it is today. In the very early stages of Event Espresso, customers saw potential, provided feedback, sponsored features, and generally helped to keep it in development, bringing it to where it is today. The same thing is currently happening with Event Espresso 4. Our developers are continually adding features and customers are actually sponsoring some of the development.

    As always, you’re invited to participate as developers or sponsors.

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