EE4 Printable Tickets Add-on

Give attendees custom-designed printable tickets for each event to keep as a souvenir, serve as a place to sell advertising and more.

Documentation for the EE4 Printable Tickets add-on

The days are gone when your ticket has to look like everyone elses’. Your events and brand are unique and your tickets can be unique too.

Event Espresso’s customizable and printable tickets can make your organization look smart, capable, entertaining, and prepared. In addition to the Advanced Printable Tickets where you can change the default ticket, Customized Printable Tickets from Event Espresso will let you create custom ticket designs for each event separately. You can have one ticket design for one event and another ticket design for another event, plus maintain the default ticket type all at the same time.

You can customize the default look of your ticket for all events, with custom:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Layouts
  • Images
  • Dimensions
  • Attendee information (including their Gravatar image)
  • Event information
  • Ticket details
  • and more!

Your ticket can be any shape or size or color and contain almost any information you want to match your brand.

printable-ticket-example ticket-designer

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Benefits of a Customizable Ticket from Event Espresso:

  • Tickets are issued to the attendee via email once the registration has been confirmed.
  • Smart phone enabled to help keep your events green. Attendees can display the ticket on any smart phone capable of displaying a web page or PDF.
  • Digital and printed tickets can display dynamically generated bar codes, QR Codes and/or a Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar).
  • Bar codes and QR Codes can be scanned at the door and can contain over 4,000 alphanumeric characters. Perfect for verifying and storing additional data for every attendee.
  • Easily add your own logo and custom information.


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