EE4 Ticket Scanning Add-on

Control access to your event by validating each printable ticket at the door. The barcode scanning add-on interfaces with the Event Espresso 4 admin and a handheld, or bluetooth barcode scanner, to allow event managers to scan Event Espresso 4 generated tickets at the door of the event.

Documentation for the EE4 Ticket Scanning add-on
The Printable Tickets add-on for Event Espresso 4 must be installed and activated.

Do not spend hours checking-in attendees at the door with a piece of paper or spreadsheet. Event Espresso Bar/QR Code Ticket Scanning generates a unique barcode for every ticket. These barcodes or QR codes can be used to validate a ticket purchase and record attendance. Your audience can bring the barcode on paper or in electronic format to be checked-in and it only takes seconds.


Need a Barcode Scanner?
Find a USB Barcode Scanner or Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

Please Note!
It is important that you know the differences between barcode scanners before making a barcode scanner purchase. We have confirmed that the some of the less expensive laser scanners cannot scan codes that are on mobile phone screens.If you plan on allowing attendees to display tickets on their mobile devices, you need to purchase a 2D barcode scanner.

View documentation for EE4 Ticket Scanning Add-on

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The benefits of barcode or QR Code ticket scanning:

  • Integrates in real-time with the attendee list in Event Espresso 4.
  • Faster check-in process for you and attendees, saving you both time and money.
  • Allows for multiple check-in “stations”. Eg. use multiple barcode scanners to log into to the same attendee list so employees can scan tickets at multiple different locations.
  • Potentially paper-less events which simplifies the process and reduces costs.
  • Better tracking because human error is removed the the check-in process and a registration record is kept for all attendees.
  • Barcodes can be created as one of five different types (from standard barcodes to QR codes).
  • Bar/QR codes are can be scanned with a USB scanner or the number can be entered manually.
  • Makes your organization very official and innovative.
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