Sell tickets or event registrations to multiple dates for the same event

In Event Espresso 4, events can have many dates and times (datetimes) and you manage those datetimes from one single event.

New to Event Espresso 4 is the capability for events to have:

  • Multiple dates and times (datetimes) per event
  • Individual datetime capacity limits
  • Tickets are automatically locked when an assigned ticket is purchased
  • Individual ticket options (including multiple ticket options per datetime)
  • Datetime titles and descriptions

Multiple Datetimes per Event

Event Espresso 4 allows you to set up an event with multiple dates and times (datetimes). You no longer have to have the same event that occurs on a different date be a different event. This means you can use the same event page for many events. It is also now possible to keep the event published even after registration has closed, which is useful for archiving events. See the photo above for the datetime manager.

Individual Datetime Capacity Limits

Notice the “limit” field for each datetime in the graphic above. With Event Espresso 4, event managers now have the ability to set capacity limits for each datetime of an event. As the tickets that have access to a certain datetime are purchased, the datetime “Sold” value increments so that the datetime is not oversold (regardless of which combinations of tickets are purchased).

Automatically Locked Ticket Selection With Purchased Tickets

When a ticket assigned to a datetime is sold, that ticket cannot be unassigned from that individual datetime. This ensures accurate registration and transaction data. See the “lock” icon below in the lower right corner.

Locked Datetime

Individual or Customized Ticket Options per Datetime

Event Espresso 4 gets more advanced with the ability to have multiple and different tickets assigned to each datetime. Ticket options per datetime gives you a lot of control to build the access and ticketing options for almost any type of event. You can allow a ticket to have access to some datetimes and not others, based on the ticket purchased.

Multiple Tickets per Datetime

Individual Datetime Titles and Description

Each datetime can have a title and descriptions that can help with organizing events with a lot of dates (see top image). This datetime title and description is also used on the front-end as a way to sell/explain datetimes to attendees.


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