People Admin

Assign staff members such as instructors, teachers, coaches, and more to each event.

Event organizers pick Event Espresso for handling registrations for events like conferences, nonprofit events, classes, workshops, and more.

With the People Admin add-on, you can create profiles about different people that help with your event. Then feature that information on events that you choose.

Here are a few ways that our event organizers use the People Admin add-on for their events:

– Define instructors for different classes at multiple locations
– Show upcoming events for a particular teacher
– Manage volunteer event staff
– Display conference sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers

Example of details about staff on an event


Why People Admin?


What would it mean for you to have an events solution that worked for you around the clock?

Imagine no longer having to spend hours and hours dealing with paper registrations, hounding people for paper checks, or piecing together a bunch of different products to handle your event registrations. Think about the time that you would save knowing that your event registrations were being taken care of right from your WordPress website.

What would you do with that found time?

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that with your next event, your website could feature information about your staff, collect attendee registrations, and securely process payments for you?

And before your event, you could create an attendee list in just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard, so you are ready to go for your event.

Choose Event Espresso and the People Admin extension right now and move forward with your events today.


Our event organizers use the People Admin add-on to showcase information about people that help with their events such as sponsors, instructors, and speakers.

See details about events that a staff member is connected to


How do I get started with People Admin for my events?


Are you already using Event Espresso for your event registrations on your WordPress website? You can purchase the People Admin for Event Espresso here while logged into your account on You’ll then see People Admin in your downloads area in the lower right of your account page.

Need a support license for Event Espresso?

Here are the steps to get started with Event Espresso and People Admin today.

1) Join other event organizers who trust Event Espresso for their event registrations and purchase a support license for Event Espresso right now

2) Afterward, you’ll be logged into your new account on and, a welcome email will be sent to your email address

3) Follow the quick start guide for Event Espresso to get up and running quickly with your events through Event Espresso and the People Admin add-on


Frequently asked questions about the People Admin add-on


Is a WordPress website required?
Event Espresso and the People Admin extension are both plugins for WordPress so you’ll need a website running WordPress to use them. If you don’t currently have a website, then check out Event Smart where you can use event registration software and feature people that help with your events.

What kind of people can I create for my events through the People Admin extension?
You can create profiles on your website and then reuse them for different events. Common profiles that are created are instructors, teachers, volunteers, sponsors, and speakers.


You are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee!

The People Admin documentation can help you with questions like:

– How do I install the add-on on my WordPress website once I’ve purchased it from
– How do I set up the extension once I install and activate it on my WordPress website?
– What are some common questions about the add-on?

Check out the documentation for the People Admin extension.

Still, need more help? Log in to your account on and get help from our support team today.

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