Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

Here are some of our tips for accepting event registrations for online events such as video conferences, web conferences, webinars, screen sharing, and online meetings with Event Espresso and WordPress. These tips will help you communicate the event details to your audience and attendees.

Edit the Confirmation Email Templates to Remove the References to Maps and Provide Details to the Virtual Event (recommended)

Event Espresso’s email confirmation system is powerful with the option to use the same confirmation emails for all events OR create unique confirmation emails for each event. This can be especially helpful if you are simultaneously hosting events in a physical location and events in a virtual location.

If you are only hosting virtual (electronic or digital) events, you can provide the information that attendees need to join the event online by modifying the default confirmation email(s).

If you use the same credentials to access every virtual event, then we recommend creating a Venue for your virtual events (see below) and using the default confirmation emails after making a few modifications to the email message templates.

If you are using different or unique credentials to each virtual event, it may be easier to create a custom message template:

  • Create a version of the Default Registration Approved Message Template (one for each virtual event)
  • Edit the new Custom Registration Approved Message Template
    • Give the new template a new identifiable name
    • Remove references to the physical location in the [EVENT_LIST] section by removing the following shortcodes throughout the template: [VENUE_IMAGE], [VENUE_TITLE], [VENUE_ADDRESS], [VENUE_CITY], [VENUE_STATE], [VENUE_ZIP], Map and Directions information.
    • Provide the login information to the virtual event in one of the following areas by typing or copying and pasting that information:
      • Main Content
      • [EVENT_LIST]
  • Assign/Link your Custom Message Template to your Event


Once you’ve created a new version of the confirmation emails, it can be used for your next event.

Create a Location/Venue for your Virtual Event (optional)

If the sign-in information for all your events is the same, you can create a single Venue that can be re-used for all your virtual events. If the sign-in information for each virtual event is unique, you can create a new venue for each virtual event. Create a new Venue in Event Espresso by navigating to Event Espresso > Venues > Add New. Add the following information

  • Venue Name – e.g. Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.
  • Virtual URL – The unique URL provided by your video service.
  • Virtual Phone – The unique phone number provided by your video service.
  • Maps Off – Disable maps since a physical location is not applicable.


If you organize your virtual locations via the Venue system, we recommend adding these shortcodes to your Registration Approved confirmation email message templates (in the [EVENT_LIST] section of the template):


  • Virtual URL – [VIRTUAL_URL]
  • Virtual Phone – [VIRTUAL_PHONE]


Once you’ve published this venue, you can assign this venue to all your virtual events (video). The Virtual URL and Virtual Phone number information will be added to your Registration Approved confirmation emails that are sent when an attendee registers.

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