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WP Cron and Event Espresso

Have you noticed Event Espresso has features that schedule tasks to happen in the future? Don’t worry if not. These features rely on WP Cron…
Last updated 1 year ago

Recommendations for hosting virtual events with Event Espresso

We’ve collected feedback from our awesome event organizers all over the world to create a process for virtual events. This flexible process can help with…
Last updated a couple days ago

Accept donations alongside event registrations with Event Espresso

Donations can help your organization reach its fundraising goals by allowing contributions from guest’s that are attending as well as guests that cannot make it…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to get professional conference badges with QR codes

You can design custom name badges for your upcoming event and get them shipped or print them yourself. This guide shows how to get attendee…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to set up a class that meets weekly

This is an example of a recurring event (class) that can be set up manually using the Event Espresso 4 multiple datetimes system to have…
Last updated a couple days ago

Using Contact Form 7 to create wait lists for your events

First install Contact Form 7 through the plugins manager within your site, navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and search for ‘Contact Form 7’.…
Last updated 5 years ago

Using Ninja Forms to create wait lists for your events

Firstly you will need to install Ninja Forms which can be done through the plugin manager, simply navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New…
Last updated 6 years ago

Use the Event Espresso MailChimp Add-on to Automate Sending Messages to Attendees

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool used by millions (14+ million currently) of people and businesses around the world. MailChimp sends out more than…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to Fix Emails Sending from WordPress@

When emails send from your own server, do they look like they’re coming from WordPress? For example, the sender always says “WordPress”? Email providers often…
Last updated a couple days ago

Simple Sold Out Event Notifications

At this time, Event Espresso does not automatically notify event managers of sold out events. To facilitate this feature until we have developed and released…
Last updated a week ago

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