Use Cases

Use Cases

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Recommendations for hosting virtual events with Event Espresso

We’ve collected feedback from our awesome event organizers all over the world to create a process for virtual events. This flexible process can help with…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to set up a class that meets weekly

This is an example of a recurring event (class) that can be set up manually using the Event Espresso 4 multiple datetimes system to have…
Last updated 4 years ago

How to Setup a Golf Tournament with Event Espresso

In this guide, we’ll setup ticketing for a golf tournament using Event Espresso. Before we begin setting up our event, lets take a look at the…
Last updated a week ago

Track Club Events – Ventura Tigres

The Ventura Tigres needed to set up a registration system for their youth track meets, to help automate their process and allow the organizers to not have…
Last updated a week ago

EE3 Volume Discount General Use Case

The Volume Discount add-on harnesses the power of group discounting  your events, allowing you to enable to people to bulk purchase and make great savings,…
Last updated a week ago

A Skydiving Business

This use case is based on creating a Sky Diving club, focused on providing new and experienced jumpers the experience of throwing themselves out of…
Last updated a week ago

Using Event Espresso to Run a Class

If you’re running a class then it’s hard to find a better registration service than Event Espresso. It’s simple to set up and once you’re…
Last updated a week ago

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