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2017 Changelog Archive

November 29, 2017 Event Espresso 4.9.53.p Bug fixes: Fix undefined variable in EED_Core_Rest_Api::maybe_notify_of_basic_auth_removal() Fix Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to EED_Messages::payment() must be an…
Last updated a week ago

Event Espresso 4 Changelog

Learn how to update Event Espresso 4 August 21, 2018 Event Espresso 4.9.67.p Enhancements, Fixes & Updates Enqueue countdown.js only when needed Allow for null…
Last updated 1 month ago

2016 Changelog Archive

December 13, 2016 Event Espresso 4.9.23.p Bug fixes: Fix fatal error in DbSafeDateTime Add checks for ticket availability at each step of Single Page Checkout…
Last updated 1 year ago

2015 Changelog Archive

December 30, 2015 Event Espresso 4.8.28.p Bug fixes: Fix add_metaboxes action hook in the admin_wrapper so if follows WP core’s signature Fix non-file-generating batch jobs…
Last updated 1 year ago

2014 Changelog Archive

Dec 29, 2014 Event Espresso 4.4.8.p Bugfixes: Fix incorrectly calculated ticket price when using comma for decimal place and period for thousands Dec 18, 2014…
Last updated 1 year ago

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