Multiple Event Registration Add-on

The Multi-event registration Addon gives your potential attendees the ability to register for multiple events at once.

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We are very excited about this functionality because it is not available anywhere else in the industry. In each event listing, attendees will be given the option to either register for a single event or add multiple events to their cart.

The premise behind this great add-on is that the easier it is for people to register for an event, the more events they are likely to attend. With the Multiple Event Registration add-on, attendees can register for several events at once and even add additional attendees to any of the same events–in the same checkout process. Additional attendees also get the customized registration form as the first/primary attendee.

The Event Registration Cart gives the person registering the ability to select the type and quantity of tickets, enter a coupon code and update the cart total. Proceeding to the Checkout allows the person to then complete the registration form for each of the tickets and events (all on the same page). The Checkout also allows the person registering to reuse the personal information input into prior registration forms into subsequent event forms.

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