2021 Changelog Archive

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December 14th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.23.p

  • Don’t escape billing info details
  • Fix messages not triggering when manually setting reg status
  • Fix dynamic ticket selector row errors

December 7th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.22.p

  • Calculate Ticket Selector rows dynamically
  • Ensure Template Helper is loaded for Espresso shortcodes
  • Fix filtered registration report loading all registrations

December 2nd, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.21.p

  • Change Upcoming Events `category` private property (Beaver Builder conflict)
  • Fix thank you page ‘resend email’ link
  • Fix EE_Request_Handler Loading (PHP5.6)

December 1st, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.20.p

  • Fix question editor not storing question values on save
  • Fix event editor not loading custom event statuses
  • Fix ‘Create custom’ button for message templates
  • Don’t escape migration table outputs


  • Add getCountryByName() method
  • Refactor Ticket Selector class and add additional unit tests
  • Don’t discard empty array arguments when injecting dependencies

November 24th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.19.p

  • Lazy Load CurrentPage in Legacy Request Handler (Fixes issues with the promotions add-on)

November 23rd, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.18.p

  • Fix incorrect number of tickets selected when max atendz per order is set to 1
  • Fix upcoming events widget echoing date range rather than returning

November 18th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.17.p

  • Fix message previews/test messages
  • Ensure AJAX Constants are defined
  • Fix ‘Resend Registration Details’ button
  • Fix ticket selector embed throwing a fatal error
  • Fix ‘An error has occurred: You need to select a ticket quantity…’ when Max Tickets is set to 1
  • Fix schema eventStatus escaping

November 17th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.16.p

  • Remove Overly Aggressive Sanitization

November 16th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.15.p

  • Add additional sanitization and escaping
  • Improve filter_input_server_url sanitization


  • Don’t set ‘hook_file’ if already set (fixes ‘Question Groups for additional registrants’ no loading on editor)
  • Fix message toggle switch not displaying in settings

November 16th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.14.p

  • Add various sanitization
  • Escape variables later (even if already escaped earlier)
  • Add updated encyrption functions

July 19th, 2021

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications add-on 1.0.5.p

  • Fix admin loading.

July 13th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.13.p

  • Fix Reflection Class issues
  • Hide ‘other’ states on mobile when selecting another country (not iOS)
  • Clean up message add-on registration
  • Fix WP Table Prefix removal

June 28th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.12.p

  • Fix PUE state nonce check
  • Make sure GRP_ID is set on messages generated directly within the message queue
  • PHP8 – Replace usage of getClass() with getType()

June 14th, 2021

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications add-on 1.0.4.p

  • Update bootstrap to be compatible with future versions of Event Espresso core.

April 27th, 2021

Event Espresso 4.10.11.p

  • Allow payment methods to pass arrays as values in redirect_args
  • Cast global $post_type to string when running add_meta_boxes hook in admin pages
  • Remove/replace ‘hidden’ class from EE modal when shown/hidden
  • Fix message preview function when EE ‘first’ event has multiple tickets on a single datetime
  • Fix espresso-ui-theme script dependency notice
  • (PHP8) Fix error thrown when activating payment methods
  • Add 2 hooks within the datetime editor:
    • AHEE__event_tickets_datetime_attached_tickets_row_template__advanced_details_after_dtt_description
    • AHEE__espresso_events_Pricing_Hooks___update_datetimes_after_save

January 11th, 2021

EE4 Events Calendar 3.2.14.p

  • Switch usage of jQuery .unload() function to .on(“unload”, handler)
  • Include private events on the calendar if the user has the ee_read_private_events capability

December 10th, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.10.p

  • Switch usage of jQuery .unload() function to .on(“unload”, handler)

December 5th, 2020

Braintree Gateway 1.0.7.p

  • Add 3D Secure v2 Support
  • Add option to disable 3D Secure
  • Update Braintree SDK


  • Use an input for payment button rather than a button so it is styled by most themes
  • Fix card fields not showing when using the Payment Mehtods Pro add-on

November 25th, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.9.p

  • Add an action for when a registration is checked in/out – AHEE__EE_Registration__toggle_checkin_status__checked_{in/out}
  • Display an error when using an iFrame to display an event that is invalid (Incorrect ID or Event has been removed)
  • Add hook to allow SPCO to be interupted before it has processed the current step – AHEE__Single_Page_Checkout__process_reg_step__{$this->checkout->current_step->slug()}__{$this->checkout->action}


  • Show both the ‘Expired Event’ message and the View Details button for expired events
  • Fix private events not being displayed when filtering event in the Event Espresso -> Events
  • Prevent duplicate ‘Not Approved’ messages being triggered when registering onto a free ticket

September 17th, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.8.p

  • Fix typo in Glopress translation file loading from 4.10.7.p
  • Add a check to EE’s hourly cron to confirm that the message queue crons are still active, if not re-create them
  • Allow multiple category slugs to be passed to [ESPRESSO_EVENTS category_slug='slug-1, slug2']

September 8th, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.7.p

  • Fix session usage to prevent the ‘An active PHP session was detected’ notice shown in Site Health
  • Only load .PHP files when dynamically loading core files (prevents fatal errors from error_log files in random directories)
  • Remove unused template files
  • Switch to using a GET request when sending the user to the ‘Alternative Registration URL’
  • Fix logic for loading custom espresso_default.css from /wp-content/uploads/espresso/
  • Sideload all language files (POT, PO and MO) rather than just the MO file
  • JSON+LD output: Allow multiple event statuses to be passed in via filter

April 20, 2020

Stripe 1.1.9

  • Unmount Stripe Elements and remove the event listener when it’s deselected
  • Set API version

April 15, 2020

EE4 iDeal Mollie Payment Gateway 1.1.6.p

  • Update Mollie icon (new installs only)
  • Remove ‘iDeal’ from the payment method strings (new installs only)
  • Check the last payment within the EE transaction if a Mollie IPN hits the site with no payment ID set on the request

April 6, 2020

PayPal Express w/Smart Buttons 1.0.7.p


  • Change what’s passed as transaction ID from PayPal to Event Espresso Transactions page. The new ID will match the ID given to the PayPal Seller account

April 1, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.6.p

  • Fix issue with new “Confirm Email Address” question so it doesn’t automatically get added to the Address question group

March 30, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.5.p

  • Add eventAttendanceMode schema.org property
  • Add eventStatus schema.org property
  • Remove link to event’s checkins when context is already viewing event’s checkins
  • Move Venue virtual URL field textarea contents into one line to avoid line breaks
  • Add individual question edit links to the question group editor
  • Add action hooks to Questions editor admin page template
  • Add space option for thousands separator currency format
  • Implement double email verification at check-out
  • Fix sideloader using incorrect _upload_ from property name

EE4 Promotions 1.0.15.p

  • Add ‘Total Number of Uses’ field to promotions
  • Add option to apply promotions from within the transactions page
  • Only display the promotion code submit fields if there are active promotions on the current events
  • Allow previously used global promotions to be applied if a previously submitted event and ‘new’ event are within the cart
  • Show the promotion code submit fields on revisit if a promotion has been set to active
  • Fix ‘Submit Promotion Code’ text not appearing if config is not set

EE4 Multi Event Registration 2.0.18.p

  • Show the ticket selector if the current page matches the events ‘Alternative Registration Page’
  • Add additional cart and mini cart filters for item item name, row name and description
  • Fix min and max qty values in the cart to prevent user purchasing more/less than ticket bundles qty’s

March 11, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.4.p

  • Extract the logic for recalculating line items into the EE_Transaction class
  • Fix issue where wait list submit button is disabled when Google reCAPTCHA is enabled
  • Add filter hooks for editing name and description / line item details
  • Switch to using a timestamp on the Event admin list month_range query
  • Use referring event’s data when previewing custom message template
  • Fix overflowing Event Notifications metabox in WP 5.4
  • Check for event object before generating iCal file
  • Avoid fatal errors when permanently deleting registrations
  • Minor PHP 7.4 compatibility fixes
  • Authnet gateway: Remove server option no longer supported by Authorize.net
  • Fix to avoid releasing ticket reservations for transactions that are in progress

February 27, 2020

EE4 Mailchimp 2.4.5.p

  • During migrations confirm we have an API key before checking if that key is valid
  • During migrations only select rows that have values to migrate rather than looping over all rows

February 2, 2020

iPay88 1.0.4

  • Update iPay Malaysia IPN URLs
  • Use a POST request for payment status

January 23, 2020

Event Espresso 4.10.3.p

  • Registration report – convert filename spaces to ‘-‘ and add a filter
  • Reduce Plugin Update Engine load
  • Add support for running EVENT_META_* values through do_shortcode
  • Close the div at the correct location (after the reg form not before it)
  • Restore ticket id html class to registration information template
  • Check-ins page: Add error proofing and display error message if no valid REG ID is passed
  • Migration from EE3: Don’t check for EE shortcodes in attachments or menu items too
  • Add limits to cron queries
  • If the current page is the alternative reg page, then show the ticket selector via the ticket selector shortcode
  • REST API: Fix error adding relation between people and events
  • Fix event column sorting on registration check-in view
  • Remove Mijireh payment method, modules, and test files
  • Add action hook to Transactions admin page

December 4, 2019

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications add-on 1.0.3.p

  • Improve query used to pull in registrations for events using the global template

November 6, 2019

Automated Upcoming Event Notifications add-on 1.0.2.p

  • Remove Google+ from default message templates
  • Improve query accuracy for upcoming events

November 5, 2019

Event Espresso 4.10.2.p

  • Add Canadian territories to list of Provinces
  • Put ticket details together if one attendee
  • Update Extensions and services page
  • Enable copy attendee information in wp-admin
  • Display ticket details in wp-admin
  • Deprecate html_other_attributes
  • Add ability to filter Registration admin list table by Attendee ID
  • Add filter that allows to override help tours
  • Add WordPress version to Plugin Update Engine stats data
  • Allow adding registrations to an expired event when using wp-admin


  • Fix PayPal Pro gateway to send correct value for the State/Province field
  • Fix coffee cup icon on front end admin bar (WP 5.3)
  • Add check for help tours setting to load scripts only if needed
  • Fix [RECIPIENT_DATETIME_LIST] shortcodes
  • Increase Reg Group Size instead of count

November 4, 2019

Wait List add-on 1.0.2.p

  • Fix issue with reg URL when multiple wait list regs become available
  • Argument 1 passed to EED_Recaptcha_Invisible::verifyToken() must implement interface EventEspresso\core\services\request\RequestInterface

October 9, 2019

Stripe 1.1.8

  • Fix issue where after declined payment, the Pay Now button becomes disabled

October 3, 2019

Cybersource payment gateway 2.0.1

  • Add support for more currencies

September 24, 2019

Stripe 1.1.7

  • Fix Stripe legacy not disabling SPCO finalize button

September 23, 2019

PayPal Express w/Smart Buttons 1.0.5.p


  • Pass order description from the server to PayPal
  • Add backwards compatibility for WordPress 4.9 and lower
  • Add debug mode section

AffiliateWP Integration add-on

  • Add support for excluding taxes from referral calculations

September 18, 2019

Event Espresso 4.10.1.p


  • Add PHP 7.3 compatibility fixes to DOMPDF
  • Show the more specific error when trouble setting redirect URL in gateway
  • Avoid incorrectly triggering DMS scripts when on a version 4.x.0.decaf
  • Ticket Selector: Change return from bool to always array
  • Remove option to log to a file
  • Make sure validation defaults are initialized when loading billing forms
  • Add $wpdb->prepare to junk transactions delete query
  • Use correct variable for Primary Reg Phone
  • Add filter hooks to allow for changing the way prices are displayed on the attendee information step
  • Add filter hooks to allow filtering display of unit price and total on the payment step
  • Place execution of modify_current_screen() into the do_action() in EE_Admin_Page_CPT
  • Replace usage of DS with /
  • Show trashed events’ start time on list table

New Features:

  • Add Venue filter to Events admin list table
  • Add setting to toggle “Copy attendee information” option

September 11, 2019

Stripe 1.1.6
Fixes and updates:

  • Update payment after 3DSecure authorization instead of creating a second payment
  • Add backwards compatible fixes for WordPress 4.9 and lower
  • Ensure single page checkout button is disabled when Stripe Elements form is present
  • Register manifest file on init hook
  • Don’t send the payment declined message when 3D Authorization is required
  • Add txn_id_chq_nmbr to Elements transaction entry
  • Set app info and refactor Stripe Checkout to use Stripe PHP Library 6.35.1
  • Remove help notes about Stripe API keys
  • Use submit inputs instead of buttons as many themes style them better

September 6, 2019

Sage Pay 1.1.7

  • Truncate any field values sent to Sage Pay that may exceed Sage Pay’s character limits

September 4, 2019

Sage Pay 1.1.6

  • Add new “Server Integration” method that supports 3DSecure
  • Update and standardise billing form inputs

August 21, 2019

Stripe 1.1.5

  • Use arrow function instead to keep this in scope

August 19, 2019

Stripe 1.1.4
Fix and New Features:

  • Add “Integration Type” option
  • Add Stripe Elements integration
  • Wrap subsections of html in table tags

EE4 Multi Event Registration 2.0.17.p

  • Don’t show the description of the event in the minicart widget (list template)
  • Remove console.logging
  • Add new filter hooks to allow filtering display of cart contents

July 30, 2019

EE4 Mailchimp 2.4.4.p

  • When adding a subscriber, only send the selected interest for the events in question

July 24, 2019

EE4 Mailchimp 2.4.3.p

  • Show hidden groups and merge fields on the event editor

July 22, 2019

Event Espresso 4.10.0.p

Database Migration Required:

  • Event-Question Group database changes


  • Fix Extensions & Services admin page’s CSS issues
  • Fix issue where payment method settings inputs break out of their containers
  • Fix “events require pre-approval” message
  • Fix espresso_event_reg_button() template tag
  • Fix Fatal error on file edit screen when uxip notice present
  • Fix block styles not loading on frontend
  • Don’t include a thousands separator in ld+json ticket prices
  • Don’t double-URL-encode query parameters
  • Don’t trigger validation on datepicker inputs immediately
  • Mark model objects as dirty when datetimes are set too
  • Batch system checks nonces, and remove unnecessary error message


  • Add filter hook to allow filtering output of [ANSWER] shortcode
  • Add edit route for the venues admin
  • Improve error message for preview/test-sends with no events available
  • Updates to JS packages and dependencies

July 18, 2019

EE4 Mailchimp 2.4.2.p

  • Show MailChimp required fields with an asterisk but with no validation
  • Remove legacy init class & its error-prone version check

July 15, 2019

Ticketing 1.0.10

  • Fix i18n strings where tags were displayed in Shortcodes documentation
  • Fix barcode not rendering in iOS browsers

July 1, 2019

Attendee Mover add-on 1.0.5.p

  • Use the name() method to pull the form_name value
  • Add form name to exception
  • Allow for new_params.where to be an empty array
  • Improve event list order by

WP Users Integration add-on 2.0.17.p

Enhancements and Updates for the [ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS] shortcode

  • Fix resend registration message link not working on paged results
  • Filter the $query_args used to pull the objects
  • Fix getTemplateInfo to allow for custom templates

June 26, 2019

Wait List add-on 1.0.1.p

Enhancements and Updates

  • Allow EVENT_AUTHOR_ based shortcodes in the waitlist message templates
  • Prevent fatal error when using the [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] shortcode in waitlist message templates and sending a test email
  • Redirect using the referring URL when a wait list registration is created
  • Remove Google+ from the default message templates

Authnet Accept Payment Method 1.0.3.p

Enhancements and Updates

  • Add allowPaymentRequest param to Auth.net iFrame

EE4 Mailchimp 2.4.1.p

Enhancements and Updates

  • Migrate indiviual events to v3 of the MailChimp API as and when needed
  • Confirm we have an EE_Attendee object before attempting to use any attendee details
  • The merge field EMAIL address is now ignroed by MailChimp, added migration path for those fields so the registrant’s email will always be the subscribed email
  • Duplicate the MailChimp event settings when an event is duplicated

June 18, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.82.p


  • Include all tickets when performing a sold out check
  • Messages: Event list section shortcodes should allow ‘Organization’ shortcodes
  • Fix server date time date time instance swap on static fluent setters and creators
  • Add parameter onto RequestInterface::requestUri to get uri relative to WP root
  • Remove single quotes from line items and descriptions sent to Authorize.net AIM gateway
  • Remove duplicate of Ticket’s description from list of prices in ticket selector details
  • Set styles for admin progress-related ee-notices
  • Fix Contact record metabox’s “Created on: ” string
  • Add a url scheme check to file_url() method
  • Fix path to server-date-time
  • Fix layout issue for ticket selector step when registering from the admin context
  • Filter out line items not related to the registration for registration details

Enhancements and Updates

  • Updates to JS packages and dependencies
  • Implement semantic improvements for admin tabs
  • Add compatibility shim for Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • Improve help text for Default Registration Status option within event editor
  • Add street address to ld+json output
  • @eventespresso/data: switch to normalize store state to always use singular form of model names
  • New css framework tweaks
  • Add automatic dependency management/externals generation to build process ?

May 28, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.81.p


  • Fix batch job translated text on WPEngine, etc.
  • Fix missing columns in csv report
  • Fix EE_Admin_Hooks not setting the correct value for _current_route
  • Fix wonky conditionals in messengers
  • Ensure eejs.i18n locale data for a handle is only set once per handle
  • Fix display strategies extra trs and tds
  • Fix timezone error for datetime value object with EventAttendees block usage when site is only using an offset for timezone
  • Fix markup validation issues in help screens
  • Don’t use ExceptionStackTraceDisplay() when catching an exception
  • Fix and update About page’s layout
  • Registrations admin Contact details box: Wrap with divs to allow for contained block elements
  • Add a check to ensure that the registrations have been updated
  • Fix normalization of eventespresso/core store relation updates
  • Fix missing Thank You page transaction details

Enhancements and Updates

  • Add withLatestCheckin higher-order component (HOC)
  • Add helper method for exposing filtered Event Espresso brand name and also expose to JavaScript
  • Improve BaseEntity.forClone method to allow for cloning primary key too
  • Add support for validation of bin-2 Mastercard card numbers
  • Updates to JS packages and dependencies

April 29, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.80.p


  • Fix missing reset action type handling in reducers
  • Fix SPCO displaying only one ‘No payment required’ ticket when multiple free tickets are in the cart with a paid ticket
  • Fix and improve reset state for model-specific-selector
  • Fix order of dispatch in receive latest checkin action
  • Fix relation selectors in eventespresso/core store having wrong expectation on state behaviour
  • Fix and improve getRelatedEntities resolver in the eventespresso/core store
  • Account for default permalinks when deciding when to enable REST API Basic Auth
  • Fix REST API _links when querying across HABTM relation
  • Fix DMS to avoid issue where event table selections overwrite attendee table selections
  • Fix EE HTML label tags so their “for” attribute uses the input’s ID, not their name, which makes them more accessible and so clicking on the label selects the input
  • Fix migrations from EE3 when the question’s required text was larger than 100 characters
  • Fixes migrations from EE3 where old payments “txn_type” had a value between 32 and 45 characters
  • Make sure EE_DEBUG is not defined before declaring it
  • Remove unnecessary WP_DEBUG conditional
  • Avoid unnecessary alter table queries during database migrations
  • General fixes for database migrations from EE3
  • Migrate partial payments, txn_type to extra accounting, and avoid column name collisions during migrations
  • Fix i18n strings in pricing admin
  • Don’t enable Basic Auth on non-REST-routes
  • Fix bug with persisting relations to server not getting persisted
  • Fix target=_blank links, remove some dead links, and add escaping
  • Correct the description of EEH_Line_Item::add_percentage_based_item()
  • Use esc_html__() to allow for translations for a few text strings
  • Fix checkins migration fatal error
  • Remove premature closing bracket to fix JS error on menu manager admin page
  • Fix bugs in js data stores exposed by work on Recurring Events Manager
  • Fix FqcnLocator to filter out files that do not have a PHP file extension
  • Export new reset actions
  • Fix getAdminUrl helper for eejs.routes returning incorrect string
  • Fix getRelatedEntities in eventespresso/core store not accounting for different response types
  • Fix getRelatedEntitiesForIds using improper primary key string
  • Fix getRelatedEntitiesByIds resolver not being able to correctly derive relations between entities after fetch
  • Fix checkin status constant values not matching what is returned in the response

Enhancements and New Features

  • Make action constants for admin-routes simpler (js-library)
  • Add FilesDataHandler and FileSubmission classes, for making working with PHP’s $_FILES more manageable
  • Add $_FILES global to Request
  • Add support for calculated fields on resolvers in the eventespresso/core store
  • Add ability to filter start and end dates for default EE_Datetime entity
  • Add reset actions for eventespresso/lists store
  • Add core support for attendee importer
  • Add Event Category column to events overview list table
  • Automatically check command types
  • Add StepBubbleMenu Component
  • Improve removeRelationForEntity
  • Use i18n datetime methods to build the date range for the ticket
  • Add join type awareness to models and data stores
  • Add reset state actions to data stores
  • Wrap the phone numbers shown in the reg and txn page in an a tag using ‘tel:’
  • Remove Google + option and usage of shortcode in default templates
  • More race-condition safe ticket/datetime reserved/sold updates
  • Make select2 inputs wider by default
  • Updates to JS packages and dependencies

March 4, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.79.p


  • Fix errors with instanceof checks for custom objects
  • Fix Registration form’s multiple select input
  • Update “max_input_vars” exceeded message for clarity & make sure limit isn’t stale
  • Don’t change private events to sold_out post status because then they are no longer private post status
  • Relocate “Action buttons” on Registration Details page to be consistent with location of buttons on Transaction Details page
  • Fix issue where boolean is interpreted as string in rest api request
  • Add relation from datetimes to datetime tickets
  • Don’t autoload ee_dms_map_Core_4.1.0_events options
  • Fix bugs in the Money and Currency Value Objects
  • Add instance checks in registration admin pages to avoid fatal errors due to orphaned data
  • Fix fatal error in ticket list shortcode parser
  • Fix PayPal Pro gateway so it can use stored API field values from its settings page
  • fix toPersist not returning expected values
  • Single Check-ins page: Fix format for displaying minutes

Enhancements and New Features

  • Remove usage of direct react imports in favor of the @wordpress/element package
  • Registration answers editor: Use wp default link text color for better a11y
  • Add check-in action handling to eventespresso/core store
  • Add links to docs on plugin page entry
  • Review existing data stores and ensure action-generators and resolvers are only using actions
  • Add button to Transaction admin page for recalculating line items
  • Add “View” links for event category archives
  • Change default format settings for zero values to match positive values
  • Improve dependency tree for value objects
  • Payment Details Table, make it narrower (TXN Admin Details Page)

February 13, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.78.p


  • Fix bugs in Money and Currency Value objects
  • Ensure QSG_identifier is unique when saving new question groups
  • Remove the file exists check for image URLs in the admin
  • Improve redirects on trash/restore/delete for registration list table
  • More type proofing for PUE client
  • Update EventAttendees block with new default for limit and number input control
  • Restore trash/restore action for custom message template groups
  • Fix expected attendees not returns for the selected filters in the Event Attendees block
  • Fix current date and time always showing in date selector (Event Attendees block)
  • Skip validation if less than 2 inputs in the embedded Ticket Selector
  • Fix issue where espresso_event_status() always echos even if $echo == false
  • Fix itemized lists sent to PayPal Pro when there are discounts
  • Fix Potential Recursion during Registration Status Updates

Enhancements and New Features

  • Optimize usage of react key for AttendeeListItem component
  • Improve open registration notice
  • Improve Registry::pushData
  • Add filter for swapping GRP_ID in on the fly for messages being generated
  • Include seconds in timestamp for check-in list table view
  • Add Event Espresso critical page post state for critical pages
  • Change the default per_page value for list tables to 20
  • Implement missing labels for post type registration
  • Add some padding to the bottom of the messages shortcode selector
  • Add filter hook to allow changing database engine a table uses
  • Account for new password-protected content functionality in the REST API response
  • Add CRUD functionality to eventespresso/core wp.data store

January 16, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.77.p


  • Use the correct path for PayPalSettingsForm namespace
  • Fix issue in REST API where inaccessible related model causes error response


  • Loosen up restrictions on error reporting when invisible reCAPTCHA fails

January 16, 2019

Event Espresso 4.9.76.p


  • Fix long titles for events breaking registration due to wpdb insert error
  • Fix REST API taxonomy relationships regression
  • Change models to use all columns instead of only using Foreign Keys to identify a duplicate
  • Fix duplicate subregions issue
  • Fix WordPress Heartbeat logic not loading
  • Fix “hanging” exit modal on plugins page
  • Fix “seperator” typo on Countries settings page
  • Fix block-level elements breaking the payment method description output
  • Fix npm version installed in Travis CI environment and switch to wp-scripts check-engines
  • Raise default limit for Attendees shortcode


  • Improve PayPal Pro settings unauthenticated error message
  • Improve batch job error message to mention you can refresh the page
  • Improve recipient (context) links in message template list table
  • Update Travis CI build to include php 7.3
  • Update node and npm version requirements and fix Travis CI builds
  • Add REST relation endpoints
  • Override iOS default input styles for ticket selector iframe
  • Remove navigation link that results in a Fatal Error on Registrations Check-ins page
  • Remove monster sideload error
  • Remove bot trap timestamp

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