Arabica Theme Install/Setup

In this guide we will cover how to install and setup the Event Espresso Arabica theme from Event Espresso. The Arabica theme is a derivative of the default Twenty Fourteen theme.


For this guide, you’ll need to have an SFTP or FTP client as well as login credentials to access your WordPress root directory. Cyberduck and FileZilla are both free FTP / SFTP clients and are available for multiple platforms. Your server login information is available from your web host.

Begin by logging into your WordPress site using your FTP / SFTP client. This will usually drop you in a public_html directory (folder) or the WordPress root. Browse to the following file directory location:
(EE 4.4 and above):


(EE 4.3 and below):


You should now see the Espresso_Arabica_2014 theme for Event Espresso. Download (or copy) the Espresso_Arabica_2014 theme to your local computer.

Now browse to our WordPress themes folder:


Now upload the Espresso_Arabica_2014 folder (that you previously downloaded) to your WordPress themes directory (folder) above. After the upload has completed, login to your WordPress Admin. Locate Appearance in the WordPress admin menus and then click on Themes. This will take you to the themes page to manage the themes that you have installed. Locate the Event Espresso Arabica 2014 theme and click on the blue Activate button.

View the front-end of your website and head to your events list page to see your new theme in action.

Pro Tip: A lot of the Event Espresso templates will work fine within other themes, but single-* , archive-* may not match directly if you use those in their theme

For more help, see the Using Themes guide from

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