Registration Status in EE4

Event Espresso 4.0 and beyond has streamlined the payment status for attendees, but has also separated Payment Statuses and Registration Statuses.

There are now 5 registration statuses available:


The attendee has been approved for the event, and the capacity for the event is reduced accordingly. This will automatically be set if the attendee has completed payment, or has registered for a free event.

It is possible to set a registration’s status to Approved before receiving payment.

Pending Payment

The attendee has registered for an event but has not completed payment yet. The attendee is allowed to make a payment to complete the registration. The attendee will not count towards any capacity maximum for the event. Free events will not allow Registrations to be marked as Pending.

Not Approved

The registration has processed but payment cannot be made until approval. If the admin wants to allow the attendee to complete the registration, the attendee’s status must be changed to Pending. The attendee will not count towards the event capacity.


The admin can set an attendee to declined. Available event capacity will not be reduced, and the attendee cannot pay for the ticket.


The attendee will be marked as cancelled if the admin marks them as cancelled. Available event capacity will not be reduced, and the attendee cannot pay for the ticket.

The default status for an unpaid attendee is Pending, though this can be changed in the Events > Default Settings tab or within each event individually, under the Event Registration Options box.

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