How to set up a class that meets weekly

This is an example of a recurring event (class) that can be set up manually using the Event Espresso 4 multiple datetimes system to have the class repeat weekly. This can be a helpful workaround instead of using a recurring events system to programmatically schedule recurring events in the future.

When you set up an event in Event Espresso you can create multiple datetimes (multiple occurrences of an event), which works well for classes that meet weekly or bi-weekly. The event is the main class, the datetimes are the dates of the class.

To create multiple datetimes for an event with multiple dates:

  1. You go to add a new a event or edit an existing event
  2. Scroll to the Event Tickets & Datetimes box
  3. Input the first day and time the class meets. You can optionally give this datetime a name,
    such as “Week 1”
  4. Click the Add Datetime button
  5. Input the second date’s day and time, then click on Create Datetime
  6. Repeat as necessary

Important Notes:

  1. Setting limits for datetimes is optional if you set a Ticket Quantity and there’s only one ticket option. If there are multiple ticket options and there’s a class size limit, then it’s best to set a limit for the datetimes
  2. If you also sell “one-time” registrations for a single class, these can be set up as individual tickets that grant access to a single datetime. You click on the advanced options (gear icon ) to connect a specific ticket to a specific datetime.
  3. You an also mix and match different tickets with access to different datetimes to create custom experiences and access to different combinations of events.

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