How To Prevent Users From Double Booking Events

How To Prevent Users From Double Booking Events

Have you ever had events that run at the same time, and then had customers book for both events, even though they can’t split themselves in half and see both at the same time?

If so, here is a little trick that Event Espresso maestro himself, Josh, came up with.

First of all you will need to group the events (classes, etc) together in a table. This can be achieved with the table shortcodes from the Custom Files add-on.

Adding the following to the page or page template which displays the tables.

<script> jQuery("a.ee_add_item_to_cart").click(function() { jQuery(this).closest(".espresso-table").fadeOut('slow'); })? </script>

What the code does is hide the table once an item is added to cart, effectively stopping the user from selecting any others from that group.

If the user has Javascript turned off, this will not work.

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