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Promotion Code Per Ticket OR ability to set a qty condition on Promo EE4

Posted: December 4, 2018 at 6:52 am

lisa burgess

December 4, 2018 at 6:52 am


I am using EE4 and like that I have the ability to create multiple ticket types so that I can offer tiered or volume pricing discounts.

However, I do need the ability to offer a promo discount that would only apply to my base (non-discounted) ticket for special offers that we run for select groups – such as a “best customer sale”.

I currently have an event with 3 ticket types:
– Single Ticket
– 10% off for Group purchase of Qty 3-5
– 15% off for Group purchase of Qty 6-10

I need to have the ability to create a promo code that can be used ONLY on the single ticket, as we do email promotions to select groups where we may want to offer them a special discount that would be with a coupon code – so it is not public for everyone who visits our event page.

I have read through the forum and see that at present promos can’t be set PER TICKET, only PER EVENT.

The proposed workaround has been to duplicate events, but this “solution” then takes all the great features for managing an EE event and pretty much throws them out the window. If I create multiple events, now I have to manually watch the registrations go make sure I don’t overfill, since I would have to set each event to my total number of seats available, since I won’t know for sure if my single ticket or discounted seats are going to fill faster.

The other alternative I see is creating only one single ticket. BUT, I would need to have the ability to create coupon codes with a Qty conditional. For example, use code save25 to receive 25% off ticket price when you purchase 6+ tickets.

None of these options seem to be available to me. Of these, which would be the easiest one to tackle with custom programming?

Option A: Promo Code with Qty conditional
Option B: Allowing Promo code per ticket type

With your knowledge of EE, can you point me in the right direction within the code to where we could “hook” in some custom programming for either of these options?

Thank you for your help,


  • Support Staff

December 4, 2018 at 10:17 am

Hi Lisa,

I’m not sure if Option A would be easier than Option B, but it would likely be more performant because it would not need to load in promo code rules for each type of ticket in the cart.

The hooks that the promotions add-on uses to submit the promo code are:
so a developer could also use those hooks to override what the promotions add-on does when the promo code is submitted.

Knowing that the Promotions add-on isn’t easily extended in this manner, you’l likely need to contract with a developer that has an advanced knowledge of object-oriented PHP and has a good grasp of working with database models. There are a number of developers with these skills at

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