What do these icons mean?

You may have noticed some new icons on your account page or in the forums and wondered what they meant. Here is the breakdown:

Support – users with these icons are Event Espresso employees or members of the support staff.

Barista – users and community members who have been selected by the staff for being active and helpful in the forums.

Translator – users who have filled out the form to be a translator of Event Espresso. Note: anyone with a forum account can log into the GlotPress site with that username and password and submit translations. However, only people who have filled out the form will be able to get credit for their efforts and bear the Translator/Validator badge.

Validator – users who have filled out the form to be a translation validator. Validators approve translated strings submitted by other translators and are responsible for helping maintain the language files. Validators gain the benefits of VIP Pass users for as long as they continue to perform validator duties.

WordPress Professional – users bearing the WordPress logo must satisfy one (or more) of the following criteria:

  1. They are active in the greater WordPress community
  2. They are core contributors to WordPress or are Automatticians
  3. They have spoken at a WordCamp
  4. They are a Code Poet
  5. They have written a book about WordPress

Because WordPress professionals are bearing the WordPress logo in their profile, all WordPress Professionals must follow the criteria for using the WordPress trademark as defined by the WordPress Foundation. Think you deserve the WordPress Professional badge? Let us know!

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