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How to get tickets to select which datetimes attendees want to pick

Posted: November 9, 2016 at 10:11 pm


November 9, 2016 at 10:11 pm

Hello, we have a situation that I haven’t yet figured out how to solve while testing, and reading documentation. Hoping you can help us.

We will have a 3 day workshop.

On each day there are multiple time slots. But in each time slot, attendees have the option to pick among 5 workshops.

So for example:
Saturday morning
-Workshop 1
-Workshop 2
-Workshop 3
-Workshop 4
-Workshop 5
Saturday afternoon
-Workshop 1
-Workshop 2
-Workshop 3
-Workshop 4
-Workshop 5

User can pick ONE workshop in each time slot (one for Saturday morning, one for Saturday afternoon).

Problem is, in total we will have 2 time slots on Friday, 3 time slots on Saturday, and 2 time slots on Sunday.

So when you add up the options, it comes to about 17 or so.

Now, when they buy a ticket, their ticket allows them access to FIVE workshops total.

We see how we can set each ticket to give access to the “# of datetimes” And we see how we can select which ones they get to pick from. That’s great.

BUT – When a user selects their ticket, which gives them access to a max of 5 datetime options, which we have pre-checked, they are not then asked to tell us which ones they picked.

They only go through ‘regular’ registration.

How can we get our ticket sales to also show what exact workshops (i.e. datetimes) our attendees are registered for?

Here is where we see we could do this (we tried to do our research, really!)

We can not leave this open ended because we are a qualifying body offering continuing education credits (CEUs). We have to record who is registered for what event, record their checkin/checkout, and then issue official certificates for their attendance.

If this is left open ended, and they can just go to whatever 5 workshops they want, without us knowing beforehand, this can create legality issues for us.

What we don’t want to have to do is set up different events for every single scenario.

Can you help us with this? How should we set this up?

On top of that our conference has member and non-member options, a dinner option, a pre-conference-only option, a dinner guest option, and early and late registration options. So that’s going to amount to A LOT of tickets that will get very confusing to put on one event, especially if they have to be listed separately.

What we thought of is adding a ticket that pays for their entry to 5 workshops (for instance), then list each workshop as an additional ticket. Then they have to select each ticket they are buying access to. But still, that feels like too much, and will involve us giving them instructions on how to register – it won’t be intuitive.

We also thought we could put a form field, but that won’t help us, because it won’t register them ‘officially’ for a particular workshop.

We also thought of using shortcode embeds for ticket selectors, and splitting up the days or timeslots into different events – but how would they then register at once for everything?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Lorenzo Orlando Caum

  • Support Staff

November 10, 2016 at 12:49 pm


I would create an event for each time period (e.g. Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon) and then set the maximum ticket options to 1 through the event editor. The option is in the top right area under event options. That will change the quantity dropdown for each event to a radio button which means that a guest can only select a single registration option per event.

You can also setup any limits on each workshop and assign any question groups and save changes.

Then use the shortcode option (found in event editor under title) for each event and then add those to a new WordPress page.

The next step is to pick up the multiple event registration add-on which will introduce a shopping cart option.

Once you have the page setup with the individual events, then you can add some intro text at the top explaining how they should register (e.g. pick one workshop from each time period).

From here a guest will be able to select one option from Saturday morning and one from Saturday afternoon and any other similar events that have been created and then they can checkout at once.



November 10, 2016 at 8:53 pm

Hi Lorenzo, thank you very much for this prompt reply.

One dilemma we thought of, when thinking of separating events, is that our events archive will then show all of these separate events, when they should all be in one conference registration.

Is there a way to create a category and then exclude that from our archives, without using the shortcode option? The way the shortcode option shows our events archive is quite messy, since it doesn’t ‘align’ with our ‘regular’ Genesis feed template for a blog page. Basically, it breaks the CSS and styles in our case.

The other thing is that they can choose 5 between Saturday and Sunday – so how do we limit that, given that different people will pick different workshops on each time slot and day?

Will we have to manually catch that, like if they sign up for 6 workshops between Saturday and Sunday, for example?

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