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Hooks for Registration/Payment Completion to Integrate with Edwiser Bridge

Posted: June 21, 2022 at 7:20 am


June 21, 2022 at 7:20 am


We use Event Espresso for arranging training events. Each training event is tied to a course in our LMS(Moodle). We use the Edwiser Bridge plugin to integrate between WordPress and Moodle. We intend to create an integration that automatically enrolls a user in a course in Moodle when they complete the Event Registration form or when they complete the payment for that registration. This is a pretty straight forward thing, we will intercept any hooks/action/filters which EE already has for registration completion or payment completion and we’ll do what we want to do using the information the user enters while registering for the event.

We cannot find a hook to get started with this in EE. Some straight forward help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. We just need a hook for these two event which we can attach our integration code to(in a separate custom plugin of course)

For e.g. we recently integrated Edwiser Bridge with MemberPress, we used this action hook to do it: ‘mepr-txn-status-complete’, this is a hook exposed by memberpress for payment completion.

Joao Victor

  • Support Staff

June 22, 2022 at 6:38 pm

Hi there!

Thanks for contacting our support today.

It’s important to know that all of our filters begin with FHEE__ means Filter Hook EE and all of our actions start with AHEE__ meaning Action Hooks EE and the rest of the hook name should be the class name followed by the function name and what it does. You will find something like:


You might want to try the action AHEE__EE_SPCO_Reg_Step_Finalize_Registration__process_reg_step__completed, but a potentially better option would be to use one from the thank you page if you are using an offsite gateway: AHEE__EED_Thank_You_Page__init_end

I hope it helps!

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