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Conflict with Premium Theme Zeen

Posted: March 26, 2019 at 8:24 pm

Suhaib Siddiqi

March 26, 2019 at 8:24 pm

We recently switched to the theme Zeen, available from Themeforest. It has a nice page Layout builder, called Tipi Builder. However, the Tipi Builder does not work, if the Event Espresso plugin is active. It gets stuck at “Loading…” I contacted theme author, they suggest contacting Event Espresso Support.


  • Support Staff

March 27, 2019 at 7:45 am


You can enable WP_DEBUG error logging, which will log the error. Likely that’s a fatal error where some EE code isn’t loaded, but the Tipi Builder is loading something that requires some specific EE code. You can follow this guide to set up error logging:

Suhaib Siddiqi

April 5, 2019 at 5:38 am

WP_DEBUG enabling did not report any error. However, Chrome Developers console reports:
Uncaught TypeError: n is not a function
at window.webpackJsonp (dep.js?ver=2.0.4:1)
at main.js?ver=2.0.4:1

If I disable the Event Espresso and use the Tipi Builder from the Zeen theme, then the Jquery error “n is not a function…” is not thrown in the COnsole, and the Tipi Builder loads.


  • Support Staff

April 5, 2019 at 11:54 am

Hi there,

Whilst this appears to be an issue with the theme rather than EE (I suspect EE is another symptom of the cause rather than the cause itself) if you can send us a copy of the theme we can take a look and see if we can prevent the error.

You’ll need to host the themes .zip file somewhere and post the URL here for us to download (you can set the reply as private if preferred).

Suhaib Siddiqi

April 5, 2019 at 12:10 pm

This reply has been marked as private.


  • Support Staff

April 9, 2019 at 10:29 am

Ok, in a nutshell the problem is due a to conflict with the theme’s build process and ours.

This isn’t something we can ‘fix’ on our end however we do have a filter built into EE to stop it loading its assets which does prevent the theme from throwing an error. Add this snippet to your child theme’s functions.php file:

Suhaib Siddiqi

April 9, 2019 at 11:02 am

Thanks Tony


  • Support Staff

April 9, 2019 at 12:35 pm

You’re most welcome 🙂

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