Why We Don’t Have Phone Support

We limit our support to online communication because we can offer better supportmore innovation, and lower prices.

Better Support

We’ve found that providing support via online communication (email, chat, documentation, etc.) works best for an online application like Event Espresso. Our team is able to gather system details, website and event configuration information, and other facts so that they can troubleshoot effectively, and link to educational resources that help you get the most out of Event Espresso.

We are fast to reply too, our support team constantly monitors the forums throughout the day.

The support is outstanding. The support forum is a great resource for finding answers to many questions that are similar to others during the development process. Their responses are speedy and spot on.


Each request for information was answered rapidly – the fastest response I have ever received from a plugin developer! Thanks!


The team behind the plugin provides outstanding support and are clearly committed to improving the state of Event Management on WordPress.


It works perfect and if you have any questions their support is great!


GREAT support both from official EE crew and also the community.


support has been very good and responsive.


great product and support for so many years now!


I’ve contacted their support a number of times and they’ve always been very responsive and helpful.


Getting started, support quickly answered all my questions and now I use the forums when I need help.


Amazing support. I can count on a response in very short order. I submitted a support ticket this morning and got a response within an hour. Of course, I have to pay for support and it isn’t cheap; but it isn’t expensive, either, given the level of response being provided.


Their support people are awesome – as is their forum.


More Innovation

It’s important for us to maintain an environment of constant innovation. Our support team works with the rest of our company, which makes it possible for our teams to collaborate and spur the innovation that we value so highly. Electronic communication can be documented, aggregated, and used as support for new features and development.

Lower Prices

It allows us to keep our overall pricing down while maintaining a feature-rich application and continuing to provide great support. We want Event Espresso to be accessible and affordable for all of our customers. Structuring things around these online channels makes it possible for us to scale our support using this philosophy.

We also provide access to a support token where, if necessary and effective, our support team can engage with you via a phone conversation. This makes it fair because those who need more expensive support are paying for it, while those who don’t need an expensive of support are not paying for it.

Need more help?

  • Browse or search for more information on this topic in our support forums. Customers with an active support license can open a support topic and get help from Event Espresso staff.
  • Have an emergency? Purchase a support token and get expedited one-on-one help!
  • Go back to documentation for Event Espresso
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