Staff Manager

If you use different staff members at your events, you can add them to Event Espresso with their own reusable staff profiles and assign them to the events by editing an event in the Event Overview page. Using shortcodes, you can add the staff members details to your events, posts and pages, allowing users to have a point of contact regarding each event. This can save you time promoting information if you the staff/speakers/venues/etc. are a selling point or an attraction for an event, especially if you work with these people on a regular basis.

The Staff Manager features in Event Espresso 3 is not available until you go to Event Espresso > General Settings > Advanced Features and change the Use the Staff Manager? dropdown to Yes and save.

The Staff Manager overview page lists all the available staff you have created. You can find the staff members name, creator name and shortcode for each staff member. You can also use the Live Search Filter to search by any of those values.

staff manager - overview

Add a new staff member: Click the Add a New Staff Member button to create a new staff member. You can provide their name, contact details, role and organization, and location.

Description: You can add a bio or description about each staff member. This is a good chance to highlight the staff’s accomplishments, background, role or responsibilities, background and publications or professional highlights.

staff manager - add new staff member

If you are using Event Espresso 4, you can use these same features for managing people, staff, and other profiles, but for more types of people by navigating to Event Espresso> Venues.

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