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Payment Settings for Event Espresso 3

Event Espresso version 3 Documentation for the Payment Settings The Payment Settings options page has all the settings for every payment gateway that Event Espresso…
Last updated 5 months ago

Messages System: Working with message contexts

A single message type may have different content depending on the context in which that message is used, for example the content of the ‘Registration Approved’…
Last updated 5 months ago

Messages System: Message Templates

Message Templates are the blueprint for what the message will look like when its assembled. This is a very powerful component to the messages system…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Contexts

A context describes who or what receives the message. You won’t see the word context much in the UI for messages because the labels for…
Last updated 4 years ago

Messages System: Messengers

Messengers describe the vehicle that delivers the messages. The most common delivery vehicle pretty much all of us are familiar with is email. As of…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Message Types

Message Types describe the kind of message that is being sent and describe what the content of the message will be about. There are Message…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Shortcodes

Message shortcodes are special snippets of text that allow for precisely controlling how dynamic content will display in the message template. If you are familiar…
Last updated a couple days ago

Transactions (ver 4.0+)

Transactions The transactions section covers the payments each registrant has made. Overview The transactions list table offers views of transaction lists. You can filter by…
Last updated 4 months ago

Registrations (ver 4.1+)

Event Espresso version 4 Documentation for Registrations(In Progress) The registrations section of Event Espresso provides all the attendee information you need. It is separated into…
Last updated 4 months ago


The Event Espresso core and add-on plugins have widgets. Here is a list of them and their settings. Event Espresso Upcoming Events Widget This widget…
Last updated 5 years ago

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