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Messages System: How to add custom message shortcodes

The messages system provides multiple shortcodes used to output various data for each object available to it. However sometimes you may want some details which…
Last updated a week ago

Payment Settings for Event Espresso 3

Event Espresso version 3 Documentation for the Payment Settings The Payment Settings options page has all the settings for every payment gateway that Event Espresso…
Last updated a week ago

Messages System: Working with message contexts

A single message type may have different content depending on the context in which that message is used, for example the content of the ‘Registration Approved’…
Last updated 1 year ago

Messages System: Message Templates

Message Templates are the blueprint for what the message will look like when its assembled. This is a very powerful component to the messages system…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Contexts

A context describes who or what receives the message. You won’t see the word context much in the UI for messages because the labels for…
Last updated 5 years ago

Messages System: Messengers

Messengers describe the vehicle that delivers the messages. The most common delivery vehicle pretty much all of us are familiar with is email. As of…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Message Types

Message Types describe the kind of message that is being sent and describe what the content of the message will be about. There are Message…
Last updated 4 years ago

Messages System: Shortcodes

Message shortcodes are special snippets of text that allow for precisely controlling how dynamic content will display in the message template. If you are familiar…
Last updated a couple days ago

Transactions (ver 4.0+)

Transactions The transactions section covers the payments each registrant has made. Overview The transactions list table offers views of transaction lists. You can filter by…
Last updated 1 year ago

Registrations (ver 4.1+)

Event Espresso version 4 Documentation for Registrations(In Progress) The registrations section of Event Espresso provides all the attendee information you need. It is separated into…
Last updated 1 year ago

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