How to Import Events

Event Espresso provides an easy way to import basic events via a CSV (spreadsheet) file.


This will not allow you to import recurring events. Recurring events can be created using the Recurring Events Manager add-on.

Where to import

The Import Events button is located in the Event Overview page, below the event list itself.

Clicking this button will take you to the import screen. Here you can download a copy of the sample spreadsheet you can use to create your own and import the actual spreadsheet.



Creating a CSV

If you examine the sample spreadsheet you will see that the first row contains all the information about what you can import:

0 This dictates whether the plugin should ignore the entire row or not, 0 = ignore, 1 = import. In general, the first row containing the field titles should be 0 and the rest should be 1
event_name The event name
event_desc The event description, basic html is allowed
address First line of the address (not venue)
address 2 Second line of the address (not venue)
city City of the address (not venue)
state State/province of the address (not venue)
country Country of the address (not venue)
zip Zip/postal code of the address (not venue)
phone Phone number of the address (not venue)
display_desc Display the event description? Use Y or N
event_identifier Add a unique event identifier
start_date Add the event start date (format = Y-m-d for example 2013-07-25)
end_date Add the event end date (format = Y-m-d for example 2013-07-25)
start_time Add the event start time (format = 10:00:00 AM)
end_time Add the event end time (format = 10:00:00 AM)
reg_limit Add the maximum number of attendees for the event, enter 999999 for unlimited
event_cost The event price, do not use currency symbols!
allow_multiple Allow group registrations? Use Y or N
additional_limit Group size, use numbers only.
send_mail Send the registration confirmation email? Use Y or N
is_active Is this an active event? Use Y or N
conf_mail Add the content of your confirmation email here, basic HTML and email tags are allowed.
registration_start Add the registration start date (format = Y-m-d for example 2013-07-25)
registration_end Add the registration end date (format = Y-m-d for example 2013-07-25)

Blank Fields

Whilst it is possible to leave some of these fields blank, it is advisable to fill out the following as an absolute minimum










Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file named events.csv. Any other name or format will fail to import!

In the Import Events page, click the Choose file button, and select the newly saved events.csv file. Then click the blue Upload File & Add Event(s) button.

You will see a message on screen confirming success or failure.

Important Information

Please note that the use of single quotation marks ( ‘ ) and returns (pressing enter to make a new line) should be avoided in the import file as these can cause errors.

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