2014 Changelog Archive

Dec 29, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.8.p

  • Fix incorrectly calculated ticket price when using comma for decimal place and period for thousands

Dec 18, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.7.p

  • Fix issue in upcoming events widget where short event titles don’t bump images down & big images can overflow
  • Fix issue where expired events cannot be viewed
  • Fix unlocalized strings and labels for the admin
  • Fix Undefined variable + Cannot modify header information warning when updating attendee registration form in admin
  • Add check for wpdb::set_sql_mode (only existed since WordPress 3.9.0)

Dec 9, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.6.p

  • Fix datetimes being based on UTC rather than local time when being displayed on the front end
  • Fix events with a status of ‘Cancelled’ still allowing registrations
  • Fix ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode where pagination stops working if used on the ‘Front Page’
  • Fix issue with prices with commas
  • Fix event category archives
  • Fix events with no limit set on a datetime importing as sold out
  • Fix error when attempting to remove a trashed registrant
  • Fix ‘Notice: Undefined index: test_transactions in /event-espresso-core-reg/modules/gateways/Paypal_Pro/EE_Paypal_Pro.class.php on line 781’
  • Fix “Allow Payment-retry for Pending and Deferred Payments?”
  • Fix STRICT_ALL_TABLES issue for WordPress 4.1



  • Add a whole whack of filters to control displayed text within the ticket selector
  • Merge GitHub Pull Request #46: Updated Thank You page header to be consistent–props nickrouty
  • Merge GitHub Pull Request #45: Removed line that isn’t applicable to Ticket Selector table columns–props nickrouty

Nov 12, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.5.p

  • Fix issue where multiple required tickets causes some ticket options to become sold out
  • Fix datetimes being based on UTC rather than local time when being displayed on the front end
  • Fix Upcoming events widget does not display events that are currently active
  • Fix issue where the visibility of password protected on an event allowed registration through event listing page
  • Clean up translation strings
  • Fix untranslatable messaging verbiage
  • Fix issue where an extra space created a duplicate language domain entry for “In order to process your registration” message in SPCO
  • Fix the “Display expired events” options in the Template settings
  • Fix ability to remove price modifiers
  • Fix issue where events with no dates became unusable due to warning
  • Fix registration ticket price for tickets that get added to a secondary datetime
  • Fix Default Registration Status default setting option
  • Convert state number to state name for Authorize.net receipt


  • Merge Pull Request: Added echo/return capabilities to template tags
  • Merge GitHub Pull Request #42: Added markup around ticket info

Nov 6, 2014

Espresso Calendar 3.2.0.p

  • Add required EE_Error parameters
  • Remove extra anchor closing tags from Category legend
  • Fix collapsing Category legend parent div
  • Fix Calendar > Advanced Settings > Column format > Month and Week inputs
  • Fix ‘Auto’ Soldout events being removed from the calendar
  • Fix calendar reactivations not being detected


  • Add core compatibility to Calendar’s plugin name
  • Prevent Calendar from activating with incompatible versions of core
  • Add support for datetime titles
  • Add Calendar start month and year shortcode parameters

Oct 29, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.4.p

  • Fix custom question answers not saving when there is no JavaScript
  • Fix flush_rewrite_rules() happening too early
  • EE_Error exception when adding [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] to a LearnDash course
  • PayPal IPN validation, when there’s a single quote in a ticket’s name
  • Event Facebook URL and Event Twitter URL Message Shortcodes don’t Reference Event Information
  • Remove “or” keywords from instance of check in EE_Admin.core.php
  • Stray html tag in the pricing area of Event Espresso
  • Custom payment methods not loading unless original is deleted
  • Fix transaction report calculation for Total Revenue per Day
  • Approved Registration status not working for payment gateways
  • Sold Out Ticket that is Required allows other Tickets to be Purchased
  • EE Error notice when micro updating EE4.5.0.beta
  • Payment Overview has wrong dates January 1 1970


  • Raise minimum PHP version requirement to at least PHP 5.3.9
  • Move Heartbeat API dependent admin scripts to their own file
  • Add $old_STS_ID and $new_STS_ID to hooks in EE_Registration::set_status()

September 23, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.3.p

  • Error when autoupdating
  • Database error in front-end category shortcode page while in maintenance mode
  • Undefined property (slug) notice that shows on plugin list table


  • Enabled Payment Declined (Event Admin context) by default

September 22, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.2.p

  • Fix transaction date times to use a consistent timezone in the Event Espresso – Registrations page
  • Fix permanently deleting an active event deleting all of the default message templates

September 18, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.1.p

  • Fix ticket selector sold out trigger so events don’t oversell
  • Fix incorrect class loading for EEH_MSG_Template::is_messenger_active
  • Fix notices related to undefined Plug Update Engine array indexes
  • Restore FHEE_management_capability filter
  • Fix required system questions so they don’t allow optional value
  • Fix Admin registrations with Admin View Only questions shows those questions within the emails to registrants
  • Fix Full Logging and Remote Logging features
  • Fix already defined constant errors for version constant when activating EE_Addons
  • Fix fatal error when visiting events page while in maintenance mode
  • Fix database errors that get logged when the Reset/Delete Data feature is used
  • Fix Mijireh failing when using % within a ticket name
  • Fix CSV imports using Unicode throwing a warning – Illegal string offset ‘notices’
  • Fix CSV Import – The column titled ?”Event Espresso Export Meta Data” is invalid for importing. It must be be in the format of ‘Nice Name[model_field_name]’
  • Fix conflict with bbPress


  • Reduce number of EE transient records that get added to the options table
  • Prevent incompatible add-ons from activating with incompatible versions of core
  • Adjust General Settings Countries admin page input styles so that things look consistent
  • Simplify UXIP Notice

September 11, 2014

Event Espresso 4.4.0.p

EE4.4 self-deactivates if your PHP version is less than PHP 5.3, please see Raising the PHP Requirements for Event Espresso 4.


  • Fixed: ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcodes params getting overwritten
  • Fixed: Usage of do_shortcode() with EE Shortcodes in Templates
  • Fixed: Venue description and excerpt not showing in event
  • Fixed: Maintenance Mode for visitors appearing as a blank page
  • Fixed: missing “Settings” link on WP Plugins page
  • Fixed: ticket editor ticket limit (max_input_vars)
  • Fixed: Invoice showing Registration Details for Extra Registration Groups in Reverse Order
  • Fixed: Use of fopen()
  • Fixed: Front-end Messages when Maximum Per-transaction Limit is 0
  • Fixed: Month property not working in event shortcodes
  • Fixed: Event Espresso icon needs spacing on front end WordPress user toolbar
  • Fixed: Venues H3 tag not within Espresso Venue div


  • Enhancement: Add Bank Draft (EFT) to payment options listed in refunds screen
  • Enhancement: Added WP theme conditionals for Event Espresso
  • Enhancement: Added template tag: espresso_get_events
  • Enhancement: Create “template_tags.php” File For Holding ALL Template Tags
  • Enhancement: Make EE4.4 self-deactivate if less than PHP 5.3
    Customers can always download and install EE 4.3.2, from the pre-release channel within your account, which is compatible with PHP 5.2 until they can find a better web host.
  • Enhancement: Create and implement EE_Admin_Menu objects that get used for setting menu items
  • Enhancement: Added a link/button for attendees to resend registration or payment email
  • Enhancement: Show php.ini in system status page
  • Enhancement: Added filters to allow date and time localization (i18n)
  • Enhancement: Changed “alternate registration page” to “alternative registration page”
  • Enhancement: Added checks that all third-party libraries are not already in use
  • Enhancement: Create “Public” Folder in Plugin Root and Move All Publicly Editable Templates, Assets, etc Into It
  • Enhancement: Remove image captions on ‘Events’ page excerpts
  • Enhancement: EE4 PayPal Standard – Send Event Name with Shopping Cart

September 3, 2014

Event Espresso 4.3.2.p

  • Fixed SPCO return to pay in cases where the event is sold out / reached maximum capacity of approved registrations
  • Fixed updates to core wiped out tables added by add-ons
  • Fixed the mysterious Sales Tax display in the Ticket Price breakdown
  • Fixed migration error when migrating from EE3

August 19, 2014

Event Espresso 4.3.1.p

  • Fix event datetime comparison to now for upcoming events widget
  • Add limit to session transient delete query
  • Fix flat fee discount/surcharge not showing in the price breakdown
  • Fix undefined function deactivate_plugins()
  • Fix [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] show_expired=false parameter
  • Fix calendar shortcode parsing on page with [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode on it
  • Fix 1 click updates not working for add-ons
  • Fix error when changing timezone to half hour increments
  • Fix event_espresso text domain typos
  • Incorrect array configuration for Plugin Update Engine in EE_Register_Addon
  • Fix receipt HTML issues
  • Fix issue where EE_DMS_New_Addon_0_0_2.dms.php does not have constructor
  • Fix issue where core misinforms add-ons when it’s a new install


  • Change minimum PHP version notification to say next major version will drop support for PHP 5.2
  • Add in validation of active messengers and message types
  • Update Category help tour

August 5, 2014

Event Espresso 4.3.0.p
New Features:

  • Make Thank You Page handle delayed/laggy off-site gateway responses
  • iCal integration
  • Duplicate event button
  • Ticket required option
  • Drag-n-drop answer values
  • Order questions by question group
  • Question editor Drag and Drop style changes (thanks to Matt Van Andel)
  • Re-order datetimes in ticket editor and Single Page Checkout
  • New hooks and filters for developers added to the registration process
  • New filters for modifying Event editor defaults for new events
  • Email newsletter message type
  • Payment refund email message type
  • Transaction entry shows why the payment succeeded or failed


  • Fix single ticket limit applying to all tickets within a registration
  • Fix shortcode tracking on category archive
  • Fix issue where single country selected in the countries tab for causing Authorizenet and PayPal Pro to fail
  • Use better way to trigger loading of calendar module when calendar widget is active
  • EE_CPT_Base::post_type() returns NULL for EE_Events
  • Fix typo in the content-espresso_venues.php template that causes errors
  • Fix for Single Page Checkout so it displays the correct amount owed based on when a payment has already been entered into the system
  • If default reg status is “Approved”, purchasing the last available tickets reserves spaces immediately and blocks registration
  • Fix incompatible add-ons disrupt migrations
  • Fix displaying the Description field in the template parts when the Excerpt or Description is empty
  • Display all tickets selected at checkout when no info required for addition attendees
  • Grammar and spelling fixes
  • Fix undefined function espresso_event_link_url()
  • Fix how Event Espresso Custom Post Type taxonomies are recognized
  • Fix EE_Error exception when all messengers are de-activated
  • Remove pricing overview icon
  • Fix broken link to Google’s reCaptcha page
  • Make sure that if payment methods is empty it returns “Invoice” as the default when a registration is done via the admin
  • Fix queries doing “WHERE”s with a “LIKE” query_parameter
  • Fix PHP Notice Uninitialized string offset 0 EEH_MSG_Template.helper.php
  • Fix issue where registrations have a lock icon they can not be used for ANY bulk action
  • Fix for questions not showing when editing registration in certain circumstances
  • Datetimes expired based on end date not start date
  • Fix missing asterisk on attendee information note
  • Fixes for the PHP docs
  • Add check for valid DMS file before attempting to load


  • Add garbage collection to remove expired transients
  • Add instance() Method to EED_New_Addon
  • Remove error code obfuscation
  • Change check for WP_DEBUG to current_user_can() check when displaying shortcode errors
  • Remove failed transaction status display (with link to pay again) when transaction is actually completed (just slow)
  • Add logic to event templates so the single event content can be marked up differently than the event archive
  • Setup Plugin Update Engine in EE_Register_Addon
  • Tweak gateways to capture the correct amount owed based on when a payment has already been entered into the system
  • Change all register apis to use two arguments
  • On SPCO revisits, block editing of other registrant details if not the primary registrant
  • Add No Cache Headers to SPCO
  • EE4 add-ons registering themselves with core
  • Add CSS class names to tickets
  • Refactor EE_Register_Addon to not use static property for add-on name
  • Create array of template location paths in EEH_Template::locate_template() and filter it
  • Add session filter to rule them all
  • Default ‘From’ Email shortcode for Messages now [CO_FORMATTED_EMAIL] instead of [EVENT_AUTHOR_FORMATTED_EMAIL]
  • Add filter to EE admin core for contact post links appearing in dashboard comments
  • Break out model extension class registration into its own EEI_Plugin_API implementation from EE_Register_Model
  • Make sure Config property values are not being saved as serialized objects
  • Better error handling for deleting locked questions
  • Add pagination to screen options on the new custom message templates page
  • Add ticket name to price column in registration admin list table
  • Add spacing between contact list csv export button and send batch message button on the contact list page
  • Modify Messages admin to implement new Custom Template creation/edit process
  • Add new bulk actions for registration list table to not only change registration status but also send notifications for each registration status change
  • Allow events to choose a custom template for messages being sent instead of the global template
  • Add support for event category taxonomy templates
  • Change the term “Goes On Sale” to “Sale Starts”
  • Make excel and other programs open CSVs as UTF-8 characters
  • Bulk restore from trash for events
  • EE4 Register Addon: provide main file path in order to better hook in
  • EE4 Add-on integration: streamline detecting add-on activation and upgrades
  • Send address fields to Mijireh
  • Better migration error handling
  • Model objects use a more dynamic array of relations and fields, instead of properties
  • Make Organization info column on invoice wider
  • Add transaction status to registrations csv export

July 22, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.9.p

  • Fix undefined variable $is_IE in Event Espresso admin routes
  • Fix styling issue with help tours in the WordPress admin
  • Restore functionality for [ATTENDEE_EMAIL] shortcode
  • Fix reverse order of registration information on order confirmation invoice


  • Move ticket selector towards top of page to improve speed of registrations
  • Allow the default uncategorized category slug to be changed
  • Allow editing of the category hierarchy

July 17, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.8.p

  • Fix issue with ticket pricing being retrieved from PHP session
  • Fix issue with datetimes missing assigned tickets
  • Fix typos in language domain
  • Fix compatibility issue with WordPress 4.0


  • Translate month names in invoice payment gateway

July 3, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.7.p

  • Prevent duplication of venues when migrating from Event Espresso 3
  • Show the current value when changes are saved through the default price type editor
  • Restore the [EVENT_LIST] messages shortcode for the [ATTENDEE_LIST]
  • Fix styling issue with dropdown menus in the Add New Registration screen
  • Fix undeclared variable in EE_Shortcodes::_validate_list_requirements()
  • Restore the ability for the messages system to display information from system questions
  • Correct a variable name to clear a PHP warning in EE_Event_List_Shortcodes.lib.php
  • Fix infinite loop issue related to event excerpts
  • Fix transaction time for offsite payments gateways (e.g. Mijireh, PayPal) so they are recorded with the correct timezone
  • Fix email links used by the messages system
  • Restore the [EVENT_AUTHOR_EMAIL] messages shortcode for the [EVENT_LIST]
  • Adjust saving of primary registrant information so this information is only saved to the primary attendee record
  • Fix insecure warning caused by Google maps loading over http while on an https page
  • Fix error from missing help tab for the Check-In Records screen

June 23, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.6.p

  • Upcoming events widget formatting, remove extra line breaks and spacing, defaults of false not selecting.
  • Preview button not showing for regular WordPress post-types.
  • Logo Sizes in Order Confirmation PDF.
  • Clarifying that the “skip migrations” = “reset database and delete old data”.
  • indexOf(s) is not a function.
  • Event Access Information under Ticket Details shows “Remaining” but that heading no longer exists.
  • Fix date display in content-espresso_events-header.php to allow for translation.
  • Themes that use “get_the_excerpt()” instead of “the_excerpt()” are missing EE content.
    Please note many of the headings in the event templates of prior versions have been removed as part of the work done in this ticket
  • Move to Trash Link in Venues Editor allows you to Delete Locked Venues.
  • Arabica 2014 – change category icon from “tags” to “category”.
  • EE4 Core 4.1 DMS crashing during events_Question_group stage.
  • Fix error on sorting venues by ID in venue list table.
  • Fix errors getting hidden by try catch block.


  • Add option to show events from all categories in the Upcoming Events widget.

June 5, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.5.p


  • Failed transaction status display (with link to pay again) when transaction is actually completed (just slow)
  • Call to Protected EE_Attendee::__construct in Registrations_Admin_Page
  • Datetime limit to override individual ticket limit.
  • Bulk activation/de-activation error
  • Registration overview search
  • Transaction Date on Registrations Screen is using UTC Time
  • States and Provinces along with Countries are appearing multiple times in the drop down menus for Single Page Registration Checkout
  • Messaging Answer shortcode not outputting to email
  • Cannot Update New Questions when using the Edit Attendee Information page on an Existing or Old Attendee
  • Stop images from being stripped from event when event sells out
  • ESPRESSO_EVENTS Shortcode issue – Multiple instances cause “Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty”
  • ESPRESSO_EVENT shortcode order_by parameters
  • Mijireh Gateway re-directing back to registration-checkout/? when multiple tickets or qty are selected.
  • Plugin Conflict – Simple Custom CSS
  • PRIMARY_REGISTRANT_EMAIL not displayed within the EVENT_LIST of Messages

May 9, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.4.reg


  • Ticket Selector not displayed when using ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode
  • Conflict with bbPress and BuddyPress
  • Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event set to 0 causes the single event page to not load correctly.
  • Drag and drop registration form question ordering

May 1, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.3.reg


  • License key update request time out being very small.
  • User proofing the Datetime Editor.
  • Error on Registration page on a new install.
  • WP date format set to Day, Month Year (j f y) breaks Event Editor and Front End Registration and Backend Registration.
  • Ticket end date reverting back to what is set in the start date if you change date, hour, and minute at the same time
  • WordPress database error, session_start() and header warnings on a new site activation.
  • Questions: Paging disappears on the second page
  • Fix fatal error when creating tickets (PHP 5.2)

April 30, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.1.reg


  • Update script triggering inadvertently on new installations.
  • Event editor alert box popping up unnecessarily.
  • Broken Quick Links to Help Tabs in the WordPress admin.
  • Incorrect dates in the event editor and front-end display when using the WordPress d/m/y date format settings.
  • Tag taxonomies and terms links not working.


  • Invoice to use Locate Template to allow for easy overriding of invoice template files.

April 23, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.2.reg


  • Question tables columns truncating data.

April 18, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.1.reg


  • Update script triggering inadvertently on new installations.
  • Event editor alert box popping up unnecessarily.
  • Broken Quick Links to Help Tabs in the WordPress admin.
  • Incorrect dates in the event editor and front-end display when using the WordPress d/m/y date format settings.
  • Tag taxonomies and terms links not working.


  • Invoice to use Locate Template to allow for easy overriding of invoice template files.

Apr 15, 2014

Event Espresso 4.2.reg


  • Fix Template Settings Event List display descriptions settings to correctly change the way the event list is displayed.
  • Make downgrading to ee3 safe.
  • Fix Upcoming event Widget hiding the date leaves the dash.
  • Fix no report data in Event Espresso > Transactions > Reports.
  • Fix paging on list tables not retaining filters/search terms in request.
  • Fix Admin Manual Registration Inconsistencies.
  • Fix Venue website does not appear on venue page.
  • Fix marking a registration as declined shows an error if the declined message is not activated.
  • Fix labeling of information on registration details page.
  • Fix Event list template to have unique event title ID’s.
  • Fix bug with QGQ_order not working properly on order receipt page.
  • Fix Data Conversions with periods, because periods can’t go into URLs.
  • Fix running query on models too early.
  • Fix venue map display in event list.
  • Fix filtering Check-in list by event reloads to registrations overview filtered by chosen event.
  • Fix a Registration Checkout page that is a child of another page will cause the Edit Registration Details link on the Order Confirmation page to fail.
  • Fix messages filter are not working.
  • Fix Primary Registrant does not automatically receive the Registration Details email for an Approved registration.
  • Fix Ticket Selector shortcode error.
  • Fix States and Provinces that are added through the Front End Registration Form cannot be deleted through the Countries tab in the WordPress admin.
  • Fix extra get_header tag in some templates.
  • Fix Timezone Issues with Admin Payments.
  • Fix being unable to remove questions from system question groups.



  • Support for Calendar Add-on (see below)
  • Drag and Drop ordering of tickets in the event editor.
  • Order Questions by Question Group (no longer ordering questions by question order).
  • Option to turn OFF the Ticket Selector in the Event Details page for events without tickets/registrations.
  • Mijireh Gateway, see the Payment Settings in side EE 4.2).
  • Event Datetime Name.
  • Event Datetime Description.
  • Event Datetime Name messages shortcode.
  • Event Datetime Description messages shortcode.
  • Add datetime titles and descriptions to the order confirmation.
  • Front-end “Maintenance Mode”.
  • Add “Register Now or “View Details” button in the event list when the Ticket Selector is turned off.
  • Hook/Filter to Set No-cost events as “Free”.
  • Add filter so email messenger css file can be swapped out by developers for another css file.
  • Add hook in Admin panel after each ticket row description.
  • Add hook in Admin panel after each ticket create and update model.
  • Add hook in Front-end after each ticket date on a single event.
  • Make Single Page Check Out (SPCO) button text filterable.
  • Models make acceptance of empty strings more consistent.
  • Simplified EE_System Constructor and Hookpoints to external module/add-on/plugin development.
  • EEH_Template::locate_template() to accept full paths as well as relatives paths (from plugin root)
  • Filter for adding caffeinated modules to EE_Config $modules_to_register array.
  • Make Single Page Check Out (SPCO) button text filterable.

Calendar 3.0.reg

  • Initial Release


April 9, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.12.reg


  • Fix fatal error when ticket selector shortcode is used.
  • Fix manual payments admin-ajax.php from loading in the wrong location when WordPress has been moved to subdirectory.

April 2, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.11.reg


  • Fix Alternate Registration URL feature

Potential Conflict Resolutions:

  • Remove espresso_ajax_notices from query where themes are doing_it_wrong()
  • Change how single event filters are declared, added, and removed to prevent conflicts with the WP SEO plugin’s social meta tag feature

March 26, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.10.reg


  • Fix blank event page when using a translation
  • Fix upcoming dates and times display so they can be translated
  • Fix [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode pagination
  • Fix Email Editor not displaying when switching templates
  • Remove Venue Categories shortcodes from venue category list table
  • Fix the duplicating of the excerpt so it doesn’t display twice in the event list when using the ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode
  • Fix missing left bracket on shortcode for Google+ in Messages Template footer
  • Fix no dates displayed within the Order Confirmation Receipt

Potential Conflict Resolutions:

  • Prevent possible conflict where espresso notices get output outside the main WP loop
  • Change hook priorities and remove newlines within code blocks to prevent conflicts with some (*cough Themeforest cough*) themes


  • Make sure event author short codes are valid for the “from” field in the message templates

March 14, 2014

Event Espresso


  • Expiry dates on registration payment page showing zeros in date dropdowns

March 11, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.9.reg


  • Prevent EE content from being added to non EE posts in recent posts widget.
  • Fix Automatic updates when EE us updated via bulk updater (stops deactivating EE issue).
  • Remove Event Espresso menu from admin bar for non-admins
  • Make datetimes i18n ready on the frontend.
  • Fix Venue Display option for Event list view
  • Fix NextGen Plugin Conflict – only admin can create galleries.
  • Stop FireFox prefetching pages during checkout


  • Add description to order in AIM transaction.

Feb 28, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.8.reg


  • Fix issue with paid and free registrations not working.

Feb 27, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.7.reg


  • Fix fatal error when bulk deleting trashed registrations
  • Fix datepicker from only displaying 20 year date range
  • Fix issue where onsite gateways were storing CC data in sessions
  • Fix AIM and Paypal Pro bugs from line item names that were too large
  • Fix dropdown question values not being displayed

Feb 26, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.6.reg


  • Fix event CPT filters not removing from wp_query after use, theme conflict.
  • Remove remove_all_filter(‘mce_external_plugins’)
  • Fix missing ticket selection in checkout when selected tickets are $0
  • Fix some not so translatable strings
  • Fix missing EE icon on front end when logged in

Feb 20, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.5.reg


  • Fix Error if ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode uses multiple params for sorting
  • Fix success messages not showing correctly for reordering question groups (drag and drop)
  • Fix conflict between the registration page and the WP HTTPS plugins “force SSL in administration” feature


  • On new installs of EE4 the QST_display_text is now a TEXT field and max character count for QST_admin_label, QSG_name and QSO_value increased to 255 from 100

Feb 18, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.4.reg


  • Language files not loading from the /uploads/ directory.
  • Shortcode parameters
  • Single venue shortcodes
  • Ticket selector not displaying on nested WordPress pages.


  • WordPress and PHP version notifications.

Feb 14, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.3.reg


  • fix is_on_sale() on non-object in EE_Event bug in tickets metabox
  • fix base_type() on non-object in EE_Taxes bug in tickets metabox
  • removed warning when making a new question group
  • fix issue where gateways in uploads directory weren’t getting loaded
  • fix issue “edit_attendee_link” wasn’t appearing in in message previews
  • fix error when previewing message with archived ticket
  • fix [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode issue where it wasn’t displaying events
  • upon activation, EE checks the WP version is above 3.6, otherwise doesn’t activate


  • restructure messages shortcode parsing so based on registrations not attendee objects (translation, more accurate shortcode parsing)
  • NEW messages shortcodes:  [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK], [FRONTEND_EDIT_REG_LINK]. Both these shortcodes parse to a link that brings up the page for editing existing registrations on the front end. So you can add this to your message templates, so registrants can edit their registration details AFTER they’ve registered.


Feb 13, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.2.reg


  • the_excerpt() related fixes
  • fix “EEM_Contact” error
  • fix Ticket selector shortcode on regular page not showing quantity selector
  • fix fatal error when trying to download invoice (PHP5.2 related)
  • fix for clicking dismiss on UXIP notice not sticking
  • fix tickets missing when returning to edit registration details
  • fix for EE4 Venue map failing if country ommitted


  • events set to private work the same as WordPress private posts/pages (i.e. remain private)
  • fix namespace issues with Authorize.net gateway due to other plugins using similar libraries
  • registration form field entries autofill onto payment fields where possible


Feb 12, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.1.reg


  • fixes with session_start()
  • remove commented out HTML in payment options template.  This created problems for some themes running the_content() through filters.
  • fix General Settings -> Template Settings options not sticking on save.
  • some auto-update tweaks
  • Fix Registration form HTTPS issue for users with HTTPS plugins in use.
  • Fix for no update message on saving of Questions and Question Groups in certain conditions.
  • Fix incorrect links/routing for shortcode docs on Support admin page.
  • Fix for uploaded feature image not showing after upload (on event and venue cpt pages)
  • Fix for EE_Module_Request_Router fatal error
  • Fix for illegal offset warning that happens in certain cases with third-party plugins/themes.



  • Messages system: if user first name or last name isn’t filled out for event author, we’ll use the Organization name (instead of leaving it to WordPress to add WordPress)
  • Add Event Espresso admin bar menu items to admin bar on frontend of site too.
  • Add better support for dark themes.
  • Messages System: Add new email shortcodes  for email group: [ESPRESSO_ADMIN_EMAIL],  [ESPRESSO_ADMIN_FORMATTED_EMAIL],  [CO_FORMATTED_EMAIL]


Feb 10, 2014

Event Espresso 4.1.0.reg

  • First release.

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