Volume Discounts

Everyone loves a discount and it’s one of the best ways to help move tickets. What better way than to offer a discount on multiple ticket purchases. The Volume Discount add on does just that.

Choose from a variety of options including, discounts based on the number of tickets bought and discounts based on the total monetary amount.

The Volume Discount add-on, only works when the Multiple Event Registration add-on is activated. It will not function correctly without it. Also, Volume Discounts can only be applied through the Multi Event Registration cart. Please see this guide for step by step instructions on how to use an ‘Add to Cart’ link instead of the default registration form.

Set up:

Download and install the Event Espresso Volume Discount (free for a limited time!) add-on from your account page. You will need to sign up to the Pre Release channel first.

Determining Factors

Start off by heading over to the Volume Discounts menu page. Here you will find various options to set your discounts at. These options help you set when the discount is applied.

Discount Based on:

Total Dollar Amount: If the ticket price reaches a certain amount, the discount is applied. For example, you set this at $500 and the tickets are $100 each, when 5 tickets are bought they trigger the discount.

Number of Registrations: Works only when you have allowed group registrations. Please make sure that the maximum number allowed for group registrations is the same or higher than the number set for this.

An Event Meta Field: Selecting this option will display further fields: the Event Meta Field and the Default meta field value. To use, set a default meta field value, lets say 4, and a discount threshold, lets say 24. In that example, a user would need to buy 6 tickets (24 divided by 4) to hit the discount threshold. By adding the Event field meta value into an meta field in an individual event you can over ride the default meta field value. For example, using the same figures, in an event you add a meta field that matches the one in the volume discount settings and give it a value of 8, the user will only need to buy 3 tickets for that individual event to enable the discount threshold.

Discount Threshold: This will either by the monetary amount if you have chosen Total Dollar amount above, or the number of registrants if you have chose Number of Registrations above.

The Actual Discount

This determines how much discount is applied and how.

Discount Amount: The value of the discount.

Discount Type: Whether the above figure is a percentage discount or a monetary discount.

Discount applied message: Customise the message that appears when the discount threshold kicks in.

Event Categories

The Volume Discount add on works alongside the Event Categories. By selecting a category you can limit and focus the discounts on core areas. If you want the discount to apply to everything or if you do not use categories, please make sure All Categories is ticked.

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