Understanding Your Event Espresso Account

Congratulations on downloading Event Espresso, the most powerful online event registration and ticket sales software plugin for WordPress.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to your Event Espresso Account. Please refer to the image below as you reference each item in your account. You can also click the image to view it in more detail.


1. Profile

By default we use your account email address to try and associate your account with your Gravatar profile. If you do not have a Gravatar profile, a default profile image will be chosen for you.

2. Account Navigation

This area can be used to quickly navigate your account and download software:

  • Quick Links – Navigate your browser to the latest software downloads, support license key(s), mobile apps page, latest news, and support posts.
  • Help & Support – Links to resources, such as the quick start guide, documentation, forum support, and community live chat.
  • Manage My Event Espresso Account – With the Edit Account Details link you can edit your account details such as your name, email address, password, etc. You can also mange your billing information, download invoices, and update your newsletter preferences. The Logout button will end your logged-in session on EventEspresso.com. You will be required to log into your account when you return to EventEspresso.com.


3. Account Details

From here you can view your current support licenses, switch your support license, and retrieve your support license key(s):

  • Account Status & Settings – You will see a message that displays your account type, the expiration date and renewal notices. 30 days before your account expires, you will receive a notice on your account that your support license is expiring, and you will be given special pricing to renew your license. You can cancel auto-renewal by clicking on the Cancel button.
  • Switch Your Support License – This section allows you to quickly upgrade or downgrade your support license.
  • Support License Key – Support license keys enable you to receive automatic upgrades for all Event Espresso products in your account. Your support license key can be added to Event Espresso through your WordPress dashboard –> Event Espresso –> General Settings page.
  • Redeem Premium Support – If you have purchased priority support, you will have a notification on your account to complete a form to start the process to get priority assistance. You will be asked for a description of how we can help you and also credentials to your website.If you have not purchased priority support, you will not see this widget area. After the issue related to your support token is resolved, or the time allotted to your support token(s) is used or expires this widget area will be removed.


4. Billing Management

This section allows you to update your billing information and download invoices.


5. Downloads & Documentation

Clicking the disk icon will download that plugin zip file that you can install on your website. You can also click the name of the file to download the file.

Clicking the note icon will link you to the documentation page about that download.


6. Recent News

You will be notified of news posted to the Event Espresso blog.


7. Subscribed Support Topics

This is an archive of the support forum discussions that you have subscribed to. You will receive an email notification from EventEspresso.com when a new comment has been posted to a discussion. You can subscribe to a topic by clicking the “Follow” button on any forum discussion page.


8. Bookmarked Support Topics

This is an archive of the support forum discussions you have bookmarked for future reference. You can subscribe to a topic by clicking the “Favorite” button on any forum discussion page.


9. My Support Topics

This is an archive of quick links to the support topics that you have created on the support forums.

Need more help?

  • Browse or search for more information on this topic in our support forums. Customers with an active support license can open a support topic and get help from Event Espresso staff.
  • Have an emergency? Purchase a support token and get expedited one-on-one help!
  • Go back to documentation for Event Espresso
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