How to Reorder the Event Page Layout

If you would like to have the details of the event page reorganized into a different order, you can adjust that with drag and drop control. For example, perhaps you want the event description listed first with the tickets last. Or perhaps you want the venue listed first and the tickets second, etc. Whatever you choose you can make those changes with ease.

To Reorder the Elements of the Event Details Page:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Event Espresso –> Events. Now look for the Templates tab and click on it. Look for the Custom Display Order option and set it to On. Then immediately click on the Save button to save changes.

You can control the order of the: Ticket Selector, Dates and Times, Event Description and Venue Information.

After the page loads, you can use the Display Order options to drag and drag a new order. Then click on the Save button to save changes.


Be sure to toggle full screen in the bottom corner of the video.


Notes: in the video above we cover how to change the order of the event elements on the single event page. You can also change the order for the events listing page in a similar manner.

On this same Templates setting page you will also have control the layout of the elements on the Event List page and the Ticket Selector.

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