Events Social Sharing Integration

Use the Events Social Sharing extension to create exposure for your events by allowing your attendees post to social media that they’ve registered for your events.

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This add-on is a plugin for WordPress and can be installed through your WP dashboard (WP-admin).

Download the latest version of the Events Social Sharing add-on from your Event Espresso account.

Then login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Plugins. Next, click on Add New –> Upload and browse to the plugin on your computer. Then select the zip file and begin the upload process. Wait for the plugin to upload and then click on Activate.

Setup and Configuration

You will not see any new WordPress administration menus for the add-on. Your social media accounts can be enabled by browsing to Event Espresso –> General Settings –> Your Organization. Once on the Your Organization screen, scroll down, and locate the Social Links options.

Twitter, Facebook are the only social networks that are currently available for the Events Social Sharing add-on. You can fill out all of the fields as needed, but only Facebook, and Twitter will be used at this time for the add-on.


The social sharing options will appear at the end of the thank you page for Event Espresso.


The plugin will not activate. Can you help?
Are you running a current version of Event Espresso 4? This add-on needs at least version 4.4 to activate.

Where is the menu screen for this add-on?
This plugin does not create any new menus in the WordPress admin screen. It uses the existing social links which can be found in the General Settings page of Event Espresso.


Our support team cannot write custom coding for you. Below are some examples on customizing this add-on.

How to Change the Messenging

Below are some recommendations for how to change the messaging or verbiage that is used by the add-on.

The default heading that is used by this add-on is:

Support us on Social Media — Spread the Word

The sample code below will change the heading to:

Tell a Friend on Facebook and Twitter!

function ee_override_registration_checkout_social_sharing_heading() {
 return 'Tell a Friend on Facebook and Twitter!';

add_filter ('FHEE__EED_Social_Buttons__thank_you_page__heading', 'ee_override_registration_checkout_social_sharing_heading');

The following is the formatting for the Twitter share button:

I just registered for {name of event} at {name of organization}

The sample code below will change the tweet messaging to:

I’m excited about attending the {name of event} event by {name of organization}

function ee_override_registration_checkout_social_sharing_twitter_messaging( $message, $registration, $organization ) {
	if ( $registration instanceof EE_Registration && ! empty( $organization ) ) {
		$message = sprintf(
			__('I\'m excited about the %1$s event by %2$s', 'event_espresso'),
			$organization instanceof EE_Organization_Config ? $organization->name : ''
	return $message;
add_filter( 'FHEE__EED_Social_Buttons__thank_you_page__tweet_message', 'ee_override_registration_checkout_social_sharing_twitter_messaging', 10, 3 );

How to Relocate the Buttons

The buttons are added via WordPress action hooks so they can be removed and added to other places within the Thank You page. The example code shared here can be used to move the buttons so they’re before the registration details.

The sample code snippets shared above can be added to your child theme’s plugin or a site specific plugin.

Need to Buy a Support License for the Events Social Sharing Add-on?
Purchase a support license for the Events Social Sharing integration for Event Espresso

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