EE4 Attendee Mover

EE4 Attendee Mover

The Attendee Mover for Event Espresso 4 makes it easy as possible to move registrations between events.

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This add-on’s basic features include:

  • Ability to easily move attendees between events
  • Ability to easily reassign tickets to attendee
  • Keep a history of reassigned attendees


This add-on requires Event Espresso 4.9.13 or newer. It cannot be used with older versions of Event Espresso 4.

This add-on is a plugin for WordPress and can be installed through your WP dashboard (WP-admin).

You download the latest version of the Attendee Mover add-on from your Event Espresso account.

Then log in to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Plugins. Next, click on Add New –> Upload and browse to the plugin on your computer. Then select the zip file and begin the upload process. Wait for the plugin to upload and then click on Activate.

Setup and Configuration

A new admin menu will not appear for this add-on. It can be accessed by going to Event Espresso –> Registrations. Then look in the Actions column which appears in the far right area of the screen and look for the multiple arrow symbol (see image in the section for example).


Moving an attendee to a different event/ticket is easy and only takes four simple steps to move an attendee to a new event.

Step 1:
From the Registrations Overview page, click the “Attendee Mover” icon in the attendee row.

attendee mover registration overview

Attendee Mover Icon in Registration Overview

Step 2:
Choose the event that you would like to move the selected attendee to.

Attendee Mover - Registration Step 1

Attendee Mover – Registration Step 1

Step 3:
Select a ticket and click the “Next Step” button.

Attendee Mover - Registration Step 2

Attendee Mover – Registration Step 2

Step 4:
After the attendee is reassigned to the correct event/ticket, set the “Trigger Notifications” option to your desired setting. Then click “Next Step” button.

Attendee Mover - Registration Step 3

Attendee Mover – Registration Step 3

Now your attendee should be reassigned to the new event/ticket, where you can see a record of the reassignment.



  • The plugin will not activate. Can you help?
    Please first check that you have Event Espresso version 4.9.7 or greater installed.
  • The Select Event step returns “The results could not be loaded.”
    If you have the iThemes Security plugin, you can go to
    Security > Settings > System Tweaks Configure Settings
    then uncheck the box next to Filter Long URL Strings, then click Save Settings.


Our support team cannot write custom code for you.

Include Expired Events
To include expired events, add this filter (we recommend placing code snippets within a plugin):

    function() {
        return array();
Need to Buy a Support License for the Attendee Mover add-on for Event Espresso 4?

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