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Registration checkout in Event Espresso 4 is similar to a shopping experience in an online store. Improving focus, minimizing confusion, and increasing trust can lead to more registrations.

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About the teacher


Hi there! I’m Lorenzo and I’ve been involved in the ecommerce industry and WordPress since 2010. I’ve created this free email course to help event organizers and business owners improve the registration experience for their events which can lead to more registrations and ultimately more sales.


Here is what you’ll learn…

Lesson 1 – Create Focus during Registration Checkout

Lesson 2 – Do Not Ask for Unnecessary Information in your Registration Forms

Lesson 3 – Ask for Email Confirmation

Lesson 4 – Offer Multiple Payment Options

Lesson 5 – Add Trust Seals to Registration Checkout

Lesson 6 – Allow Social Sharing after Registration Checkout

Lesson 7 – Use a Transactional Email Service to Improve Delivery of Emails


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