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  • EE4 WP User Integration - $49.95
    Automatically create an account for an attendee after a registration so they can view past and upcoming registrations.
  • EE4 Printable Tickets Add-on - $69.95
    Send a ticket to an attendee through email after their registration so they can print them out or display on their mobile phone.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway - $79.95
    Accept secure credit card payments through Stripe.
  • EE4 Promotions and Discount Codes - $99.95
    Incentivize registrations for your events by offering promotions to your attendees.
  • EE4 People Add-on - $59.95
    Feature information about staff or guests that are assisting with your events.
  • EE4 Multiple Event Registration - $119.95
    Your attendees can add events to a shopping cart and register once to complete their registrations.
  • EE4 MailChimp Integration - $49.95
    Transfer attendee information to MailChimp after a registration so you can keep them in the loop about future events by sending email campaigns through MailChimp.
  • EE4 Infusionsoft Integration - $89.95
    Transfer attendee information to Infusionsoft after a registration and continue marketing to them through Infusionsoft by automating email campaigns.
  • EE4 Events Table View Template - $39.95
    Your attendees can browse your events in a table-based format and begin a registration.
  • EE4 Events Social Sharing Add-on - $29.95
    Increase exposure of your events by allowing your guests to share an event after registration.
  • EE4 Events Grid View Template - $39.95
    Your attendees can browse your events in a grid-based format and begin a registration.
  • EE4 Ticket Scanning Add-on - $99.95
    Check-in an attendee quickly by scanning barcodes from tickets using a physical barcode scanner or through the free mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • EE4 Events Calendar Add-on - $39.95
    Your attendees can browse events on a calendar and start a registration for an event.
  • EE4 Event App Customization Add-on - $79.95
    Customize the mobile apps login screen with your own branding by adding your logo and updating the powered by messaging.
  • EE4 Attendee Mover - $69.95
    Transfer an attendee between different events or change their pricing option to another selection within an existing event.
  • Payment Methods Pro Add-on - $99.95
    Accept different payment options for specific events by routing payments to different merchant accounts.
  • EE4 Wait List Manager - $69.95
    Automate the process of capturing wait list signups when your events sell out.

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