EE3 Business License

The Business License of Event Espresso gives you all the features of the Personal license, but with the ability to install on one website and the additional addons for increased event productivity and marketability.

Events are a powerful way to engage with new and existing customers and as a business leader you need these events to be successful in many ways. One of the first way you need to have success is with your online event registration process. You need to collect the important information to give excellent service to your attendees and you need to collect data to make your business more intelligent and profitable. With the Event Espresso Business License you will have to tools to make your online event registration process as simple or detailed as you need.

You will have the ability to:

  • let attendees register for not only one event but multiple events at the same time
  • setup one event to repeat in the future and turn it on autopilot and let it manage itself
  • connect your event to the MailChimp email service to provided automated email campaigns for advanced communication strategies
  • activate the social networks of your attendees
  • give your website subscribers member discounts
  • customize your registration to fit nicely into your website
  • and much more

With Event Espresso you can give your customers the service and customized experience they are looking for.

The business support license for Event Espresso 3 includes the following add-ons:

Custom Template Add-on
Ticketing Add-on
Recurring Events Manager Add-on
Social Media Buttons Add-on
Events Calendar Add-on
Roles and Permissions Basic Add-on
Multiple Event Registration Add-on
Custom Files Add-on
Social Coupons Integration
MailChimp Integration
WP User Integration

Additionally, the business support license for Event Espresso 3 includes a copy of Event Espresso 4 along with the following add-on(s):

EE4 MailChimp Integration
EE4 Events Calendar Add-on

Standard Screens

Event Espresso