Affordable Registration & Ticketing for Any Size Event on Any WordPress Website

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Support License
$79.95(Billed annually in US dollars)
Event organizers who are just getting started with event registrations online

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🚀 No commission or ticketing fees
📆 Create unlimited events within your WordPress website
🛒 Set up multiple ticket types, registration options, and different event dates
💬 Ask custom registration questions in your forms and set them to required
💳 Receive credit card payments with PayPal and
📋 Download an attendee registration list to print for check-in to your events
📊 Purchase add-ons to extend Event Espresso with extra functionality
Help & Support
😀 1 website covered
💡 12 months of software updates and online help
Support License
(Billed annually in US dollars)
Agencies, web professionals & freelancers who are helping clients with their events on different sites

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Includes 66+ core features in the Personal license for five sites
35+ add-ons available for purchase

5 websites covered
12 months of software updates and online help
Support License
(Billed annually in US dollars)
Businesses & organizations who need a flexible event registration and ticketing solution

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Includes 66+ core features in the Personal license for one site...
+ Display your events on an event calendar
+ Create discount and promo codes for attendees
+ Have a waitlist after tickets sell out, or an event becomes full
+ Over 20 payment services included such as Stripe, Braintree, Mollie, Venmo, and more!
+ Email custom event tickets with QR codes to attendees and scan them with a phone or tablet for fast event check-in
35+ add-ons included in the Everything support license!

1 website covered
12 months of software updates and online help
Check out example events, see a walkthrough video, or try a demo of Event Espresso

What would it mean for you to have an events solution for WordPress that worked for you around the clock?

Imagine no longer having to spend hours and hours dealing with paper registrations, hounding people for paper checks, or piecing together a bunch of different products to handle your event registrations. Think about the time that you would save knowing that your event registrations were being taken care of right from your WordPress website.

What would you do with that found time?

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that with your next event, your website could feature information about your staff, collect attendee registrations, and securely process payments for you?

And before your event, you could create an attendee list in just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard, so you are ready to go for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Exactly what we were looking for in an event system"

Works great! Exactly what we were looking for in an event system.
Event Espresso
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